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  1. Can we select Babes from the first Kickstarter to fill out some of the 8 choices in the Bomb Kit?  Or do all 8 have to be from the current Kickstarter?


    I don't see that it would be any kind of a problem at all.

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  2. I love Mythga's general look, but her clothing seems a bit unusual. I suppose maybe it's a hodgepodge of garments collected over time?


    Bingo! Plus it's the best stuff. She won't take anything rusty or tattered. The Spirits wouldn't like it.

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  3. Not complaining I  really love a ton of your Pathfinder minis, actually. Cleric of Urgathoa is my favorite I've painted, I think, and I've got others on the desk and more still on the want list. Hadn't really thought about it until you mentioned getting inspiration from that PF book, but, like, do they commission you to do certain characters, or do you just kind of make (awesome) minis of characters you like so that they, of course, then can buy them?


    They would assign me particular characters they would want and supply art. I would sculpt them and it would go through an approval process. Now that has shifted to other sculptors, some who are using ZBrush I believe. My Pathfinder run ended a few years ago.

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  4. Or to add to the piles of unpainted minis, so you can drool over them and imagine the award winning paint job you would put on it...if you did ever paint it.


    This is the equivalent of singing into a hairbrush and then accepting a "Grammy" bottle of shampoo for it later in the shower.

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  5. Apparently I had been mistaking Relic-Megan for an existing Reaper piece:50134_w_1.jpg50134: Racquel Blackrose, Buccaneer

    Also by the good Patrick, similar pose, and a pirate's life for her.

    That's why I was so frazzled over where I'd seen her, non-convention related.

    Looking really forward to the Orc reveal![/size]

    I had completely forgotten about that one.


    Also remember, minis can be "used" for just painting, too, and it's okay. :)

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  6. Dino-elves have never been a good fit, thematically, for my particular brainscape--like, I don't "get" it, at all; need to find a history lesson on how that motif came to be--but this sure is a pretty one. Nicest I've ever seen, I guess. Don't think I'll wind up getting it, but 'preciated.


    Glad you like the aesthetic anyway. I know GW Dark Elf background hinges on Cold Ones in a similar play to the D&D Drow/Spider connection.

    I don't know if the concept existed prior to the post-Tolkein mythos since pretty much most, if not all, contemporary "elf" concepts are derivative of his material.


    I do know that they appear here and was what prompted me to create a version of my own.


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    Does anyone know what promotion the Relic-Megan is from?  That pirate lass looks very familiar...

    RELIC - Meagan the Buccaneer was sculpted in 2005 by Patrick and a very short run of castings were produced for personal promotion at conventions and for sale on the web. This figure is out of production and offered here again as a special Kickstarter incentive.


    This is on the Kickstarter campaign page below her pic, right above "The Sculptors" section.




    By "promotion" I mean, I gave some of the castings away to industry folks and potential clients at conventions the following year. We only made 100 of that first run. The one you will be receiving from the Kickstarter campaign has some mold damage patched up, the sword base has been thickened up to prevent breaking now, and she has an all new "© Bombshell" base tab to differentiate her from the previous edition which was stamped "©05 PAK" on the back.


    The same is true for the Dryad Relic.

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    I love Kev's work too Patrick, so it's exciting news to hear he's doing one of the babes. You and him are 2 of my favorite sculptors for female miniatures!



    Thanks man!


    Kev was an inspiration when I first started sculpting. I would go and study the WIP posts on his page to see how he was putting his stuff together.

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  9. A - Does that mean we can assume all concept art in this KS will be sculpted by you?

    B - Can you reveal whether the elf-on-raptor will be available somehow as part of the bomb kit (such as, it counts as a double choice of babes), or only as an add-on?


    C - And finally, I'd love to see the back views of the sculpts so far...is that at all possible? Even just a lineup of the lot would be great.


    A - Yes.


    B - She will only be offered as an optional Add-On and not as a Babes choice selection in the Bomb kit. it is a larger kit and will require it to be molded and cast in resin.


    C - Here you go. This is the best i can get you at the moment since these pieces are on the chopping block to be cut and keyed for molding.




    I'm sure this is a candidate for some pretty weird memes.



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  10. Just out of curiosity, who's going to be sculpting Quadira?  My husband and I are both hoping the final sculpt is as awesome as the art. 


    Part of my clientele is Dark Sword Miniatures, for whom I have sculpted many pieces based on Larry Elmore art and practically the entirety of the Stephanie Law range. So I wanted to bring that same skillset to Bombshell and knock this collection out of the park.


    It is my intention to faithfully reproduce the art shown on this campaign as closely as possible as the primary sculptor and owner of Bombshell Minis. However, I do pick up select things from time-to-time from my sculpting buddies because we're all a tight-knit family thing like that.


    For example - this is in the works from Kev White for us.

    NSFW uncostumed anatomy of sorceress character.

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  11. Do any of the clear space helmets fit on Melody? 


    Her suit is different since she's not really intended to be GDF but with a tiny amount of conversion work, I don't see why not. All it would really take would be to shave a bit off the shoulder pads and there you go. It's almost as if someone planned it that way from the beginning!  ^_^



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  12. Art book: The needs of the printing cost outweigh the need of the want.


    We researched that on the first project. Not gonna say it won't happen. It will just have to be it's own thing.

    That said - I would love an art book too!



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  13. Questions: Would part of that $10 shipping also theoretically translate as "usable" dollars toward buying minis? Also, if I pledge $60 plus shipping on the Fuse Level pledge, will the pledge manager/web store inherently know this, or will it be a matter of making a selection later on?


    No worries Marvin - I'm sure other (potential) backers also have similar questions


    How it works is - we send you a Gift Code for the amount of your pledge for the web store. All of the unlocked and funded things from the campaign will be posted there at their KS prices. Then you get to have a glorious shopping spree picking from all the goodies. If you pick more than your Gift Code, the web store bills you the difference. It calculates all the shipping at actual, as if it were an order, going to your destination. If you pledge more than the stuff you pick out, the overage is stored as a credit to be used on future transactions. Just save your Gift Code to use any time.


    Easy as cake.

    No - it's pie, easy as pie. Piece of cake. :)



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    OK,  I might be a bit dumb today.  International shipping to Australia is $25 (ouch!), so if I go Fuse, does the shipping amount change at any time, or is it the same no matter how many figures I order?  If it does change you really want to explain that, as you could have some very upset people if that isn't very clear up front.

    From what was said earlier in the thread this is to deal with how kickstarter works and is a flat rate, and actual shipping cost will be charged through their website for fulfillment. This would mean that if shipping is less, then you'll have extra credit, but if more then you'll have to pay extra. FYI shipping for 1 mini to Australia from their site is $9US, shipping for my counterblast order of about 30 figures was a touch over $25, but that was last year.



    Yes! All of this.


    We just shipped a 1-mini padded mailer to Oz yesterday and it was $12. They paid mre for shipping than the mini. So, i feel your pain. When I order a mini form the UK it can cost $15. We are collecting a flat rate to cover these costs on the campaign because the Kickstarter web site does not calculate shipping. How do we enter a shipping amount for two different backers when one pledges for one mini and one pledges for 10? First class shipping will be different for both.


    So - you set a flat rate and collect shipping up front. The backers have a "Pool" of pledge cash to use to check out in the web store when they select their rewards. It's the most fair way we can do it. This will be the fourth project where we've done it that way. We've had scads of happy backers that have actually received their rewards (and many of them even ON TIME or EARLY! *gasp*) Some of them even decide to add additional things that are new or even some stuff they didn't know about - and have it all shipped together.


    Thanks you all for the great support shown so far! We will do everything we can do to get you the stuff you want. 

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    Yeah, if you only want 2-3 figures, it'll be better to order from their website and pay full retail prices and actual shipping costs. If you like a bunch of their core set (including whatever freebies are tossed in) that's where the sweet spot is. 


    The whole point for this (and other smaller kickstarters) is to help a smaller company grow their lines of figures. They give you a discount on the price of figures, but they can't eat too much of the cost of shipping otherwise they go into the red and can't produce their sculpts. I think it's awesome that they are offering a 20% discount on their normal figures out of their store (which are normally $10 each) and on top of that Kickstarter is taking a 10% chunk from the total collected. 




    That is much better put than I could post after a couple of 'ritas today. :) I authorize the above statement.


    I'm also going to stitch up this whole shipping thing altogether, particularly for those who may be unaware of how we fulfill our projects.


    I get that shipping is expensive and we can't eat that either. Neither are we trying to gouge anyone.


    When you back the project (say, at the Fuse Level ) for example, you can ENTER THE AMOUNT OF YOUR TOTAL PLEDGE which includes the shipping amount automatically populated by the country which your account is based.


    If you want ONE MINI then pledge for $2. Which would be $12 ($2 pledge+$10 shipping) That would equal a total $8 for the Babe and $4 for shipping conversely.


    It doesn't matter what's what. As long as you COVER the amount, we will send you your reward. Dollars are dollars. In this case, it's just an abstract equalizer.


    When the items go to the web store for you to select your rewards, shipping will be calculated and come off of the total of your WHOLE PLEDGE AMOUNT. 


    We are seriously not try to screw anyone over on postage. But be warned, if you DON'T include enough in your pledge to cover shipping, the web store will see it and just bill you the difference at check out. If you want to just pay your postage when you select your rewards items - you can do that too. Just pledge for whatever TOTAL of the items are you want to select, and pay for the actual postage once you check out of the web store/pledge manager. It's less difficult than Kickstarter sets it up to look.


    We got burnt for $12,000 (yeah - that's three zeros) in shipping on the first Babes project because postal rates went up before we shipped out rewards. We cannot do that and keep producing miniatures.


    I must go prostrate myself on the couch now . . . . . .  :poke:

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    Dwarfettes?  Orcesses?  Catgirls?  Awesome!  I may have to back after all.


    Wasn't there a Satyr down the line too, or was that from the last one?  I thought I saw it on the Facebook previews.


    There's this one, but I can't remember whether she was from the last KS.... great model though!





    Khai the Huntress had an issue with her weapons that had to be fixed and re-mastered causing a delay in release.

    She will be added back to the web store as soon as we receive the replacement castings.


    We also have her listed as one of the items an an upcoming Babes 2 combo deal. Watch the project for more updates.

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