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  1. You don't need a ride check if you have Innate/ Leviatate
  2. This was passed along to me from Shakhak and I felt the need to ask what fellow Walord players feel about the new Reven Warlord. Gronkelfibbets and Mazak The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad (1958) Cyclops
  3. The Nords store here in Cincinnati, OH still carries a lot of Reaper Models (DHL, CAV, Warlord). From what I was told/remember, Nords is still a wholesaler of the models they just don't have any direct ties to Reaper (meaning no longer franchised/ whatever else they could be)
  4. Yes Landing is a free action; therefore, it takes place after the charge or if you think about it the model is charging from the sky like a hawk diving down to catch a fish...
  5. All of the models B2B with the Dragon were already B2B the previous round. As for the charge bonus, you can do a charge as long as the charge bonus is in a straight line. If he was able to make the charge without falling short this wouldn't have come up. But depending on the ruling the Gaan-Hor warrior would A.) Have to double move (if you can't go "through" the models) and not be able to attack or B.) Get the charge off because he is able to go "through" models. Like Qwyk emphasized It seems flyers are able to move "through" models unless stated before game....that's my understanding
  6. I really like how the heads turned out...for the archer shouldn't the bow be turned the other way? As for the female warrior, her left arm reminds me of Davey Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean.
  7. This came up in game play yesterday and we were unsure how the charging rules apply. On the ground you have to move around models and can only charge if the + to charge is in a straight line. But what an about aerial combat charge? In the game last night, the silver dragon was surrounded by Gaan-Hor Warriors. Another Gaan-Hor Warrior wanted to charge the dragon but if he had to go around the models he would fall short but if he could go "through" the models he would've made it. So my question is, when a flying model charges a flying model do they maneuver around other models that are in B2B (s
  8. I have about 2000 worth of Reven and maybe 1500 with the Elves.
  9. I could see this working really nice with the Elves also by using Niriodel or placing a dryad in a group.
  10. This is what I meant..but after thinking about it I don't think this could happen because the ways spells are cast and how this spell works by saying this +1 bouns applies until next activation.
  11. Technically, you can get a total of +3 CP by using this technique.
  12. I understood 100% but when I bust out that move and my opponent argues with me my repsonse can now be "Gus said If you roll a die, you add +1 to it."
  13. I was looking at the Rage Chronicles and I noticed the Cleric Spell Blessing. According to the description, "Affected Friendly Models gain a +1 to ALL of their rolls until the end of their next Activation." does this count towards CP, tough, and discipline rolls too?
  14. You mentioned that you have LOS 2" into light woods and 1" into heavy woods. If there is a model that is in these woods do they have to be 2" from the edge to see out from light woods and 1" from heavy or do they have LOS no matter how far they are in the woods?
  15. Since all these new models were being released I was crossing my fingers for Bladesinger Adepts. Instead of Blowtrough and a Ranged Attack give them an innate spell. <Edit> Added "all"
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