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  1. is wandering the internets.. bored stupid.

  2. Great paintjob, and I dig the basing.
  3. I feel your pain, been driving back and forth from Cincinnati to Dayton twice a week just to get some game time..
  4. I really like the camo on this, clean and simple.
  5. Yeah, it would be a pretty hard sell if they revamped the rules to include pioneers with melta guns
  6. Wow so many fast replys! I have a 1500 point panzer company, all armor. I have a couple AA guns on halftracks to chop up infantry There are no places local to me where I can play.. I'm hoping to remedy that.
  7. Kinda curious, how many of you guys have heard of this? Any players? What armies do you have?
  8. Thankfully, no. What's the muzzle velocity of a 5.56 NATO round?
  9. Here ya go :) http://www.cardomain.com/ride/498210 That's what I play around in.. surprised my share of wanabe ricers with it too As far as the Camaro goes, I don't much care for it. If it DOES actually make it to production it's going to be priced WAY out of the market the mustang currently dominates. I've heard something along the lines of 50k for one.. for that kind of money I could get two mustangs, or a Nice used Vette. My two cents
  10. Drow with AK-47's and tactical vests? Ogre with a Chinese 12.6mm heavy machine gun? Tiefling with a Barret?
  11. I feel it would be simpler for all involved just to assume the combatants keep a relative orientation to one another. Other than that I have nothing to add, yet :)
  12. Color me impressed. I guess I should just burn my brushes..
  13. wow nice thread hijacking.. anyway thanks for the feedback
  14. Thanks for the feedback guys.. I'll give the rock painting a try. as far as ewoks go... no way :D frags on the base might be something I'll try out once I get a little more comfortable with the base thing.
  15. and you can hang onto them as keepsakes once they come off the walls :)
  16. I wanted to make this look dirty and used. I think I did a decent job on that.. after a Q&A with Frosh I decided to give this whole base thing a try.. this is honestly my first try at it. Be honest Be brutal, but don't bash GW.. I really don't care how you feel about them this mini was just what was handy, with a big enough base to fool around with. Mike
  17. that little lady is in deep trouble :)
  18. kinda freaky when you really look at it.. definitely not for me. thanks for sharing though
  19. good advice all around, and thanks for the examples! I'll give those a try and see what one I like best.
  20. Across from where I work they are building a multi-story parking garage, and the building right next to it is being renovated, garbage chute and all right down the front of it. I witness several dexterity checks every day usually followed by a stream of profanity from the one making the check that would make a sailor blush. just a day in the life Mike in Cincinnati
  21. I'm sitting here working on a mini and I'm drawing a complete blank on how this is done. I'm thinking some kind of grey mixture. What I have tried thus far looks like a very dirty grey cape. I'm not wanting show quality, this mini will be used.
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