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  1. I was totally floored when I saw Reaperbryan had posted the quickstart + the Casketworks #20 info. Can't say as I've ever seen a gaming company react so quickly to requests from players. :) I agree Warlord could use it own URL with a flashy front page, lots of fluff (including the stuff buried on the main reaper page under games\warlord) ,a searchable figure gallery etc. But I also understand that making the changes will cost money that might be hard to justify. I'm just thrilled to have a way to get the basics of the Warlord system into player's hands so they can evaluate the game.
  2. Finding a copy of Casketworks to give a player to take home is about as likely as finding a Black lightning volunteer, slim to none. Of the stores 3 regularly I frequent, only one has a copy readily available and it's in-store only as they use it like a Sears catalog so the D+D guys can order minis. Not really very helpful to me in getting new players a feel for the game. Now if I was free to photocopy and distribute the contents of Casketworks to new players it would be useful, but if I'm allowed to do that then there really isn't a reason not to post a quick start online.
  3. Warmachine was what I was thinking about - basic rules movement, close combat and ranged combat Basically 2 sample armies of relatively even strength with none of the fancy add ons. If someone is really going to get into the game they're going to buy the rulebook. I just don't see someone playing a weekly game of Warlord and not buying the rulebook. So I'm not seeing the company losing anything by posting the basics so people can decide if they like the game or not. Trouble is that the company has no method of breaking into a new market. Even if I were to sign up and demo it every weekend the chances of it taking off are slim. I'm not going to buy rulebooks to give out so people can spend some time trying out the game and the store isn't going to pay to stock a rulebook for a game that's 2 years old and has never taken off. So I demo the game: Player says 'Great game where can I get the rules.' I say 'Give the store $25 and they'll order a copy - it'll be here in 2-3 weeks' Player says '3 weeks is there anywhere else in this city of 1 million people that stocks a copy' I say 'No' Player says 'Is a there basic ruleset I can download to practice with' I say 'No' Players says 'Can I borrow your copy of the rules' I say say 'No' Player walks away and never comes back. I do agree that the faction rulebooks should be bought to use the pure faction abilities but they are absolutely required for playing in a tournament environment. Example: Players using a pure faction army book shows up 5 minutes before a tournament starts to play against a nacho eating opponient named Stinky Peet . Like heck he's going to let Stinky Peet grease his $15 purchase. Even assuming the opponinet isn't nacho eating and the player is willing to let the opponient look through the book it's 5 minutes before the tournament. The opponinet is expected to verify the army list is valid, read and know what army abilities are going to be used against him and find out what the dozen spells and equipment pieces do. A little unrealistic. I can imagine how the player who doesn't have all the books will feel, finding out about warcry and enraged as they're used against him. BTW: Even if I, as a blacklightning rep, did have copy of the faction book I'm not giving it to nacho paws either. :) .... to be brutally honest the data cards stink - on the site or in package. On the site it takes a computer engineering degree to get the stats to actually print on the back of a pic (which is gone now anyway). Plus who has a printer capable of making them look decent. (Although I do applaude them for putting up a PDF to get rid of the 1.2 printing issues) In the package the computer engineer managed to align the stats so they printed on the back of the card but at the point the money ran out. The card comes stuck to the blister and off center. Plus it looks like they were printed on my home printer. Don't get me wrong I'm not expecting upper deck super gloss holographic cards but I'm left feeling the company saved 0.02 and delivered a substandard product. If they were to package DDM quality cards with stats / photo / background it would make the $15 for the army book seem like more of a value and could act as a way to verify people had bought the faction book. I'm not trying to slam the company but under the current rules the game just can't gain the momentum it needs to break into new markets. You're looking at a 2 year old game that stores have written off, that requires people to shell out $25 to even try unless they're lucky enough to find a Black Lightning member to demo. That's not a positive combo for growth.
  4. I've been wondering if forcing people to buy the rulebook / faction books really is the best way to sell Warlord. GW does it so it's not a crazy idea but I can't help thinking it's hurting the game. If you take a look at the game it should be more successful than it is - it's a really cheap fantasy wargame with a good ruleset. There's no reason that I can see that it shouldn't be flying off the shelves. Yet, for some reason, it just doesn't seem to catch on in a lot of areas. Why not post a set of quick start rules for people to try the game out? Really what are you losing by doing this, the game isn't exactly revolutionary. Sure you'd have 75% of the people not buy the rulebook but right now I'd take 20 local people playing the game with 75% of the people not buying the rulebook as opposed to 3 people playing all having bought the rulebook. Same thing goes for the faction books. Is it really good idea to force people to buy faction books just to know what they'll be fighting against? Wouldn't it be better to have that information available to all players? If you really wanted to sell the faction books you could print the warrior and equipment cards and throw them in with the book. Heck do that with the main rulebook as well. I know I'd feel a lot better about spending $ on a rulebook if it included cards that make playing the game much easier. Just my opinion. I'm sure you have your reasons for marketing the game the way it is. I'm just worried about the future of the game when 9 of 12 gaming stores in a gaming friendly city (Ottawa Canada) don't stock the game and the other 3 aren't ordering new stock because they consider the game 'dead'. It's hard to get people to play the game when it takes 2 weeks to order the rulebook in. :(
  5. I really miss the equipment cards - glad I printed off all the ones I commonly used before they disappeared. In the PR release: Not sure where this came from but the new method is as printer unfriendly as you can get and is in fact worse than it was before. (And that old cards weren't exactly great considering they required the player to spent 5 minutes a card to get something useful out) A printable PDF should be a top priority. To be honest, I seriously question why the company would delete the old cards without having an acceptable replacement ready to go. The figure updates could have been accomplished with an errata while a better method of getting the players the new stats was devised. Feels like this was rushed to make the 2 dozen people who are planning on attending a Con tournament this summer happy with the game balance at the expense of local tournament \ friendly gamers. I know the players I play with would prefer to print off the old cards and pencil in corrections rather than have to jump through hoops to get the new stats printed.
  6. I noticed the data card download section changed this afternoon. No more pics just stats - and no equipment. At first I was happy the company was finally fixing the data cards (the 2 gif setup from before was a pain in the behind as the stat / pic never printed on the same page - forcing people to download the gifs / resize in another application to get something useable) My happiness was shortlived when I realised there was no way to print the new cards into a readable format - the stat lines are constantly being split between 2 print pages making them far worse than before. Since they're HTML cut and paste doesn't work anymore as the spacing gets nailed by next application that uses them. How about putting the datacards in a more printer friendly format that prints correctly on most machines. PDF file? If I'm being stupid and missing some magic 'print correctly' button somewhere let me know.
  7. Sure would be nice to have someone local who knew what they were doing. I'm in Ottawa Canada - if anyone is in this area it sure would be great to meet them. BTW 20 is the maximum I could do do per month. Here's my # figures painted versus wife's happiness chart. # figures painted, Wife's Happiness 0, Content 1-5, Slight Grumbling 6-10, Open Hostility 11-15, Silent Treatment 16-20, Sleeping on the sofa 21+, Pointless - I'd lose 50% of figures in the divorce settlement.
  8. Thanks for the info guys. Very true, I've been eyeing the cursaders now that I have most of my Reven finished. Fortunately my lack of painting time stops me from going on crazy spending spree. Old married man with kids = 20 painted figures per month max and I just can't bring myself to play unpainted figures.
  9. In MK I was a multiple case buyer so the random part didn't really bother me. I got way too much of everything. :) Started warlord the same way but quickly realised that you don't have to 'buy em all' - I'm still painting the figures I bought a month ago. My wife sure likes that Warlord isn't a never ending money pit. Thanks for pointing that out. I would never have realised that I could charge AFTER I killed an opposing figures. Along the same lines we screwed up by not allowing figures that were hit by an attacker to take a defensive strike. Amazing how the rules start to make more sense once you've played a game. Quick Questions: 1) Are you allowed to pre-measure movement and range values or do you have to declare the action and then measure? 2) Charge says I can't change facing and the movement bonus says it gains straight line movement. Does a charge have to be in a straight line? 3) For regular movement I'm assuming I can lay a flexible ruler down bend it around obsticles (provided my base will fix through any tight spots) and place the figure on the ruler anywhere up to it movement value. (I'm sure these are in the rule book somewhere but at only 1 game played and 5x rules reading I still have other game systems floating around in my head)
  10. Thanks for the information. We actually got the rulings correct (eventually) We do have the core rulebook / army books but it gets confusing when you come from other games and there's no one around to explain things. Even after I read through the rules 3x, the rules from previous games still stick in the head. We both have played MK and MK dungeons for the last 5 years so that system is forever on the brain. We're constantly referring to how many 'clicks' of damage a figure has and had to reread toughness a couple times to see why it doesn't reduce damage by one. To make matters worse I'm learning Mordhiem / Warhammer skirmish at the same time so I'm trying to roll a rout test when the army sizes get to 50% and keep wanting to roll an armor save for some reason. :) Warlord seems like a fun game - I think I'll stick with.
  11. Played my first warlord game last night against another inexperienced player. We had a ton of questions but I'll just list the simple ones :) 1) Can you give a figure a move action and then give it another move action if it doesn't attack (double it's movement) 2) I have 3 figures in a troop - 2 are in poisition to shoot at the beginning of the turn and the 3rd uses a move action to get into postion to shoot. After they all finish their ranged combat actions are the 2 units that didn't move this turn allowed to take move actions? 3) A figure with 2 attacks hits a figure with toughness on it's first attack. Is the figure that's knocked down still in base contact (can I use my second attack to finish off the knocked down toughness figure)
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