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    Only 12 Hours Remain! 

    Here is the chance to hop in and help us unlock two more Babes before time runs out! The will be your best chance to get these miniatures at the Kickstarter price. Unlike past campaigns, these models will not be available for a pre-order discount to non-backers before they are released at retail. Help us get them made here!

    We are crossing the halfway point to unlocking Anvalla!


    And if you thought I was going to go quietly into the night without teasing you for a final surge. Well -- I'm just not like that.


    Valeria is fantastic design by Chris Walton and I would certainly love to sculpt this and make her a part of the Babes line. We can do it!


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  2. We are getting very close to unlocking the sci-fi heroine and sidekick set Ellie Tyson and Bz-R. You have all really helped us to gain some ground overnight to where Ellie and the bot are within striking distance.


    UP NEXT!

    $23.000 - Anvalla the Orc Foregemaiden would make a great companion for Maelee or to fill out your forge set with additional helping hands. When Anvalla is unlocked she will be available as a Babes choice for the Bomb Kit and Detonator levels and as an Add-On for $8 eachfor your pledge.


    With thirty-six combined lives, this collection of cats will see to any heroic task, quest, or mission.



    Thanks for hanging in there with us! We have just over 24 hours to go to wrap up Babes 3! One last push to get the word out could help us unlock Anvalla just in time!


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    The DETONATOR level offers your choice of any 13 Babes that are unlocked plus the free items shown. As with the Bomb Kit level, these selections may be from our previously released existing Babes line. All of your choices will be selected after the project ends during pledge management.



    Guest sculptor Chad Hoverter has delivered his Shepherd piece for us to include for FREE in the DETONATOR level or as a $3 Add-On to any other level.



    Anugrah is UNLOCKED and available as a Babes choice for the BOMB KiT or DETONATOR levels or as an Add-On for $8 each to your pledge.

      UP NEXT!


    $19,500 - Ellie Tyson and Bz-R - will be unlocked as a Babes choice for the Bomb Kit or Detonator levels and as an Add-On for $8 each to your pledge.




    These lovely ladies are would be key to any surf & turf campaign.





    We certainly appreciate all of your support in helping us unlock Anugrah over the weekend! That is a very challenging accomplishment and you have all be great in feedback and getting the word out. We still have plenty of things coming up so lets keep the momentum going through to wrap up on Friday!



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    We have put our heads together and will be making the Elizabeth Beckford Assassin piece available in two different versions. Version A will be as the design indicated in the art with daggers on her belt, where version B will be just the belt without the daggers.



    Each version will count as 1 Babes choice for the Bomb Kit level and they will be available separately for a pledge of $8 each.






    We are inching forward on unlocking Anugrah at $16,000.


    $19,500 - Ellie Tyson and Bz-R - will be unlocked as a Babes choice for the Bomb Kit and as an Add-On for $8 each for your pledge.




    TODAY'S (and yesterday's) ADD-ON COMBOS


    Miss our previous Babes projects? Here's your opportunity to get full sets of the Babes from those projects for a special Kickstarter pledge amount!





     Thanks for your support!

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  5. One thing that's been bugging me for a while.

    I get the Yeoman Rand and the Agent Carter inspired minis, but who is the inspiration for the Hadley Jenn mini?


    She's a certain Space "Rogue" -- "One" of whom could be considered as a Felicity Rebel. That's all I'm going to give you.  ^_^

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    Once again - our terrific community of fans, friends, colleagues, and supporters, never fail to amaze us. Thank you, everyone! We funded within the first 12 hours of launching the campaign and are now only a few hundred dollars away from unlocking our first stretch goal, the amazing concept of Shaeldareyth Bladesong designed by Chris Walton.



    $12,500 - Shaeldareyth Bladesong will be available as a Babes choice for the Bomb Kit and as an Add-On for $8 each for your pledge.

    Next up! 


     $16,000 -  Anugrah the Deepseer - maestress of the cosmos. She channels the energies of the heavens and studies planetary alignments to foretell of coming events. When she is unlocked, Anugrah will be available as a Babes choice for the Bomb Kit and as an Add-On for $8 each for your pledge. 




    Women of the space age abound in this new specially priced combo containing Babes from our first two projects, Counterblast, and a regular release. 25% off regular MSRP.







    Over the course of the campaign I will be working on the rest of the initial set of sculpts to give you a bit of an inside look at how I produce models for Bombshell. Here are a few more looks at the completed minis I finished at the time of launch.















    On Saturday Sept. 24 at 3PM CDT / 1PM PDT I will be taking you through a back-stage tour at the mid-point of the Babes3 Kickstarter project via Google Hangouts. Be there for an inside look at the sculpts, concept art, stretch goals, and more!


    Thanks again for all of your terrific support, and for getting the word out to the painting and gaming community. We have said it many times, and it is always true, none of what we do, can we do without you.  :)


    --Patrick (The Sculptdude)

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  7. The preview of the Babes 3 Kickstarter project has been updated with new pics. The project will go live September 19th and more sculpts will be posted before launch. Be sure to click the notify button to be updated when the project launches.




    Our Medieval Maelee sculpt is finished and ready for mastering. The sculpt is based on a design by Chris Walton who generously contributed his time and talents for the art. She will come complete with her oversized tongs and handy anvil ready to get medieval on you!



    We also have a medieval forge set which will feature a resin cast forge and 6-piece pewter cast toolset complete with Maelee’s signature tongs, hammer, anvil, coal bucket, quenching bucket, and bellows.


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  8. It's been a few weeks now and I've started putting armatures together for some of the sculpts.


    Once we get the project page built for the Kickstarter campaign I'll edit the original post with the link so you can all get a preview of the project layout.

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  9. KritterKins Surveys


    We need your info! Please make sure all of your info, especially your email address is current and up-to-date in the Kickstarter system.


    KritterKins Kickstarter surveys will be going out Monday July 18th.



    Tora-san painted by Mark Maxey

     The other sculpts are coming along very soon now!

    -- Patrick

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  10. BABES III September on Kickstarter


    by Bombshell Miniatures





    Bombshell Miniatures is very excited to announce Babes III coming to Kickstarter September 19th 2016. We have made special arrangements with artist Chris Walton to reproduce a selection of his fantastic designs for fantasy women. In addition to these, we have several existing designs in the Bombshell archives that may also be produced if we exceed our funding goal. Sculpts are in the works now and over the next several weeks we will be posting progress pictures of them. Join our Facebook Group or sign up on our mailing list for all of the updates leading up to the launch.










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  11. Hey, everyone! We know things have been pretty quiet, but we have been very busy working on KritterKins production.




    We are trying something a little different on this project in regard to fulfillment. Normally we would open pledge management earlier than this, but we are waiting until probably mid to late July on this project when we will be further along on production. This will allow for two things:

    • Rewards should go out relatively quickly once you go through pledge management than on our previous projects
    • The prompt turn-around of reward requests will help alleviate problems with changes of address and other postal issues

    A-Casting We Will Go!


    Castings of Tora-san the tiger samurai and Aka-san the fox fan dancer are well underway. Production molds for Momo-chan the Panda peach peddler and Lady Sakura the peahen are coming up.







    The sculpts for the Sidekicks, Roknak, Promethia, and Friskers were sent off to our foundry last week. We've already received notfication they are sending us the masters to review and then production on the Sidekicks can begin.


    Pat has wrapped up Captain Kelpington, with Naito up next on the workbench!


    Thank you all for your continued patience and support of this project!

    Vicky M-K

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    That is a very fuzzy cat.

    I bet the cat is the actual sculptor and uses Patrick as the "face" of Bombshell...  <_<


    naaaah cat can't sculpt, all that hair would get stuck to the green stuff.


    Maybe that's the secret ingredient to making such awesome minis?  :rock:



    Shas'tan is part Himalayan and is extremely furry! We normally have him groomed to short-hair length. But the last time he caught a nasty case of ringworm, so we're hesitant to take him to get clipped again any time soon. His hair still floats around the studio and gets stuck to putty.


    We try to keep them away from stuff as much as we can. Hopefully no one will be receiving any loose fur in their packages.


    If they had opposable thumbs I'd definitely put them to work.  :lol:

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    Hey KritterFans! We have received the funds transferred from Stripe and will begin setting up backer files once the surveys go out in July.




    Over the past several Kickstarter campaigns we have delivered, new and innovative procedures have been implemented to streamline our production process and packing methods. i am currently looking at upgrading the web store even further to offer a more specialized pledge management workflow.


    In that regard - backers for this project will be receiving their survey and link to the pledge areas of the web store once production has been set up. So, towards the end of the production period in July, we will send out the surveys and pledge manager details.




    Right now I am in the midst of mastering "Wave 1" KritterKins which were the sculpts that were completed and shown at the beginning of the project. Most all have been mastered and the rest will be cycled into the rotation next week.




    "Wave 2" sculpts are the ones we offered as art for stretch goals. These sculpts are in the early preliminary stages and will be completed over the course of June. I will be posting pics of the sculpts in progress so you can see how they come along.


    As these sculpts are completed, I will begin molding and casting them to get them ready for fulfillment. I am also finishing up Friskers so he can go out with the other new Sidekicks to be molded at Valiant.


    Thanks again for your terrific support of this project! We are looking forward to getting your KritterKins to you as soon as possible!

    Patrick - the Sculptdude

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  14. Glad to see everyone is receiving their packages. Just to reiterate - the "official" estimated shipping date on the project is June. If all continues according to plan, we should be wrapping up the remaining shipments by the first week of the month. I expect to post another update this coming weekend.


    There are two things still in order to get production going on the raptor kits. The first is, I have a fairly large Dark Sword project that needs to be attended to and the second I am waiting for more Lego bricks to make the production molds. I have started cleaning the masters and expect to have full sets of working molds by the end of the week.


    Shipping emails are automated from the web store system and go out whenever we change the status in the software from "Pending" to "Shipped." Sometimes the email may bounce or wind up in a spam folder or two. Kickstarter backers will be shipped before any pre-orders that were placed by non-backers. There are still around 40 backers that never returned the survey or placed their rewards selections in the pledge manager system.


    We just dropped off another 112 boxes at the post office this afternoon bringing the total shipments so far to right around 300.


    There isn't really a set priority to shipping out the orders, except for those needing the raptor kits. The shipments primarily go out in the order they were placed in the pledge management store. Most all of the Add-on combo sets were packaged up prior to the end of the campaign except for a couple of things we needed to reorder.


    Very exciting to see all of the rewards arrive! This has been a great project and we're looking forward to completing fulfillment for you.



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  15. Just to let you know - I sculpted the Behemoth in ZBrush a while back in case you were wondering.


    [edit] I sculpted A behemoth in ZBrush for this a while back. The job was then passed on to Victor who did a much more faithful version than how mine turned out.


    That's what I get for posting from my phone.  :wacko:

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