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  1. I just finished my 15th year of teaching in May... now I am starting a new teaching job at my old high school... very very different walking down the halls as a teacher and not the student. Haldir, I salute you on staying with your company... it is a rare thing now days..
  2. What scale are you using on these... love the overall look of it
  3. I'm waiting on the expansion set with the Jawa funeral pyre
  4. Congrats... so how long till you are Dr Meg ;)
  5. I get the corn starch peanuts all the time with my chemical supplies for school... but the worst warning I remember seeing was on a fan belt, "Do not install while engine is running" for the life of me, I could not stop laughing thinking of some poor stupid soul attempting to put on a fan belt while the engine was running..
  6. I really knew I should have not been walking around outside without my shoes on
  7. Here's another longshot Looking for a good group on North Alabama around the Scottsboro/Huntsville AL
  8. Nice work.. the second one's bow stance is excellent...
  9. Must be the evening for crazy pet tricks... one of ours decided that glue trap for the mice in the garage looked fun to play with.. Enchantra sorry about the skunked dog, but like everyone else said.. it could have been something worse
  10. Amazing work on the feathers and the stripes..
  11. Thing is that some of the students can't figure out that they don't need to swear at us either
  12. Hang in there Big B... I teach also and I know exactly what you are going through.. just wondering how many years do you have in at the middle school level? Sometimes a change in grade levels can make things a bit better.. it did for me, I got a year off before I headed back down to the 8th grade again... and it looks like I am going to have to head back up to high school again in the next little bit.. I noticed that my bunch was more than a little tweaked up on Thursday, we got off today and Monday
  13. I honestly think that my son has enough bricks to add on to the house with... at least 2 complete rooms... and I already got shown this one at least 2 times...
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