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  1. Chrome, I just looked over your list and tried to come up with some thoughts for you. Here's what I came up with:


    As far as your primary offense models, you've got Lysette and Caerwynn. That's pretty good - Lysette attacks at CP 8 and Caerwynn at RAV 5 with Sharpshooter and Weaponmaster. The problem I see with the list is that those models need to be in the same troop and they're not. Often the key to taking down something really scary is to give it a solid one, two punch in a single activation. That denies your opponent the ability to heal or react in any way. As your list stands, you need to activate Lysette's troop, bomb him with a big chunk of ice, then hope your opponent can't get any models to screen him, heal him, or what-not, until you have a chance to activate Caerwynn and shoot him up.


    You could put both of them in Daereth's troop since he's got two elite slots, but that breaks up your melee power center. Your only other option to get both models in the same troop is to take a Warlord (and if you take Larnach you don't technically need Lysette, but I'd take her anyways because magic is always a good thing).


    I think you have a compelling answer to Vampires in troop 2. If you can shoot the vampires up a bit on the way in, perhaps pepper them with some magical attacks from Lysette, then you can rush in the Deathseekers, Martyr and you'll have some very good attack values going against those tough vampires.



    I'd also suggest putting your ranged magic weapon on Caerwynn. I think you'll get more mileage out of two attacks at 6 and two at 4 than you will out of 4 attacks at 5. If hitting high DV is your issue, then the sixes will come in handy. I suppose that's a debatable point, but it's where I'd put my money.


    Finally, I'd put some thought into the purpose of troop 1. You've got some heavy melee (well, heavy for elves at any rate) in there, and you've got some very light melee (swordsmen - by the way you need more to fill the soldier requirement, but I think you had noted that previously). You can expect the leader and elite to do alright against many opponents, but those swordsmen are just going to fold. I feel that a model like that would be more useful in a larger troop where it can combine its SA's and attacks with some other models for a higher overall effect. I guess I just don't see the swordsmen as being able to make too much of an offensive contribution, and they aren't going to be able to hold the line for your archers with DV 9. You've already got your shock troopers in troop 2, so you don't really need that role filled, and two models with DV 11/10 do not constitute a defensive troop. Granted you're running up against the point limit, but I'd consider scratching troop 1 (folding 1 and 3 together, keeping Daereth and losing Selwynn), dropping Aviriel and the Swordsmen, and running a pile of Longthorns. Your average DV doesn't really drop, Longthorns attack at MAV 4 which is better than the Swordsmen and not really any worse than Aviriel, AND they all have Pike which means you can toss them out in front of your archers and if your opponent wants to clear them out they're eating defensive strikes. If all they do is run up and engage without attacking, then take a Standard with the troop, and play cat and mouse - you charge but don't attack, fine, I withdraw to form a new defensive line - every turn you don't blow through my melee screen and get to my archers is another turn that I'm sticking you in the face with arrows and letting Lysette blow up your world.



    This is getting really long, but..... I can't help myself. Here's a list that I put together. I used the list you posted, made some of the changes that I suggested above. Here goes:

    Elves - 748 points


    Troop 1

    Daereth, Royal Guardsman

    --Armor of Courage


    --Magic Ranged Weapon


    Vale Long Thorn x 6


    Troop 2

    Arnise, Deathseeker

    Irith, Deathseeker

    Death Seeker x 4

    Troop 3


    Vale Archer x 4

    Troop 4

    Silvermaine, Unicorn

    Army Equipment

    --Albatross Amulet


    Troop 1 offers several approaches to taking down something big and nasty - you can hit it with magic, then hit it with ranged, and finally charge in the melee. Daereth has Armor of Courage so he can charge with action one, free action to Inspire, and your Longthorns are now attacking at MAV 6 (4 +1 for Inspire +1 for support.. you did get 3 models on the bad guy right?). That's pretty good!


    Well that was a super long post, hopefully some if it is useful.

  2. In real-life military operations from ancient times through civil war and even (I believe) the present, no good commander has committed their entire force to an engagement right away. They often send out a portion of their army and keep a portion back in reserve. This reserve is then sent in as the battle progresses to reinforce a crumbling portion of the line, or to exploit a weakness that the enemy presents. In reading about ancient battles in particular, the wise application of reserve forces quite often marks a decisive moment in the battle. You could say that the addition of those reserve forces is a key in winning or losing battles.



    So I think about that, and then I think about my Warlord game.


    I simply do not ever use reserve forces. I often form a broad line, and advance towards the enemy. Twang goes the bow, Swish goes the sword, and may the tougher models win. But what if I designed my armies to have a reserve troop? Not necessarily anything big. Perhaps in a smaller army the reserve troop is just a Solo. In a bigger game it might be a small or mid-sized troop. Nothing too fancy, just some soldiers to throw into a key spot. Theoretically that ought to be a tactically sound decision. I suppose that its success may very well hinge upon what percentage of the army is devoted to the reserve force (perhaps 10-15% as an initial guess?).



    Has anybody used a strategy like this? How has it gone for you?

    Or do you find that your "second line" models like Reach models perform as your reserve force just fine?

    How long should you hold a reserve force back? Timing would probably be very critical. Too early and why bother, too late and they may as well head for the hills...

  3. "My casters keep on getting killed before I can use all of their SP."

    "I can never get anything out of my casters. They're a waste of points."


    Unfortunately, these are common sentiments. Casters typically have low DV's and are easily killed off in melee or picked off by archers. But since they are often very powerful, you need to get them involved in the fight, which puts them in quite a bit of danger. So is it a catch 22 and you're better off just picking up a few more soldiers instead?


    I say no. Casters are very important and to me, an army isn't complete without magic in some form. So how can you get the most out of your casters without them getting splattered all over the place?


    I propose several methods to protect your casters:

    A) Bodyguard

    B) Screening

    C) Angle of Attack

    D) Bait the Trap


    First a quick thought on caster strengths and weaknesses defensively - Typically casters have high MD, so you really don't need to worry about a magical attack directed at them. Especially with the ease of counterspelling. That leaves melee threats and ranged threats. You've got to assess the chances of facing both of those threats and choose one or more of the above defensive maneuvers to mitigate the threats your casters face.


    A) Bodyguard:

    Place your caster on the table. Place four quality warrior models (at least 2 DT, DV of 10 or higher) on the table, one each square on each side of the caster's base. Then, going clockwise, start with one warrior and shift it "clockwise" 1/8 of an inch. The intention here is to block LOS for ranged attacks (there will be no gap larger than 1/8" leading in to the caster, so no LOS may be drawn) and to block any model's ability to charge the caster (if you hadn't done the 1/8" shift on all 4 models, an enemy could have reached b2b via the corner of the caster's base). This is an ideal defensive formation to keep your caster tucked into all the time as it provides a challenge to break and only requires 4 soldiers. The downside is that you're vulnerable to a Trample (but what isn't?), the formation CAN be broken (ranged attacks can bring down just a single defender, then a charge is possible), and Indirect Shot can still screw you.


    B) Screening

    This method involves having a line of soldiers deployed ahead of your caster. Typically you deploy the screening line 1" less than the Mov value of your caster. This way you can move the caster forward through the screening line, the caster ends its move in b2b with the front of one of the soldiers, the caster uses a spell, and the screening line advances out in front again. The benefit here is that you've got plenty of models in between your caster and your opponent. The enemy will have to burn through most of your line before your caster is vulnerable to a concerted attack, and in that time you can use most of the SP on your caster and begin finding a new place to hide if the line crumbles quicker than you expected. This is especially good against non-cavalry melee attacks and ranged attacks. Typical soldiers will not have the speed to circumvent your screening line and arrive at your caster with any actions left, but cavalry (especially Nefsokar cavalry, or any cavalry that can be enhanced by the Burst of Speed spell) can become a real nuisance. It is also fairly effective against ranged attacks. Archers will either have to flank way around the sides (probably using two actions to do so) before they can gain LOS. They will probably not be in range for Indirect Shot, as they can't use that SA on the move and they can't use it in their extended range - thus they would have to close to normal range on the previous turn, which leaves them in perilously close proximity to your melee screen.

    C) Angle of Attack

    How are you bringing your caster to bear on the opponent? Straight up the middle, or off to the side? Which side? There are alot of factors involved in how you deploy your caster. More than can easily be discussed in this post. But, with an eye towards keeping a caster alive, think about placing your caster on a flank that your opponent has not deployed into heavily. This can reduce the number of threats your caster will face, and the power of a caster on a flank can help you to quickly turn the flank. This is really an under-developed thought, but hopefully it gets the brain-juice flowing in your own head.


    D) Bait the Trap

    What kind of targets are you presenting your opponent? What risks are they running when they go after those targets? Take example 1 - You advance your caster up, blow some bad guys to bits, and as an afterthought run some soldiers up to stand next to the caster as bodyguards. Your opponent has this big, juicy meatball right in front of them and they can focus on it and kill it easily. Example 2: You cautiously move your caster up, fire off a spell at extreme range, and then run some soldiers up way past your caster. Now, when your opponent activates, if they want to snake some soldiers in through the mass of soldiers you've flung out ahead, they're running the risk of spreading too far and they leave their own soldiers in a very vulnerable position in the midst of your army. This is different from screening because instead of having a defensive picket out ahead, you have some soldiers far ahead, some more middle, and some nearby the caster. To leave the caster alone is risky because the model presents quite a bit of offensive potential. They're in a bit of a bind now.




    Those are just a few ideas. I've used them in the past to great success (especially A and B, and D to some extend) If you're finding that your casters are dying too quickly, try out one or more of these ideas!

  4. The silence in Talon Pass was broken by the sound of twenty-some Dwarves marching double-time down the broad road descending east out of the pass. Away down across the Steppe the first rays of dawn broke the black of night, and the keen edges of the Dwarven axes glinted in the low light. Up ahead a sharp whistle broke the low beat of footfalls, and nearly a score of Dwarves slowed to a stop and crouched behind rocky crags in the rising light. Up ahead the dark masses of four large bears carrying fearsome Dwarven cavalry loomed. Barely perceptible, a single small Dwarf trotted up to the formation of Dwarves.


    "Lady Freya, the Reven have moved from their camp. We believe they are withdrawing. We shadowed them this far as you ordered. As you can see, the Steppe opens up at this point. We last marked them heading directly east, but at this point they could be anywhere," Kara Foehunter reported.

    "Very well," Freya replied. "Ursula! Pull your cavalry back to our position!" Freya shouted ahead. "Gargram, deploy your troop along that low line of crags as a picket. Report back if you see or hear anything." Freya turned to the rugged, fiery-haired mage standing confidently at her side. "Margara, why don't you make it look like we've got campfires for at least double our number here. We can't pull back to Aizen Krahl quite yet, and something feels wrong about this situation. Let's not make ourselves look too vulnerable, shall we?"


    Margara smiled as she rummaged through her satchel looking for her favorite spell tome, the one with the fiery etchings along the binding. She knew just the spell...




    By mid-day the "campfires" had smouldered out, Gargram's picket line had been relieved twice, and Kara had gone and returned from an extended patrol out into the Monglash Steppe. The soldiers were sitting on their helmets and a few of them had their chits out for a few rounds of Griffon's Gambit to pass the time. Freya stopped her measured, thoughtful pacing and turned to Kara.

    "No sign of them? As far as the old ruins of East Hold?"

    "No, Lady Freya, no sign but their tracks. Looks like they had a sizeable force, too, I saw a bison that looked like it was lunch for a Hill Giant."

    "Hm," Freya grunted, "Very well. If they've moved that far, then they won't be back for at least a day or two. We'll break camp and head back to Aizen Krahl to report your findings. Maybe next time we'll be able to show the Reven why these mountains are ours in person."






    Today Qwyksilver and I had planned an epic showdown. My very fist tournament game featured his Reven against my Dwarves. He beat the beard off of me and I don't think I can count on one hand the number of tactical mistakes I made. The next time we faced off in a tournament I came better prepared and with months of experience behind me. I came loaded for bear and gave him my best game. Qwyk fought equally hard, and when time was called I think I had edged him out by... maybe 20 points, out of 1500. So we were both really looking forward to having our first matchup against each other and reviving the old Dwarves vs Reven rivalry, but unfortunately last minute schedule changes got in the way. I was all geeked for posting battle reports and pictures and (hopefully!) getting to talk some smack about how I demolished his Reven fighting company, so I figured I'd put up this fake "battle" report.


    We can all assume that Qwyk's little goblins saw the shapes of Ursula's bear riders in the dark, squeaked in terror, and turned tail. The battle was over before it even began.


    And with that, I'm gonna go grab some lunch!

  5. Welcome to games, and welcome to gaming! You've picked a great game to get into the hobby - fantastic miniatures, excellent rules, and a helpful community of players on the forums here that are all very willing to help out.


    Regarding Danithal, he's a pretty capable Warlord. Good defense, good attacks, and he's even got some spells to fling around. His Warlord ability makes the other leaders in his army more accurate with their melee attacks, so it's a good idea to focus on melee oriented leaders. Perhaps Arnise, Meridh, and Raynor would be good options as they are melee oriented and do not already have the Weaponmaster ability.


    In the threads above you'll find one focused on Elves and that's a great place to jump in and read up on the faction, ask questions, and post specific questions about all things Elven.


    Beyond that, hopefully you can find a player in your area who can help you out playing actual games. Failing that, find a friend who is willing to give it a shot. That's how I got my start, I thought the miniatures were cool, so I bought a pack of minis and the rulebook, and had a friend over and said "hey let's try this!" Loved it from the first game on and have never had an un-fun game.

  6. Well you did perform a move action, right? But you failed your Discipline check and didn't get to move.


    Page 30 under "Leaving Base-to-Base Contact with an Enemy" says that if the dis check fails, "it cannot move away, and the movement Action is lost."


    So I guess what I'm really asking is, when a movement action is lost is that inferring that the entire action is considered to have "no effect" or to have "not happened (yet still take up one of the model's two actions)?"


    If it is considered that the model loses its action but did not perform a move action, then another Move or a Charge are the only options. If it is considered that the Movement Action took place but the effect was lost, then your options are Run and Charge.


    I'm talking about taking a second action and trying to break away with that second action, not salvaging the first action.



    But I suppose semantics could also be argued along the lines of the duration of "cannot move away." I doubt the intention of that clause is that the model may never break away and context seems to indicate to me that the duration of that clause is the action.

  7. Say I've got a Merc Spearman trying to move away from the Bone Horror (which is a good idea).


    I give the Merc Spearman a Move action, then roll my Dis check. He fails, and he's still in b2b and he's shaken. But I still really want that spearman out of b2b with the Bone Horror, and let's face it, the Bone Horror will smoke him in melee shaken or not, so I figure what the heck, I'll try to break away again.


    Do I give the Merc Spearman a Move action? My gut says no, since I already gave him a Move action I cannot give him a move action and I've either got to give him a Run action or a Charge action. Am I right?

  8. Prophet: Cool list! Looks like it will get fighting quick and make for plenty of bodies on the ground in a hurry. I like the offensive focus of the list, and I like the amount of archer cover you'll have.


    My comments: How about removing Selwyn from troop two, folding the whole troop into Argyrian's troop, and adding in Caerwynn with the points you save from removing Selwynn. You lose an initiative card, but Caerwynn has +1 RAV over Selwynn, and you get to provide Fearless for all of your archer models. Fearless is handy when the enemy inevitably bases your archers and you're making Discipline checks to break away. It won't guarantee that the elves can get away, but at least you won't have the salt in the wound of having shaken archers at DV 6 on the next turn! You can safely try to break away again without risking leaving shaken archers in b2b with enemy melee models.


    May as well make use of the Warlord Ability, right?


    Also, if it were me I'd move Argyrian's magic weapon to Arnise. MAV 8 is wonderful and MAV 9 is a bit of overkill, but bumping a MAV 5 to a 6 is a quality investment.

  9. I know, I know... it's a Warmachine event, not a Warlord event. But since the idea is to get plenty of people to stop by for the event and donate food, I figured that the popular game at the local store is the one to go with. So if you're in southern NH or north-east MA and play Warmachine, here's the info!




    Food for Focus Warmachine/Hordes Event


    During the winter season, some families are faced with the decision to put food on the table or put oil in the furnace. Now you can do something to help while enjoying Warmachine at the same time! Come to Myriad Games to participate in this combination food drive/tournament. Players may donate canned goods during play to over-boost their armies with focus or to drive their warpack to new heights of fury! Please donate only non-perishables. All food donated will be delivered to Marsh Corner Community Church and will be distributed to families in need throughout the holiday season. Please let Myriad Games know if you plan on attending this event so they can prepare accordingly.


    Event Date:

    --Sunday, November 15th, 2009 at 1pm


    --350 point Warmachine or Hordes armies, Mark 1 rules

    --The Tournament will be three rounds round-robin.

    --If you are playing a Warmachine army, at any point during any of your turns you may donate a canned good to gain one extra focus point that may be placed on your Warcaster or on any Warjack. This may be used to put more focus on a particular model than is normally allowed.

    --If you are playing a Hordes army, at any point during any of your turns, you may donate a canned good to gain one extra fury point or remove one fury point from your Warlock or any Warbeast. This may be used to put more fury on a particular model than is normally allowed.

    --Only one canned good may be donated for each turn you take to maintain balance and keep the tournament fun, but feel free to donate extra canned goods after the tournament if you so desire.

    --Rounds will last 1 hour max.

    --Scoring will be based primarily upon caster kill (which wins you the round) and secondarily on VP's killed (which will break ties). Prizes will be feeling good about donating food to needy people and bragging rights - it's not every day you can maul a warbeast with tomato soup!!



    Note: That date is not 100% final. I probably won't jump back into this thread, so if you're interested go to www.myriadgames.com and look for the "events" link across the top just under the banner for any updates.

  10. You entirely lack offensive magic and archery. Not necessarily a bad thing, really, but it does limit your options. To compensate, I'd say that if your opponent seems to have a strong magic and/or ranged component to their list, what you need to be doing is double moving towards them each activation. You start 24" away (usually..) and by move/running, even your slowest Templars will be 12 inches closer at the end of turn 1. Right there in the middle as fodder for their archery and magic, BUT if they stop to fight, next turn you'll base them unless they're withdrawing. And if they're withdrawing, chances are they don't have much meat to withstand your full court press. I have seen more than one player (myself included) letting an enemy's ranged superiority get to their head, and start ducking and dodging and hiding behind terrain. All that does is give your enemy more rounds with which to pepper you and reduce your strength. Heck I posted a battle report where I was only single moving my dwarves towards a defended line of archers and a lich, and I got all shot up and blasted. Who knows how it would have gone if I had just blitzed?


    Even if you need to move/charge to get into b2b and can't attack that turn, they won't be able to withdraw out of charge range and attack the same turn, and they may even fail their Dis check to disengage, so you've got them on the ropes once you're in b2b.

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  11. Honestly... I like the scenario as-written. No scenario is perfect, but number of models is a pretty even method, and it's super easy to calculate. Sure a player with a horde of goblins is more likely to have many models available to swarm an objective, but they've still got to hold it while the tougher enemy rips them apart.


    I say, for ease and speed of play, go with it as written.


    re: charges, I'd say no, a charge brings you into b2b with an enemy model, and an objective is more like terrain than an enemy model.

  12. As a general principle I try to have the ranged models spread out. It doesn't always happen, and I've made plenty of lists that I'm happy with that have the ranged models all focused into a single troop, sometimes with a melee guard and sometimes without. One advantage to having them segregated into one troop is that you can activate another troop first on turn 1, wait until your opponent has advanced one of their troops, then activate your archer troop and send a huge volley their way. If your archers are spread out it's harder to make a big impact with your archers.


    So, I can see reasons for doing it both ways, and tend to favor having them spread out as my strategies most often revolve around melee and the archery is a secondary or tertiary component of my army.

  13. I call this list the Menagerie of Magical Mayhem!


    Mercs - 749 points

    Troop 1



    Mercenary Warrior x 4

    Luck Stone

    Troop 2

    Grundor Hoardtaker


    Mercenary Warrior x 4

    Troop 3

    Hedasaa, Cultist Leader

    Jos Gebblar, Necromancer

    Mercenary Warrior x 4

    Troop 4


    Leisynn, Wizard of Chaos

    Mercenary Warrior x 3

    22 models, 4 troops, 4 cards, 0 spies


    The Merc Warriors are only there to provide a margin of protection for the casters. You've got 4 of them that are all offensively focused and you've got access to six tomes. You ought to be able to burn, freeze, bury, and corrupt whatever's coming at you in quite a hurry!

  14. How about this:


    Reven - 999 points


    Troop 1

    Varaug the Great, Bull Orc ($9, or $8 if you use the alt sculpt)

    Yagun Oog, Ogre Mage ($12)

    Gaaguk, Bull Orc Berserker ($8)

    Bull Orc Fighter x 4 ($40 for 6)

    Bull Orc Archer x 2 ($40 for 6)

    Troop 2

    Narg Bloodtusk, Bull Orc ($10)

    Bull Orc Fighter x 2

    Bull Orc Archer x 4

    Troop 3

    Hill Giant ($5)


    That's $164, and it gives you three troops, 4 initiative cards, the Spy SA once, and sixteen models. That's a tad light on the model count, but since they're all Bull Orcs I don't think that's an issue. The archers are definitely for shooting, but if the enemy gets them in melee they'll hold their own better than most ranged models. I designed the army around army pack size - six per package for the fighters and the archers.


    Reven are a fun grab-bag of possibilities. They have an abundance of options available to them, and you can really do whatever you like with the army. They've got some decent defensive models, and a TON of options for swarming, for brutal offense, and so forth. They've even got a good corp of casters to enhance the troops or just blast the bad guys into gribbly bits.


    If I were you, I'd start with this generic formula for what often makes a good Warlord army: Aim for having 50-70% or so melee models, and with the balance of your points try to fit in a caster, maybe two, and some archers. In the end a 1,000 point army with 20 (or, roughly 5 models per 150 points) models is about right, too many below that and you'll face some issues with enemies being able to get at your archers and casters too easily. You can go way above 20 models, especially with Reven, and that's ok too. That's a GENERAL guideline and it's not the be-all of army building. Plenty of good armies defy those rules, but as a beginning player it's a fantastic place to start. Save the armies with huge numbers of casters for later when you've gotten a hang of things.

  15. Thanks for the write up! I love hearing other people's takes on models. You got me to take a second look at Netikerti, whom I hadn't really given much thought before. I like the spell selection, and the depth of SP. I may end up putting her in my 1500 list, we'll see.




    In other news, how's this for a 1k Desert Wind all cavalry army?


    Nefsokar - 998 points

    Troop 1

    Senet Net'merew

    Book of Tactics



    Khamsin Raider x 2

    Khamsin Lancer x 3

    Khamsin Archer x 2

    Troop 2


    Ibrahim x 2

    Khamsin Lancer x 4

    Troop 3



    Khamsin Raider x 2

    Khamsin Archer x 2

    Khamsin Lancer x 3

    =26 models, 3 troops, 4 cards, 1 spy


    Somewhat lacking in the DV department... The idea of course is to delay one of their nastier troops and use Ranger and the high movement speeds of the cavalry models to rush in and engage first turn. Atifa's Burst of Speed can come in handy there. I tried to give troop 1 and 3 a mixture of attack options, but I'm re-thinking that. Perhaps I want all of the archers in Senet's troop so I have one troop I can use if I draw first card of the game? I can move them up and let out a hail of arrows. Then on the next cards I can send in the melee after (hopefully) the enemy has moved forward a little. And maybe I really want Atifa in one of the melee troops so she can coordinate Burst of Speed a little better?



  16. In response to Greenie's request for a rundown of the Crusader infantry in another thread, I will attempt to portray my opinions on the Crusader soldier options. Please note right away that I have not faced Crusaders yet in version 2, I don't play Crusaders, and this is all conjecture based on how similar models from other factions play.


    Line of Battle - These soldiers are good at marching up to face an enemy head on. They are typified by having good defensive stats and moderate offensive capabilities.

    - These guys are the most hardy of the Line of Battle soldiers. DV 11 is respectable and 3 damage tracks will keep them on the table longer than other soldier choices, and they will force your opponent to devote extra resources to taking them down. Against anything other than the best soldiers in the game they will be able to hold their position for several turns.

    ---Templar Warriors
    - A perfect mixture of defensive ability and low cost, these are the bread and butter soldier of the Crusader army. Look to them to form the backbone of your army's presence. MAV 4 and #MA 2 is fairly standard, so you can expect them to dish out the hurt as well as any other army's standard soldiers.

    ---Templar Unforgiven
    - DV 10 puts the Unforgiven below the curve for Crusader battle soldiers, but considering that Necropolis and Reven models, for example, have a common DV of 9, 10 isn't that bad. Cleave is a very useful SA and for the Unforgiven it allows them to bring a little bit of punch to the Crusader line. I wouldn't rely on them alone to hold a position, but sprinkling a few of them into a formation can give you some good offensive options.


    Shock Troopers - These soldiers are unified by having a decidedly offensive focus. Most also have a high Move to allow them to engage first.

    ---Lion's Lancer
    - These guys have it all. Rush Attack can guarantee them the first attack against most opponents. Shock has a good chance of taking away enemy defensive strikes. And First Strike can get in that all-important damage before the enemy has a chance to swing back. If you double up your Lions against standard enemy infantry, even without Shock you'll probably kill most of them with First Strikes before they get a chance to swing back. Defensively they have high DV, Deflect, and Tough. That will force your opponent to devote significant resources to taking them down, or else face the fury of heavy cavalry running amuck. At nearly 80 points a piece they are extremely expensive, but their presence on a battlefield ought to be a cause for great concern to their opponents.

    ---Ivy Crown Light Lancer
    - Next to the Lion's Lancers, these guys seem like chumps. But they're close to 1/3 the cost, so they can afford to be. Ranger gets them up the battlefield quickly, and Swift Attack means you'll be harassing with these soldiers. Target selection is going to be key! Don't send your Ivy Crown Light Lancers against the best models in the enemy's army. Use them to wipe away skeletons, archers, and so forth, and then gallop away to safety. Your Light Lancers are there to keep the swarms off of your main formations.

    ---Battle Nun
    - I really don't like the Martyr SA, but I can't deny it's power either. Battle Nuns are fragile and need to be protected as they move up the field, but against tough targets with high MAV that you know will rip up your force... there's nothing better to send than a Martyr model. Think about bringing a few Nuns along to help bring down the enemy's super strong models.


    Support - Support soldiers grant an extra edge to their allies, allowing those allies to do what they do better.

    ---Templar Ironspine
    - Reach is a wonderful SA. One of the Ironspine's primary roles is to stand behind your other Templars and grant an extra high MAV attack while making it easier to gain support bonuses. Assuming you can maintain a line of battle, your Ironspines can slide along your front line providing extra punch where you need it. It is my opinion that any troop including Line of Battle soldiers ought to have at least one Ironspine behind it, but that's me. Ironspines have a secondary role that revolves around their Pike SA. If you know you're going to get charged, and don't need to worry much about ranged attacks, put your line of Ironspines out ahead. Pike will allow them to get an attack off against charging enemies, and that can make a big difference. Ironspines are all around solid models that ought to be easy to include in nearly any list.

    ---War Dog
    - Disable is an important SA when you are faced with a high #MA opponent. Unfortunately, the War Dogs need to hit in order for Disable to work, and they have MAV 3! Ouch! Don't miss their super cheap cost of 9, though, and then MAV 3 doesn't hurt so bad anymore. You can afford to purchase plenty of War Dogs if they fit your strategy. I tend to think they go well with the mounted troops since they have plenty of speed which will be lost in aiding foot soldiers. Though, perhaps you'd like to keep them way back from the line so they don't get picked off, and then use their speed to bring them up when it matters?


    Specialty - These soldiers all have some ability that gives them a unique battlefield role that can be exploited by canny players.

    - The ability to heal your soldiers is a core part of the Crusader strategy and the Hospitalers are an important part of that. They can only heal a total of 3 wounds, and they've got to last three rounds in order to do that. Try to avoid bringing too many of these as you must have soldiers to heal in the first place. Like Ironspines these are important models to have, even if you only have a sprinkling here and there.

    ---Ivy Crown Skirmisher
    - Like Ironspines, these soldiers have a dual role. They can perform just fine standing in the front line taking a charge and fighting tooth and claw with the enemy, but they really shine when you focus on their other role. For the skirmisher, that role is a rapid re-deploy shieldwall. Skirmishers have Ranger which allows them to get ready to perform their role earlier, and the Raider SA makes it easier for them to break away from the enemy and re-deploy where needed. Say you need to maneuver a mage close to the front line to get a good angle on a spell. Now your mage is out in the open... Break away some of your Skirmishers and form up a defense around that mage, and you'll be all set! Don't send them up against anything too tough, but expect them to fair well against light enemy infantry.

    ---Ivy Crown Archer
    - The oft-maligned Ivy Crown Archer. They have the standard "guy with a bow" ranged attack and a typical DV for a ranged model. You won't be pincushioning anything strong with these models, but you will be getting in the lucky shots you need to weaken your opponent's army. I would be Rapid Shot-ing with them as much as possible since RAV 3 isn't all that stellar. What makes these guys stand out to me is Ranger. Ranger will allow you to take up a good position early. It also means you can probably Focus for some accurate fire on turn 1 (wait for an opponent to activate a troop and move it in range, then activate your Archer troop).



    So, there are my thoughts on the Crusader soldiers. Not all of those are original thoughts, and very few of them are complete thoughts. As I said up top, Greenie was asking for input in another thread and I decided to post this in the Crusader thread since the information is obviously relevant to this thread. Feel free to critique, add, lambaste, whatever!

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  17. Can you have two familiars?


    Troop 1 bugs me, perhaps it's just my particular play style. I rarely take a caster in a troop that doesn't have adequate warrior presence to protect them and screen them. Argyrian's going to be doing his thing off on his own, and a Centaur and 2 elves do not comprise an adequate screen.




    If you're keeping that troop in the back, and have all of your other troops ranging out ahead of your casters, that's another thing alltogether. Scares me to death, but I can see it working.

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