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  1. right now i have a default army. i the near future i would like to get a demonic army going, i have been using the fire demon from dhl line for rauthrous. but i am very happy with the changes made on the faction from the earlier days( when the book was the main thing out) and agian thank you for all the support from every body
  2. ok so i get what your saying is that for the 25% merc in your army they must be from the merc faction. and thank you guys for all your help this is why i love playing warlords.
  3. sure i can, your main force is a darkspawn army with a troop and solo of raven mercs. i know that the darkspawn still get the pain cage but does the raven troop and solo still get stepp born and war cry from there faction abilities. i hope that help at all.
  4. yeah i know they don't get the merc army abilities but do they get there army specific abilities
  5. when fielding a merc troop in your army does the merc troop still get there army special abilities. for example your fielding a darkspawn army with a troop of raven mercs does the raven troop get there army special abilities.
  6. if you guys really like the old minis from ral partha check out iron wind metals they bought out all the old ral partha molds and are makeing all the old minis even the battle tech line
  7. that base looks awesome for just being cork very good job
  8. what did you use to make the base with
  9. yeah your right i was just looking at the part about it saying "but counts as a Sergeant for all other purposes " i just want to know if your leader dies can a band model become a sergeant and take lead of the troop
  10. so you mean if i have guros with 3 Arachnid Warriors and guros is killed, one of the arachnid warriors can't step up and take the leadership role. if that is so i think they should clear up the wording on that. this is why it says this under the sa "The Sergeant model cannot take equipment restricted to Leader models, but counts as a Sergeant for all other purposes (e.g. Chain of Command Army Composition, taking Solos, etc)."
  11. Quick quiestion lets say you have a leader with troops that have band. Now you lose your leader of that troop, can you make one of the band models become a leader and lead the rest of the models
  12. well i have played against the necros many times with my friend. to start with judas is a force to be reckoned with, the grave horror is a good scare tactic with his burrowing ability. the knights are hard to go down, the wraiths are good to back up the knights with there reach ability. all and all it sounds like you have a good start to a kick butt army
  13. just wondering if guros of the darkspawn is a non-unique or is still unique
  14. yeah i know what you mean thats why warlord is such a good game to play
  15. Me and my friend look at a more of an rpg stand point, meaning that lets say that a archer is fireing on a worrior of mine and he rolls a 1 that just means that my guy put up his sheild or steped out of the way at the right time.
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