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  1. Yep - I'm liking the blue on the female plugger. Very nice. The main colors of green and brown you have chose for the crew are my favorite for Lancers overall.


    I have moved on to working on a set of Neiran for our demo games at AdeptiCon. Here I have primed them light gray and applied MSP Surf Aqua and Rosy Skin as a basecoat by airbrush. Next they will be getting a wash of Army Painter Blue Ink for shading. Working time on paint at this stage - 1hr.



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  2. 10995925_10152761864855888_8135165916063


    Okay - GDF reinforcements requisitioned for Monday's COUNTERBLAST Demo game. All of these guys are painted with Army Painter primers and paint.

    I missed taking WIP shots of these guys but I do have some Lancers to follow.


    They are very close to the color scheme Jasper the 2nd is using for his. I LOVE how that HoPR bot is turning out!


    Will try to post some WIP shots of my Lancers next.


    The security bots have lenses, too. I did these as a black base coat, then ran a turquoise blue (or red depending on the lens) in the lower half as a reflection and then just added a dot of white for the highlight. You can get pretty elaborate with lens reflections but for a quick 2 hour paint job this still works okay.

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  3. Wow those are really coming along nicely!

    Love the color choices. The olives and browns for the Lancers really give give them a merc feel.

    The dark metallics on the Mekkus brings out a cold and sinister vibe to the models.


    As Inner Geek mentioned earlier, the first set of 15mmm "Micro Babes" is out. We'll be producing some 15mm Counterblast stuff later in the year.


    The rules Addendum 1.1 is almost finished and will be available soon as a free PDF download the has errata and omissions along with clarifications, adjusted stats, and additional info making COUNTERBLAST even more playable than it already is.

    Looking forward to seeing others post their painted things, too. Would it be out of place for me to drop pics of my WIP stuff in here as I work on demo pieces for AdeptiCon?

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  4. This is awesome. I've been trying to think of something that was the right size for a floating brain. Everything I have is just way way too big.

    I would probably just do away with the robots, and use the bubble heads and brains and fill them with medium so it looked like they were floating, and place them on a flat surface.

    If there's the option of just having the tall cylinder lids instead of a mix of those with the flatter domes that would be cool too.


    Your wish is granted!





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  5. Thanks for all the great input!


    @Sgt Crunch - I painted the hair with Liquitex Napthol Crimson and did a couple of washes over it with Ltx Burnt Umber and a little bit of Dioxazine Purple.


    After seeing some of the great results of the Reaper MSP paints here I'm going to have to give those a shot next!

  6. jalinrix.jpg


    Since this was a Reaper fig, I thought I'd post it here on the forums for you guys to check out. It's slightly converted. The wings have been discarded (to show her excellent backside!) and she has been given a sculpted armored breastplate. I decided to paint her as a fierce celtic warrioress and gave her spiral war-paint designs. The sword and the armor bits are painted with GW metallic paints. It's also on eBay here.


    Critiques are welcome! :bday:

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