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  1. As of now the $50 Bomb Kit level will get you "one of everything" that we start with. If we fund and unlock stretch goals you will automaticallty get the "freebie" items addes to the Bomb Kit level. If we unlock stretch goal add-on pieces (like the Jungle Elf on Raptor) you will need to edit your pledge total with the required amount to pledge enough to cover selecting that item as a reward. I hope I explained that correctly.
  2. A Few Facts: The campaign will launch on Monday September 14th 2015 (before NOON CDT) and end Friday September 28th. There will be no "early-bird" tiers $1+ A La Carte level will allow you pledge any amount and choose your rewards from those that are unlocked $50 Bomb Kit Level will get you the 6 core Babes + any freebies we may unlock and drop in (you can pledge more for add-ons at any time) Images you have seen before launch of sculpts will be in the core set for the Bomb Kit Level - we may unlock additional sculpts in progress as stretch goals Images you have seen before launch of art will be offered as stretch goals since those pieces have not been sculpted yet Stretch goals will come in two flavors - one will offer freebies for the Bomb Kit at no additional pledge, the other will require an additional pledge amount as an Add-On A 12-15 day campaign is suitable for this type of project since we are not attempting to "find an audience" but are relying on our existing audience to support the campaign. Larger campaigns for more general items require a wider audience. Like Dark Sword, Red Box, and Hasslefree, we are a boutique outfit providing niche items to a niche or a niche of the overall miniature market. This also squeezes the dreaded mid-campaign slump when some backers bail on projects and actually cause a reversal in funding growth. With that said, if you do plan to back, or if you are unable to, we can certainly use your help in spreading the word, as Ub3r_N3rd has done for us here. We would rather use our funding to put into production costs like molding and casting than to sink banner ads all over the net in the hopes of attracting one or two more backers. Rather, it means more to the communities you participate in, like this one, WAMP, etc., if the news of our campaign came directly from you posting or sharing it. From us it looks like spam and I have been booted from a couple of groups for posting updates. News from you will be an endorsement that you find our work worthwhile. You can find us on the web and keep up with news about all of the Bombshell stuff at the following places: Our Web page/Blog Our Facebook Group Twitter Thanks again everyone! I am very excited to bring this new batch of sculpts to you! As an added treat, here is an early preliminary sketch of Gio's design for Wasteland Maelee that will be in the Bomb Kit core set:
  3. We usually ship USPS Priority flat rate to the US.
  4. This is the reality : $50 will net you the Bomb Kit which will start with 6 core Babes plus we will drop SELECT freebies into it as they are unlocked. Everything at launch will be offered a la carte as well, meaning you can pledge at the first tier and pick and choose whatever you like. Stretch goals will be for both freebie unlocks and also add-on item unlocks that will require additional pledge amounts. Remember, your pledge total amount is fluid and will allow you to add items on in the pledge manager afterwards. So if you donate $100, you can literally pick anything out of the whole catalog up to $100. Adding funds later in the pledge manager does not unlock stretch goals though. ===== Non-human Babes in the stretchgoal lineup: Jungle elf on Raptor Orc Dwarf priestess Dwarf tankard brawler Catfolk hunter Plus more as we can get to them . . .
  5. Noted. I won't make any promises, but I do have reference photos on the workbench. Glad to see we have a few more "converts". :)
  6. There is always a pledge manager. Backers will be able to log into our web store and select the rewards along with anything in our current catalog, just like with our prior projects.
  7. Then you will probably really dig the next one.
  8. That didn't take long. I just came over here to post that. :)
  9. There is a swashbuckler with rapier on the workbench this very moment.
  10. I have sen a few other botique lines offer female heads for swapping out on other models. Victoria Minia and Statuesque come to mind. It may be worthwhile to do a set of female "critter" heads for conversions like that. Maybe tails too.
  11. Great ideas everyone! I wish i had time to sculpt them all. A few of the suggestions posted so far are in the works, but I'll let you figure out which ones when the project launches. Gio and Zach just turned in some sketches for stretch goals today that are utterly amazing! I'll be posting teasers of them later in the week.
  12. So far the only mounted model we have in the pipe is the Jungle Elf on Raptor. I am certainly open to recommendations. We have a pretty solid lineup by this point but there are a couple of slots for stretch goals that may be open and I always like to see suggestiosn for stuff I hadn't thought of.
  13. Thanks for all of the kind words everyone. It means a great deal that you all appreciate the work so much. Me too! I wasn't really sure what to make of us returning to KS for another Babes project but we had a lot of people at conventions and so forth asking for one. So I hope we can at least attract enough backer interest to make it worthwhile for everyone. I feel much better prepared for this one.
  14. Actually that Witch Doctor figure for this year's PP convention model is (I believe) digitally sculpted by Doug Hamilton but I would have to confirm that. This is the one I did. The Druid Gone Wilder.
  15. We feed our free-range resin only the finest polymers. I'll be here all week. Try the lobster.
  16. The Big Stompy Robot wil see production but I don't think it will be a Sidekick. Obviously it's been modeled and we are looking at spreading out the printing expense for the parts a little over time. Once we start getting them in I can master them in resin in-house now until I have enough to start putting kits together. Thanks to the funding of Babes 1 i have a full production pressure casting rig for resin, but had been unable to set it all up until the production for the Counterblast Heavy Support campaign provided an opportunity to utilize it.
  17. A comprehensive list of links is included on the "About Me" page of my blog. I have sculpted for almost 40 different clients in the gaming and miniatures industry over my 10-year career. http://www.patrickkeith.com/p/about-me.html You can also burn some brain cells on this too !
  18. Hi everyone - I'm a little late to the party here but I will try to keep you updated on the campaign as we prepare for launch. We have structured our pledge levels very similar to what Dark Sword and Red box have done with their most recent projects but the buy-in target is around $50. All of the Babes will be offered as a la carte add-ons along with the other "freebie" things that will come included in the Bomb Kit. Still working out the specifics and we have some magnificent art in the works by Gio Baroni and Zach Fischer for stretch goals. We are planning new Sidekicks to sprinkle into the mix and I currently have been unable to unearth at least 3 Relics that were sculpted "Back-in-the-Dayâ„¢" that were either under extremely limited production or were never produced at all. Plus I have a couple of really cool "guest sculptor" items that may be finished in time to include as well. Glad to see you are all as excited as I am to return to my roots in making the absolute best female character models for you I can. ~Patrick The Sculptdude
  19. Sorry Rat Leader, no time like the present. But you will be welcome to join the afterparty if you like. More details will be posted about that after the project ends. Just to note - WE'VE FUNDED! And unlocked our first stretch goal! Less than $2K to go to hatch the Azhro Rider !
  20. We are 75% with less than $2500 to go! Jump in now and make this happen. Here are some upcoming things!
  21. Yep - that's exactly where the Space Aces fall in. They are veterans of the various WWII air forces from different nations, so they bring their own unique look from their individual force. they are quipped with rocket packs developed by a join Earth/Illyria collaboration but they are all armed with their existing service weaponry, I see them like this but with rocket packs.
  22. Glad you guys like the look of the project. Counterblast takes place in 1955 after first contact with the Illyrians. In the Outer Reaches, everything from Earth has a Diesel-punk vibe and all of the other existing races from that region are a bit more "advanced". We fit right in with Secrets of the Third Reich, Dust, and other WWII and Weird War settings.
  23. So - you were looking for more non-Counterblast figures? We will be dropping on a few characters like Tammy throughout the project. But never fear! Babes II is still in the works and will be coming in the fall. If you don't see anything in this one, stay tuned for more Babes and Sidekicks at that time. I'll keep you posted.
  24. COUNTERBLAST Heavy Support offers vehicles, robots, and creature miniatures to expand your Adventure Battle Games! Why return to Kickstarter? We have all of the digital models shown ready to go into production, but digital printing, molding and mastering, and casting runs are expensive. It would take longer for us to raise the funds to put these models into production over time than if we ask for funds to make a collection of them at one time. We want to get these models to the players as soon as possible, and Kickstarter can make that possible. Visit the project here!
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