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    You busted through to unlock Naito! Now she is available as a choice for the Kit 'n' Kaboodleand you can also select her as an Add-On for the pledge amount of $8.







    $8000 Flint Beastwood - KritterKin - Lone wolf wanderer of the wild west, Flint will be a choice for the Kit 'n' Kaboodle and you can also select him as an Add-On for the pledge amount of $8.


    PLUS! - Another choice slot for the Kit 'n' Kaboodle level will be added allowing you to select 7 KritterKin choices.




    $9000 Coco Loco - KritterKin - Blast happy pirate scalawag known for his coconut bombs, Coco Loco will be a choice for the Kit 'n' Kaboodle and you can also select him as an Add-On for the pledge amount of $8.




    For those of you who are completionists, we offer you The Whole Herd. For a special price you will be abel to select the complete set of existing Sidekicks for the listed Add-On amount.



    You guys have really pulled through and made this campaign push forward beyond what we expected. Thanks again for the terrific encouragement to branch out in a new direction.

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  2. UP NEXT


    Vicky has wrapped up some new art and we have some more KritterKins on the way!




    By popular request we have worked up Naito and have dropped her in as a "mini-goal".




    $7500 Naito - KritterKin - Dark and silent as the night for which she is named, Naito will be a choice for the Kit 'n' Kaboodle and you can also select her as an Add-On for the pledge amount of $8.




    $8000  Flint Beastwood - KritterKin -  Lone wolf wanderer of the wild west, Flint will be a choice for the Kit 'n' Kaboodle and you can also select him as an Add-On for the pledge amount of $8.


    PLUS! Another choice slot for the Kit 'n' Kaboodle level will be added allowing you to select 7 KritterKin choices.




    Add these weapon-packin' sidekicks to your collection!






    Mary has added a little color to the masters she received last week and they are looking spectacular!

    More to come!

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  3. $6000 Captain Kelpington UNLOCKED! - Kritterkin - Captain Kelpington the salty sea otter captain is now a choice for the Kit 'n' Kaboodle and you can also select him as an Add-On for the pledge amount of $8.


    NEXT UP!



    $7000 Promethia - Sidekick - Promethia the fire elemental will be available in the Kit 'n' Kaboodle absolutely FREE. You will also be able to select her as an Add-On for the pledge amount of $2.




    This great little collection of scary critters is sure to put opponents on edge.


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  4. Friskers is UNLOCKED! - Sidekick - Friskers is available in the Kit 'n' Kaboodle absolutely FREE. You can also select him as an Add-On for the pledge amount of $2.

     NEXT UP!

    $6000 Captain Kelpington - Kritterkin - when we reach this goal we will add Captain Kelpington the salty sea otter captain as a choice for the Kit 'n' Kaboodleand you can also select him as an Add-On for the pledge amount of $8.


    Vicky and I are compiling lots of the suggestions from the comments, various forums, and the feedback on our Facebook posts and will be implementing for future KritterKins! Keep the suggestions coming!

    Thanks for all of your terrific support and for spreading the word!

    --Patrick the Sculptdude

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  5. The rabbit is the most tempting. My daughter is in a rabbit phase right now. Any chance for a female rabbit?

    Coule be! There are so many options on what to do we're having a hard time paring it all down.


    Let me guess... Zootopia?(I really need to see that movie... Hope the release the DVD soon)

    Actually we haven't seen it yet. Too many kiddies at the theater. Waiting for iTunes.

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  6. Hi Mocha - thanks for your concern. I apologize for the confusion the stipulation has caused.

    Ladystorm is correct in the annotation - the following rule should read:


    Artists who Bombshell Miniatures has previously paid for commissioned painting work for their own studio models will be exempt from the Bombshell manufacturer's prizes.


    If the Admins can edit the original post to reflect this clarification we would certainly appreciate it.


    As of now this only excludes:


    Vicky Morgan-Keith

    Mary Profitt

    Martin Jones

    Jessica Rich

    Meg Maples

    Elizabeth Beckley-Bradford


    We felt that it was more conducive to award artists who were not part of our paid team to compete.

    This levels the entries for the Bombshell award consideration and avoids the implication that we would favor our own paid contractors over other unaffiliated artists.

    This in no way affects any of the other categories, manufacturers considerations, or requirements.

    We hope this sounds fair to the entrants.


    We look forward to seeing all of the entries and are all very excited to sponsor awards in the painting competition this year!


    --Patrick the Sculptdude

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    Production Update 8

    Greeting backers! We have returned from the great white North of AdeptiCon where it only snowed on us once, we dodged the con crud, and had a magnificent time seeing all of our fans, friends, backers, and industry peeps!

    Although I didn't quite finish everything I needed to before having to leave for the show, it was close enough that I was able to wrap up shortly after returning. The remaining three sculpts of Kalessa, Liberty, and Qadira, were wrapped up and shipped out to mold last week.




     These are the final three pieces of all the funded minis on the B2 project. As soon as the masters come back for approval and there are no issues, production molds will be made and the final batch of casting for the project will be run.


    We received production castings of the rest the bonus items for the Bomb kits on Friday and Vicky has completed packaging about half of them. She will begin sorting through orders later in the week and possibly begin shipping rewards shortly.




    Remember - the estimated delivery for the project is June this year and we are working diligently to get everything wrapped up by then. So far, we are still on schedule.


    This month we begin laying out the art book PDF. It will be 8.5 x 11 full color and will be available for download once all the pics are in place. We will send a notification through  Kickstarter with the link.

    Also - mastering begins on the Jungle Elf on Raptor this month. There are a few more cuts and keys to make as well as some repairs. That will give plenty of time for molding and casting to wrap up in May.




    We will be launching the new Kickstarter project to fund casting the Kritterkins later this month. Be on the lookout on our Facebook page, the Bombshell GroupInstagram, or even on Twitterfor updates about this new line of minis. For a sneak peek at the art, check out Vicky's all new YouTube Channel for the Bombshell Bulletin and subscribe.

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  8. Wow - thanks for the great support everyone!

    I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone's entries!


    Over the next few weeks we'll be designing the pins to have them pressed for the awards. Each will be a 1" cloisonné pin - one in gold, one in silver, and one in bronze. Rather than make a thing to sit on a shelf or in a cabinet, we figured a pin would be cool to show off your accomplishments on your gaming bags, hats or painting cases.

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  9. Oh I see! Everyone is over HERE!

    I was wondering why it was so quiet over in the comments section on the project.


    All the sculpts are now finished, photographed, videoed, and packaged to ship to the foundry tomorrow.

    There will be a big update for the project on Monday.


    Two things - one) we will be at ReaperCon, GET READY! Two) we will be sponsoring a manufacturer award in the painting contest.

    SO - all these new Babes and Sidekicks will be available in plenty of time for your entries!


    Here is a sneak peek at the update.


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  10. Thanks again everyone for pulling together and making this a fantastic run! I had to take a little down-time yesterday to re-charge, do a little maintenance, and partake in a couple of celebratory margaritas.


    Next week we will be putting together an update that will detail how selecting your rewards works. Here is sort of a breakdown of the process with estimates of the duration:


    • Funding completes! Yay! Thank you!
    • 14 days - Kickstarter collects funds
    • 3 days - bank transfers funds from Kickstarter escrow to Bombshell account
    • 1-2 months - Web store is populated with items for backer rewards (painted masters, new sculpts, etc.)
    • 1-2  weeks - Backer pledge codes are generated for the web store and emailed
    • 1 month - Backers log into web store and select their items (pledge management phase)
    • 1-4 months - Production begins (ie, molding, casting, printing, and other manufacturing to make the physical pieces)
    • 1-2 months - Shipping and fulfillment
    • Backers get their goodies! Yay!

    Again - these are all just projections but this is our sixth fundraising campaign, and all but the first one ran more or less on this schedule.


    I'm also working on a few "new releases" that will, hopefully, be available by the time the pledge management phase begins, So, you are likely to have even more Bomb Kit choices than we offered by the end of the campaign. No promises, but they're on the workbench now.  ^_^


    Counterblast - Vicky and I had a lengthy meeting yesterday and went over our plans for the next big thing in the spring. New printing for the color rulebook, new Crew model sets, and all new printed statcards included with the minis as well as faction decks. oh yeah - it's a'happening. Be on the lookout for announcements following the Counterblast Heavy Support fulfillment which begins in October.


    Oh yeah -  and the parts for this will begin going to the printer next week.



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    Well done everyone!

    $43,000 - Liberty Fields - UNLOCKED Thank you! This ace operative is a stalwart defender against the enemies of freedom! Liberty is now available as a Babes choice for the Bomb Kitlevel as well as an optional Add-On for a pledge of $8.



    THANK YOU!!!


    This project has far exceeded our expectations and all of you have shown terrific support and enthusiasm for the campaign. It was a wild roller coaster ride at the end just like on the first Babes project.

    We will be posting information in the following week on the process we have in place for selecting your rewards items and other details about after-campaign pledging. I also look forward to posting updates for you regarding the progress on the unlocked sculpts as well as details about the production process to make your rewards!

    Thanks again for making this an outstanding campaign! We cannot do any of this without your support!


    - The Sculptdude

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  12. Clarification needed. Correct the following statement if I am wrong:


    My pledge turns into store credit for things that are available to backers. If I miscalculated and need to add more, I will be able to. If I added too much, I will have the arduous task of finding something else to buy (lol).


    Yes. And you can put that leftover credit towards future releases.

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    You are tearing up the stretch goals now!


    $37,000 - Fa'o the Huntress - UNLOCKED Thank you! Silent as shadow she strikes swift as the wind against intruders to her forest home. Fa'o is available as a Babes choice for the Bomb Kit level as well as an optional Add-On for a pledge of $8.



     NEXT UP!


    $40,000 - Celeste the Sorceress - This very special piece is sculpted by Kev White of Hasslefree Miniatures. When we reach this goal Celeste will be available as a Babes choice for the Bomb Kit level as well as an optional Add-On for a pledge of $8.



    - The Art of Bombshell Miniatures Digital PDF - When we reach this goal it will also unlock the digital art book featuring original designs specifically for us by some fantastic artists as well as painted miniatures by some of the industry's top painters. This will available FREE for the Bomb Kit level as well as an optional Add-On for a pledge of $2.





    AND FURTHER . . . 


    $43,000 - Liberty Fields -  This ace operative is a stalwart defender against the enemies of freedom!   When we reach this goal Liberty will be available as a Babes choice for the Bomb Kit level as well as an optional Add-On for a pledge of $8.



    Less than 8 hours left! You all have done a tremendous job getting the word out and supporting this project! Let's keep it rolling!


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  14. Yeah the Femmes package is REALLY messing with my ability to make a decision.  There are 2 I want and would buy as separates even at full price, 2 I like well enough that I don't already have, and only 1 duplicate.  But if I change my pledge so the hubs can have a set of his own, that eats up all of my extra allotment with none left over for the store priced sidekicks or extra KS sidekicks I want.  But it would remove one from my base Bomb level pledge, so I could use that...but I don't know if it's quite enough.  UGH my head!


    Greta at $12.99 will not be eligible as a Babes option for the Bomb Kit, nor the $16.99 Atomic Punks. Her inclusion in the Femmes Add-On Combo is a special deal.


    it's just logistics.

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    I believe you can see her in the Femmes Of Fantasy pack, second from the right.

    So that would be the Satyr?


    (Is there such a thing as a female Satyr?)






    She's really more like a tiefling sort of thing.

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  16. Oh, dear.


    I was thinking of skipping this one - but being able to pick store items for the Bomb Kit might just have pulled me in.


    Question:  Will Khai the Huntress be available for the Bomb Kit?  She's not yet in the webstore, but I need her - minus the tail, she's absolutely spot-on for one of my characters...


    We have been shipped masters for Khai and as soon as they arrive and are approved she will go into production.

    She will be in the web store well before the pledge manager for Babes 2 is ready. 

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  17. With the close of the campaign swiftly approaching, I want to remind everyone of the KS Forum posting guidelines, which you can find here.

    Thank you for that reminder. We certainly want to play nice while visiting someone else's sandbox.


    Here's the scoop:


    At the beginning of the project it wasn't practical with the initial set of Babes until we unlocked more stuff. That was the issue on the first campaign on launch, too many slots, not enough Babes. We balanced that this time by strategically unlocking choices over the run.


    This will all be detailed in a followup after the campaign ends, but the summary is this:

    Get a Bomb Kit and pick ANY $9.99-priced Babe, or new unlocked Babe, as a reward, up to 8

    Add-Ons from the KS section will be the $8 listed for those shown

    Anything else you want to pick will be at the posted web store price so pledge accordingly


    I hope that helps.

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  18. We interrupt this programming for an important public service announcement:


    I'm thinking about popping in for a visit to this. Anyone in?




    We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming already in progress.

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