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    I enjoy spending time with my husband and two cats, listening to music, watching movies, and playing online games. When I'm not doing that, I like drawing and painting landscapes, still-life, and animals. I started miniature painting sometime in the year 2000. Visit my homepage to see a gallery! :) Currently interested in taking on commission work.

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  1. I've had this issue with larger flat areas on a mini, too. I usually try dipping the end of a cotton swab in acetone (or try your favorite brush cleaner as others suggested) and rub the stubborn paint off with that. The cotton swab won't scratch, plus you won't get the solution all over everything else. Good luck, and let us know what worked!
  2. I'd do as Nissiana said and wait for the ink to dry before anything else goes over it. If the last thing you do on a mini is dot the eye and then seal, try waiting at least an hour before applying your sealer. I'd think that would be long enough. I have the Sakura Pigma Micron .005 pens in a few basic colors (found in the scrapbooking sections at Michael's) and occasionally use them for scroll work or for the irises of eyes, but my problem with them has been that they dry out too fast. I have a difficult time getting the ink out of the pens in the first place. Maybe the ones I bought are all already too old.
  3. Thanks for the comments. The bubbling smoke type mess there actually turned out the way I wanted it to (more or less). I started with just grey and white and decided toward the end to add in some blue and highlight with a pearlized white to give it some shimmer. To me, it's a magical swirly mess, not just your typical smoke. I went over the metallics, belt sash, and the bubbly mess with a gloss coat after the whole thing was matte sealed to bring the shimmers back. The "gold pieces" are 1mm gold beads I found in a small tube at my local craft store. Unfortunately, I can't do anything further to this guy. He's now 300 miles away in his new home. Were I to do this one again some time though, I could definitely use some suggestions.
  4. Well, my hours at work got cut severely, so instead of being able to buy a present for a friend's birthday, I decided to paint a mini for her instead (I certainly have the time for it! ). I had originally purchased this guy for game play, but decided Hassan would make a nice gift since she loves the whole Arabian theme (and it would have been for use in her Al Qadim game anyway). I tried a couple new things with this guy -- more shading and highlights which is hard for me to get used to 'cause it just looks wrong when I'm doing it, my first try at shaded metallics, and my (still) poor attempts at highlighting hair. I like how the blades and his vest turned out, but having run out of time, I couldn't do any more with it. Irritates me that I didn't catch some mold lines but I was able to touch up the spots on the base. Anyway... Gave her the gift today, and she really liked it.
  5. I'll chime in here about using Simple Green to strip the paint. It does a great job, doesn't stink, and is gentle on your skin if don't wear gloves (like me). Also, about the glued parts -- I've never had the glue dissolve from a normal soak (usually 20 minutes, up to 2 hours for ornery paint or primer). However, I recently forgot a mini in a tub of Simple Green for at least a month (maybe two), and that DID dissolve the glue. So, try to keep the soaking time down to a couple hours at most, but never more than 24 hours. Oh, and also use an old toothbrush to rub off the paint and get in the nooks 'n crannies. Welcome to the boards. Everyone here is always super helpful.
  6. Those remind me of the old Battlestar Galactica series. While vehicles and machines don't thrill me really, I'll still be looking forward to seeing these done. What you're able to get done in mere hours always amazes me. :)
  7. Love the base and the fur around the coat. I was curious about the photo being dark though, so saved the pic and used Photoshop to auto-adjust the contrast and color (it had a blue tint). Here it is after: Is this closer to what it really looks like?
  8. Finally found my pic of my very first (and still played every month) RPG character. It's a D&D Chainmail Orc Berserker mini. What's funny is, I had already chosen this character's equipment long before this mini came out. The moment I saw him, I HAD to have him. Painted him somewhere around 4-5 years ago and plan to repaint him now that I know how to paint better, but unfortunately, all of my repaint projects are at the bottom of the list of minis that need to be painted. Anyway... The result of an orc raid upon a peaceful nomadic tribe, Zogg was lucky. The tribe wanted all such pregnancies terminated, but his mother had convinced the elders the life growing in her womb was conceived by her husband before he was slain during the raid. She knew her little one was destined for something great. Now, torn between revenge upon the orcs that nearly destroyed his tribe and the orc blood that rages inside him, Zogg roams the world with his family's ancestral (magical) axe and a band of heroic adventurers known as The Rogue Dragons in search of something he may never find: himself. I present to you Liu "Zogg" Kamoku, the raging Half-Orc Barbarian from the nomadic Horse Plains of the far east: I can PM you a higher res pic if you need. [EDIT: Sorry, just noticed your stipulation that these be Reaper orcs. Guess he doesn't make the calendar cut. You're still welcome to use him for something else, though.]
  9. The dress looks great... and that glare she's got... Good stuff. Her upper lip looks a little dirty, but maybe she's been into the chocolate again.
  10. Those are SO cute!!! They score an official girly squeal of delight.
  11. You seem to have that cold-blooded deadly stare thing down pat. Really like her face. Still like the way you do blues and greens. The brown looks a little splotchy in the back, but you're definitely improving a lot with all of these minis lately. Nicely done on the wooden planks, too. No cobblestone this time?
  12. He looks great to me. If I had to nitpick, though, considering the rest of his clothes look so smooth, the highlights on the cloak look chunky. But as you said, it's for the game table, so at arm's length, I'm guessing it's not noticeable. The dagger looks nice and bright, ready to strike.
  13. I tend to do wet blending, so yes, my clear yellow gets mixed in gradually although the transition is sharp rather than gradual to avoid turning orange. If things start to look too orange for me, then I glaze it with my base red. If it keeps turning orange on me, I add in a speck of ivory.
  14. I use a transparent yellow to highlight my reds and like it very much. Come to think of it, that's the only yellow I have, so no experience here with an opaque yellow for highlighting.
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