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  1. I plan on "kicking in," but I'm curious what's the guesstimate on the price range for the retail versions. I'm hoping to get my wargaming buddies excited.
  2. Well it looks like the latest stretch goals, we can do most of the factions.
  3. I was looking in the online store to see how many faction books are now out, but I don't see any. Are they OOP or obsolete with the new rulebooks?
  4. I was thinking of getting back into Warlord (had to ebay my book and figs during hard times quite a ways back -- for some of us the recession stretches back to 9/11). And the Vampire pledge is looking ridiculous, especially since you can waive your Sophie fig for $25 in add ons. So what's the best mix of add ons to create a faction in Warloard and what faction is it? It seems that the Necropolis and Reven are promising. Not so sure about Dwarves and Crusaders.
  5. Great summary! The only problem is that you made them all sound good. LOL! I'm leaning towards the Good and Neutral factions. Though the Necropolis sound fun and who can go wrong with undead figs?
  6. I tried the "go with what sounds and looks good" as compared to researching their styles. I turned out that I picked the wrong army and couldn't admit it until I switched to another faction and noticed my win ratios went wayy up. I don't have to win to have fun, but losing constantly does drain one's enthusiasm quite a bit.
  7. I won me a Warlord book at a con! Now I'm interested in the game, darn those Black Lighting dudes!!! Can someone offer up what the different play styles of the factions are like? I'm also curious about how tough Warlords are. After 40K, Warhamer fantasy and WarMachine, I'm more in the mood for Warlords who'd rather avoid taking on a whole squad as compared to eating platoons of mortals for breakfast. Niether style of wargame hero design is better than the other, but I'd variety.
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