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  1. I've heard from friends for years that Thrones was an awesome series and that I should read the books. Never got around to it. I was invited to a party on Sunday where we played the Game of Thrones card game and then watched the premier.


    As far as production values go and so forth, amazing. They didn't cut silly corners, visually it was stunning..


    Never read the books, so I'll agree with sethohman that alot of the supporting characters were just a haze of "they're all dressed alike and didn't shave this morning."


    I felt they did a SUPER job of giving the different houses/areas different feels. Different clothing colors, different nationalities with the actors.. really good job there.


    But here's my biggest question, because this skeeved me out pretty badly and I want to know if I should just hang this up now or what... Does everybody sleep with their sister in the books? or did they just decide "hey, this part of the book will sell on TV, let's play that up." Because that was pretty... not pretty?

  2. How about this for a little 500 point army?

    Dwarves - 500 points using Warriors of the Mountain Doctrine

    Troop 1

    Logrim Battlefury

    Ivar Silverfist

    Durgam Deepmug

    Warrior x 2

    Piercer x 4

    Troop 2

    Earth Elemental


    The front line is a little short, but I think the Earth Elemental makes up for that with his DR/2. Some may scoff at including Ivar in such a small list, but I contend that he really makes this list. He will really make an enemy pay for failing to take down the earth elemental in one go. You've got enough Piercers in the list to give any enemy serious headaches on the way in, the warriors can draw off defensive strikes meant for Logrim or Durgam (and having those two alive and well late in the game will be really good).. And you've got 4 models that are benefiting from Staunch Defender for extra defensive strikes. Just all around Dwarven goodness.

  3. re: "Can 10 spearmen drop a big boss type model"


    Merc Spearmen have a MAV of 5 on their first track and will probably be getting support, what with Reach giving you extra options for stacking attackers in on one attacker and the benefit of having 10 of them in the first place. So we'll run the numbers using MAV 6.


    The best defenses in the game are 13ish, we'll use 13 just because. So if 3 spearmen attack at MAV 6 against DV 13 they need to roll 7-10 to hit, or a 40% chance to hit. You've got 10 spearmen attacking the same target? Probably not. Unless it's a larger model and it has no friendlies guarding its base. Let's say it's just dangling there.. you'll hit about 4 times on average, which is enough to outright kill most medium strength "boss types" and is enough to seriously wound most high strength "boss types." If you can find a way to get a caster who can cast Bless into your army, you'd hit 5 times on average.


    Of course, there's a very good chance that you don't get all 10 Spearmen in on the same target. Maybe some die on the way in, maybe terrain/model placement limits your ability to gang up. So your numbers will change in real game situations. I've certainly seen two or three basic soldiers kill off really high value targets by themselves. I've seen high value targets wreck a whole troop's worth of elite soldiers. Dice hate goes both ways too :)


    I guess I'm just saying "yes it's possible for 10 spearmen to drop just about anything." I wouldn't expect them to survive the experience though.

  4. armored, bipedal, and 4 arms to boot. Those things are nasty and no two ways about it!


    Excellent paint job. Those extreme models are jam packed with detail and are HUGE! Maybe you should take a picture of it next to a regular 28mm human just to set the scale for those who have not seen one of these in person. Good job on a tough "mini."

  5. World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game uses DnD 3.5 rules, which is what my group uses. We often play in Forgotten Realms, but now and again we branch off on an unrelated campaign with new characters, etc. I'm looking at the WoW RPG for that purpose. Our group has several Warcraft fans, so I think the flavor of the world would fit well enough.


    My questions for anybody who has read this book:


    1) Amazon has this listed used for around $25. Is that a good price for what you get?

    2) Does this book have details on the political organizations? I'm thinking human kingdoms of Azeroth/Lorderan, etc, or is it just "this is the Alliance" and "this is the Horde." Is there info on the Forsaken?

    3) How reliant is this setting on its supporting titles? I think my plan would be to use the D&D Monster Manual and simply describe visuals in a Warcraft way, etc.. I see that there are supplements featuring magic and factions and so forth, do I need those supplements to know enough about the different political groups and so forth?


    I think that ultimately I'd be running a mostly generic campaign and giving it Warcraft trappings and locations, so I'm not looking for super detail here. But I'm pretty fuzzy on the differences between many of the human kingdoms, I know next to nothing about the politics of the Horde, etc. Can I find enough to fool players into thinking the world makes sense with just the one book?

  6. This Page will get you pretty far actually. You can use the Army Creator to construct lists for any faction and print them out, complete with listings of spells, equipment, special abilities..


    What you're missing at that point would of course be the core rules and the army-specific rules (faction doctrines, warlord abilities) and the fluff text.


    So in order to get all of the information you WANT you need both books. In order to get all of the information you NEED you need one book and the Reaper Games website. Playing without using a Warlord Bonus only matters if you use Warlords (and I know there are many who choose not to), and playing without a Faction Doctrine will matter, but it probably won't cripple your game.


    Perhaps the best option would be to pick up one of the books yourself, and have a friend pick up the other book, so that you both have the rules to the game and you can borrow the books from each other to learn the army-specific rules that you do not own.


    Also, welcome back to the game! You'll find that overall it plays very similarly to how it used to. It's still fast and furious. But in my mind the biggest change is that each faction really does have its own unique flavor now.

  7. "You go left, I'll go right. We'll hit him in the middle!"


    This game is skirmish, through and through. It's chaotic mayhem from the first initiative draw to the final attack. Coherency is for chumps who need their friends!


    Actually, I often use pretty tight formations even though there's no rule requiring me to do so. I play Dwarves primarily and I often emphasize the defensive aspects of the faction, so I like to present my opponent with a series of solid walls made of Dwarven shields. Though when I play Nefsokar I often loosen things up a bit, with some cavarly in a very wide formation swinging out to a flank, a core of mummies shambling up the middle, and a group of constructs in the vanguard in a loose formation.


    What you're fighting against also plays into your formation. Say I'm using my Dwarves. I really want to keep the formations tight. But maybe my opponent has loads of Fire mages, or some powerful Storm mages and I'm worried about AOE magic attacks tearing my army apart. I'll keep things loose, spacing my models out quite far - maybe even 2 or 3 inches between models - to mitigate the power of those dangerous spells. Of course, then I'm easier to take apart one by one, so it's all give-and-take. You also may want to loosen up the formation if the opponent is bearing down on you with one or more seriously powerful units. I'm talking Varaug with a Bonesplitter, or some Big Nasty like a Hydra, Rauthuros, Deathsleet, etc. Clumped up troops are tasty treats for models like that. They can crunch two or three a turn easy. But if you present a scattered troop, they can only realistically kill one at a time. When you're ready to take it on, you charge it with everything you've got and pray for high dice and merciful defensive strikes. Or maybe you bait the opponent with two or three clumped up models that you consider to be acceptable losses, and hope he charges in so he's in range for your counter attack!


    So even though there's "no rule" regarding formations, there actually is quite a lot you can do with that freedom.

  8. Suddenly I remember the second grade...



    Also, smartphones can be a good tool. I've got all of my lists in a .doc on my PC harddrive, but my phone can allow me to store and view .docs, so I can just bring my lists with me on my phone.



    If it weren't for computerized methods of organizations, I'd be doomed to having to organize the napkins and torn scraps of school papers and envelope backs that most of my gaming ideas get dumped on first. Thank goodness for Al Gore or whomever it was who invented computers, pants, and the internet.

  9. Here's the character concept: He's a cleric of Mystra and he's completely fascinated with magic in all of its forms and applications. He writes for a scholarly journal, and part of his adventuring drive is to experience magic as many times and in as many ways as he can, both for his own experience and as research for his publications. He's always searching out new spells. He's the kind of guy who gets attacked by some oddball Necromancy spell and instead of taking the Paladin's approach of "die, heretic!" he first picks himself up off the ground, next says "that... was.... so.... COOL!" And then makes sure his party members kill the guy nicely so that the spellbook isn't ruined. Someday I look forward to roleplaying how he interacts with practitioners of the Shadow Weave...


    Statistically speaking... I play clerics alot so I'm always on the lookout for a new and different way to play the class. One of the reasons I can stick with one class almost exclusively is that there's just so many possibilities! So this guy here wears no armor and doesn't carry a primary weapon (he's got a dagger, which of course we all know no adventurer should leave home without a dagger). This guy digs magic, so if he can fight with a mundane weapon or a weapon made of pure magical force, guess what? He fights with the latter. He's got the Magic domain so he has access to Mage Armor, and that's how he defends himself. You'll notice the yellow/orange glowing armor on the mini below. For a primary weapon he uses the spell Ice Dagger (this is 3.5 I'm playing), which does quite a bit of damage if you take it as a dagger, so I don't see a reason not to leave Strach's sweet longsword intact and do a little creative editing to the visuals of the spell - you'll notice the white/blue icy longsword on the mini. And of course, there's just too many sweet offensive spells available, so he's got the fireball going on in his other hand.


    Check him out:





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  10. I believe Mr. Ripley was asking a hypothetical question about the nuclear green color. He wasn't actually seeing that color. At least that's how I interpreted it.

    That's the ticket. My point was just that I don't think it needs to be super shiny or extra special or ... nuclear green... in order to be an effective logo.


    I could have been more clear about what I was saying, sorry for the confusion!

  11. Pretty sweet, something like this is a pretty harmless change from the perspective of your base of consumers, but it also makes you look cute and fuzzy to the people who like cute and fuzzy.


    I'm not jazzed by the HobbyQ logo, but I think that's probably the point of the logo... to be kindof neutral, make not too much of a statement, so that it doesn't freak people out as much as a horned skull with two spinal cords. And by including the word Hobby it immediately lets you know what sort of thing the company does.


    My stab at name origins: Hobby Q or HQ... it's your Hobby HeadQuarters. ??? Did I get it right??

  12. Moandain is the end of the world. He can even use Railor as a point of origin for his spells! How sick is that?? In 500 points I'd be really scared of Moandain. What with all of the Death and Ice and Storm he can throw about. And if you keep a few skeletons back as his bodyguard, late in the game he can consume them to gain spell points. IF you manage to burn through 18 SP in a 500 point game. It can happen, no doubt, but what would be left standing??

  13. Drybrushing and washing are your friends for speed painting.


    Give yourself two base colors (plus skin I guess)... so, say, metal armor and a blue cloak. Plus the guy's face in a color of your choosing. Anything that is not metal or the cloak gets a plain brown. Wash the lot of it in black, and you're done. That's basically speed painting 101. If you don't care for a wash, then you can drybrush, but I find that actually takes more time as you need to drybrush an appropriate color. Black will do a decent job of washing pretty much any color. I know the good painters around here will probably cringe at that, and it's true that you get more out of a wash if you pay more attention to different colors... but the basic, fast wash is black in most cases that involve metal, or brown in a more organically colored mini (say your ranger with a green cloak and all of that). Brown on metal gives a rusty look which is why I advocate for black as a standard.



    Another technique is to spray prime black and basically overbrush the whole mini in your colors of choice, leaving the deep cracks as extreme shadows, then highlighting with a light drybrush. That can give a pleasing look but it's far messier.

  14. So Reapercon is May 19th-22nd. I may actually be able to make it this year! Woohoo! BUT! As I am a con-noob, I could use some advice as far as the planning goes. How early should I book a hotel and etc? I have heard that college graduations tend to mean hotels fill up, is that true?


    What bits of information did you wish you knew the first time you traveled for a con?


    My wife is vaguely interested in taking the trip, but she's not a gamer and is not interested in day after day of a convention. I heard something about on-site things for spouses to do - classes or events or something like that. Is there any substance to those ideas? What is there to do in the area?


    Those are all of the questions I can think of right now, but I'm sure there will be more to follow!

  15. I may be wrong on this one... but I believe that the Roman soldiers often went into battle armed with a shield and spear, gladius (short sword), and a two handed longsword. The shield and spear was for the initial engagement, when they would do the classic formation with a wall of shields and the pokey spears sticking out. Very good while everybody's in formation. Then as casualties mount and the line starts to blur, you can't count on the integrity of the shield wall any longer, so the soldiers would drop (or throw) the spear and draw their gladius. The small nature of the gladius allowed the soldiers to quickly deal with enemies who got in close. If the Romans began to win and route the enemy, and had a serious upper hand, they would discard both shield and gladius in favor of the larger two handed sword. They effectively transformed from heavy infantry to light infantry, and allowed themselves the speed and agility needed to give chase to a routing enemy while also using a very deadly and intimidating two handed sword.


    In that case it wouldn't matter too much what hip the two handed sword was sheathed on, but you would want to be sure your gladius was sheathed on your left hip, as your spear would be in your right hand and the gladius is drawn after the spear is done with but before the shield is done with.



    Again, not sure this is 100% accurate. And it may not have anything to do with the mini. But perhaps the sword sculpted into the mini is the two handed sword.


    And yeah, it looks like a slight miscast. I bet you a dollar Reaper would be cool about replacing it, but it's a pretty minor and easy fix if you have any putty on hand.

  16. Love the pose on the second one! The Renegade is a serious piece of 'jack. It's good to see a paint job that does them all sorts of justice! The battle damage perfectly fits Magnus' theme - the outlaw vigilante cobbling together his own revolution out of spare parts and discarded misfits.

  17. Thanks for the compliments guys! next up I'm going to work on a GW Mini of Gimli sitting on an Uruk Hai. Picked this one up a while ago and shelved it in order to paint up models for gameplay, but now that I'm beginning to paint models for the fun of painting, he's priority one. Hopefully will have him finished by early January (what with Christmas reducing hobby time and all). I'm definitely going to be incorporating as many good painting techniques as I can and will try to put my best effort into it!

  18. Ooh, I hadn't thought of making a choice between opening the gifts now for small points and a bonus during battle or waiting for a bigger point payoff. I was thinking that you get 15 points whenever you claim a gift, and the 30 points for holding it at the end of the game was an added bonus for not losing it.


    But I like the choice, too. Figure a 15 point gap is enough to compensate for not getting to use the item?



    Well depending on how high level Santa is, he may be able to teleport away and then mass teleport back to the scene with his army of elves. Hmm, that sounds like a pretty fun proxy army...

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