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  1. We are very excited to be able to come back and participate at ReaperCon again this year! There are a ton of new releases that will be in-stock at the show and a couple of other special items. Bombshell Miniatures presents the 2021 Golden Maelee Award. This is a Sponsored Award section of the annual Reaper Master Series Open Painting Contest. All entries will be awarded a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Bombshell Dog Tag depending on the level of painting and presentation of each entry. The brand new, larger, Golden Maelee trophies will be awarded to the top three paint jobs (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) depending on the number of entries. Entries will need to feature at least one or more Bombshell Miniatures as the prominent subject. This can be anything from Babes, Sidekicks, KritterKins, to robots, or busts. Each entry will be judged on its own merit of painting execution, presentation, and skill. Entries from artists who have been professionally commissioned by Bombshell Miniatures are ineligible for the Golden Maelee Trophy at this time, they may still receive Dog Tag awards. BADGE RIBBONS We have some new ribbons. Come by our booth and receive our Bombshell ribbon for your visit. You may receive one of the other themed ribbons depending on your purchase. THE RESIN VAT This year we will be offering seconds and mis-cast resin parts for sale by weight. Just scoop out what you want and we'll weigh it at check-out. Although these castings didn't pass muster, you may find a gem that is just right for that conversion or terrain project down the line. COUNTERBLAST FOR SAVAGE WORLDS Over the past year we have been working on creating a setting book of our Counterblast game for the Savage Worlds RPG. Come by our booth and get the details to sit in on a couple of impromptu RPG preview sessions during the con. There may even be freebies involved! We are super excited to visit with all of you again and we're looking forward to see what you've been painting! Patrick & Vicky
  2. We want to congratulate all of the swag bag recipients from ReaperCon who have claimed their Golden Sidekick. All five of the plated critters were redeemed at the show this year! Check next year for even more!
  3. The dog tags are in! They will be on display with the other trophies in the contest area.
  4. Not this year - but there have been discussions . . .
  5. We just got our ribbons in! Come by the Bombshell booth to get yours!
  6. We have created a photo album over on Facebook to show all of the production process for fulfillment of the Babes IV Kickstarter project. The first batch of 3D prints has been mastered and production molds are next. https://www.facebook.com/pg/Bombshellminis/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2520009811398053
  7. We will have some cool shopping perks at the Bombshell booth. For those who purchase certain items, you will receive one of these cool badge ribbons. There is only a limited number, so come by early to get yours! We are really excited to participate in this years show and look forward to seeing everyone there!
  8. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing her! Yes. And No. I guess I don't know that story.
  9. Yes - there will be Sidekicks in all of the regular swag bags. Five of them will be gold randomly distributed. Yes - you'll get to keep the Golden Sidekicks. You just need to present your ticket with the number to claim your Mystery Box.
  10. Bombshell Miniatures has seeded the ReaperCon Swag Bags with some rare critters! In five of the randomly selected swag bags will be a Golden Sidekick. If you receive one of these rare treasures, bring the accompanying card to the Bombshell booth and choose your Mystery Box prize! Even if your Sidekick isn't gold, the cat and dinosaur Sidekicks are out of production and no longer available for sale. This will be your only opportunity to receive these particular Bombshell Sidekicks. Not going to ReaperCon but are planning to order a swag bag online? If you receive a Golden Sidekick, just email us your winning ticket number and we'll be happy to ship your Mystery Box to you! Send your info to --> [email protected]
  11. Hey all! We have updated our rules for this year's Bombshell Manufacturer's awards! Here is a link to the info --> https://bombshellminis.wordpress.com/golden-maelee-awards/ For your convenience here are the details: Here is the proof we received for the Bombshell Painter Dog Tags from the manufacturer. We'll post pics once the pieces come in. https://bombshellminis.files.wordpress.com/2019/07/tags.jpg
  12. It's all looking like very good progress so far! I put a little PDF together that also covers some of the things in my Armatures & Anatomy class that may be useful to you too. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2992100/Armatures.pdf
  13. Sculpting Class - Armatures & Anatomy - Saturday Oct 21st 4pm For those interested in attending the class, all material and supplies will be provided. You can download the PDF of my class handout with some of the info we will be covering. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2992100/Armatures.pdf Feel free to PM me or email me with any questions - [email protected]
  14. I have bored through the weekend to wrap up the remaining three sculpts for the Babes 3 project. Here they are. Estimated fulfillment on the project was posted as June. But I wanted to do my best and have all of the sculpts wrapped up before AdeptiCon. Anugrah the Oracle Shaeldaryth Bladesong Ellie Tyson Ellie Tyson - with helmet on These sculpts are all going out to Valiant today for mastering and will go into production as soon as the first castings are approved. Sculpts on their way to molding Here was the last batch of masters we got got in and passed those on to Mary who has already started painting on them. Master castings now in production. Elizabeth Beckford, Assassin - with and without daggers - work in progress Brinna the Dwarf Ranger - work in progress Vicky has been sending out bundles of rewards packages as we have been receiving the production castings. Look for your package soon!
  15. Hi All! Just wanted to pop in and let you know I'm still sculpting on the last batch of things. I'm down to Anugrah, Ellie, and Shae. Will be posting an update NEXT WEEK! Have a great weekend!
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