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  1. ... I would expect him to be in the 300 range. Maybe the 201 is a typo... <shrug>


    Heresy! :lol:


    I think that having 2 attacks cut his cost alot - the typical warlord has 3 attacks. It also appears that he doesn't have any of the very expensive SA's (i.e. Scrye or whatever). Remember that Thorgram minus Scrye Shot would probably come out to 264 points. Herryk also lacks Deflect, Trencher and Spy. I'm sure Spy isn't a cheap ability. Holy is great but it's specialized, and Cleric/Mage don't ever seem to cost too much either, so that wouldn't boost his cost too much. Monster Slayer is also a specialized ability and wouldn't be carrying too much cost. So, while he seems very good and I'll admit to being shocked by his seemingly low cost, I really don't think it's a misscalculation.


    Also, remember that while you can field him spell-less and use him as a seemingly cheap 201 point melee fighter, that if you do that you waste Cleric 3/12, Defensive Magic, and CP 6. So in order to get the most bang for your buck you need to give him spells, which would bump you up to 250 easily, if not into the 300 range - Especially since his high CP makes him a viable caster of things like Call Lightning, Part, Hold, etc, which cost more than your typical Bandage and Bless (which he'll likely pack as well).

  2. Here's one my buddies and I have played several times and we've loved it every time.


    Arena Battle

    Each player builds a 400 point force using special construction rules. There are spawn points on the map - we used 6 points for 3 or 4 players, you might want to play with those numbers based on your preference and how many people you have. The spawn points should be fairly close - not on top of each other, but you don't want a long hike from a spawn point to the fight either, so use your noggin for that one. The point is to kill off enemy models (of course!) and you get points for the cost of the models you kill.


    Construction rules:

    Use Leader, Elite and Solo models only. Each model counts as a solo. When buying spells for mages and clerics, they count as "innate [spell]." Cut the spell capacity of casters in half (i.e. Margara Firetongue has Mage 3/12. In this scenario she has Mage 3/6). Faction Special Abilities never apply. Put 1 card in the initiative deck for each model (plus tactician)


    Spawn rules:

    At the start of the game take turns deploying. For the beginning, one player rolls 1d6. Place your entire force on a marker representing one of the 6 spawn points (we played with 4 models each so they all fit). Continue till all players have deployed. During the game, models will be killed. At the start of every turn, check to see if there are any dead models. If there are, each player with a dead model rolls 1d6 and places one of their models on the appropriate spawn point until all dead models have been placed. If an enemy model is standing on a spawn point, you may not place your model on that point. Reroll until a valid spawn point appears.


    We played 5 turns per game when we did this, usually ending with a dozen kills all told. Pretty fun, and a change of pace from the regular game.

  3. Don't be so sure about the High Cleric warlord stats not being released... they are up now, and he's 201 points. With a DV of 11 and a MAV of 5, I don't think you'll be too disappointed in his ability to hold his own in melee either, nevermind that he's a Cleric 3/12, Tough/4, and Warmaster (plus some other fun abilities like Monster Slayer).





    //////////////// FLOORED!///////////// :wow::wow::wow:


    Well Reaper... you're gonna see a LOT of happy dwarves running around! And at 201 points! I'm besides myself. I'm speechless. I'm trying to come up with something intelligent to say but my brain's all numb and tingly. Maybe I'll have something later.



  4. Troop 1:

    Fulumbar Ironhammer

    Margara Firetongue

    3 Warriors

    1 Halberdier

    [212 points]


    Troop 2:

    Freya Fangbreaker

    3 Shieldmaidens

    1 Halberdier

    [173 points]


    I like how this looks! 1 pack each of warriors, maidens, and halberds gets you enough soldiers with one left over, so it's not even going to be terribly expensive to build up to this force. Fulumbar and especially Freya are gonna be allstars in that small of a game, even more so with Halberds behind them. Nobody sees MAV 5 in 400 points very often! Especially on defensive strikes!! As for spells: With 15 points you're kindof in a jamb. Here's two ideas: Ice Shard and Fear or Scare and Fear. Iceshard allows you to attack a single model from up to 18 inches away, so it's the standard "good" spell. Fear allows you to put a shaken model on a model up to 24 inches away. In a 400 point battle that range is kinda excessive. But you could scare a leader or solo with a high DV and then charge them, hoping for an easy hit. Scare works the same as Fear but hits everything within 2 inches of your target (either a spot or an enemy model) and has 18 inch range. Scare actually might be your best bet! If your enemy is bunched up in a group you can scare all of them, then send your warriors and Fulumbar in to take them down. This can be very effective.


    Also don't discount Margara's Rogue abilities. She's no great shakes of a warrior, but when she casts her last spell, you may as well do something with her, right? Rogue gives you a few extra options along those lines.

  5. Probably won't see stats until the model is actually released. We'll see a part number then too, which is when you call the FLGS frantically to make sure one is comming :)


    The book carrier.. sure hope that comes as part of the package! I've never purchased a mage as a single blister, but all the mages that come as part of an army box have familiars, so hopefully this guy will come with one too. This familiar should be like the Gruesome Familiar, only very different. It should be called Helpless Familiar and come with the SA You Dirty Jerk, where if an enemy kills it you get to say in your most demeaning voice "You dirty jerk" to your opponent, and it doesn't count as poor sportsmanship. After all, who kills children? :P Especially ones with bright futures as this one obviously does, what with the huge book to study and all.

  6. Some find the Dwarf Warlords too expensive


    Perhaps the new Dwarf High Cleric Warlord, Herrick, will be cheaper?


    Dwarf High Cleric Warlord



    Whoa! Did they just add that he was a warlord? Or did I completely miss that the other 20,043 times I've drooled over the model?


    No doubt about a cleric warlord being cheaper. Across the board caster warlords cost less (w/o spells of course, all bets are off when you start throwing spells on).


    Herrick.. that's funny. There's a guy at my church named Herrick who you might call a cleric (obviously not in the warlord sense). Too bad the sculpt doesn't look anything like him :lol: :P Funny coincidence though!

  7. Some find the Dwarf Warlords too expensive (Wildbill's right, we've all had that out to no end :P enough of it! haha), but I'm not aware of anybody who takes exception to our Captains and Sgts. Freya is probably the best... her and Logrim. Warmaster and great DV, can't argue with that! Gargram and Fulumbar are very similar except Fulumbar has another track, is a Cpt, and has an elite slot. 9 times out of 10 I'll put Logrim in over chosing Fulumbar, but you pay for it, for sure.


    I like matching my leaders to grunt types. Fulumbar and Gargram have similar SA's to Warriors so I usually have them lead the warriors. Thorgram, Freya and Logrim have similar SA's and movement to Shieldmaidens so I find myself using them in combination. Logan runs like a Swiftaxe and so gets paired with them frequently. That way the whole troop can act in concert and none of them have to double move to "keep up" when the troop charges into battle.


    Halberds move like swiftaxes but you want them in a troop with Trencher models (read both the Reach and Trencher SA and you'll see that they're made to go together). Since Halberds aren't Adepts, you might consider putting one Halberd behind each of your leaders just to give them a bit of boosted MAV to help you crack high DV targets. Think of Freya backed by a pair of Halberds! 6 MAV twice! And the same on Defensive strikes! And the total package is less than 120 points.


    Hopefully an idea or two in there helps you pick your first purchases. Since you have Margara (btw, excellent model!) you definately need a Captain so you can get her on the field. Mages can be difficult to get the hang of... don't be dismayed by failures with your mage, keep learning. In the right situations a mage can be very devestating!


    And while we're on advice, here's one piece that I know is good but often don't follow through with on the battlefield: Do not overextend your solos! Keep them with the main fighting force so they don't get picked off alone.

  8. Welcome aboard! Glad to see you picked the right faction ::D:


    You come from Warlord.. I come from Clix games. Warlord is the happy medium. Simple enough to be easy to figure out, yet complicated enough to keep you interested. The rules are versatile enough to allow you a wide variety of play options, from big games to little games, from scenarios to "kill-em'all" type games. I read alot of rule sets, and this, in my opinion, is either best or very close to the best out there for skirmish rules.


    Stubbdog has very good answers. I won't repeat them :) But I do think they're good. I'll include some other stuff though.


    3) I've cut pipe cleaners into little bits, bent them into circular donuts that I loop over weapons and heads to signify musicians. For standard bearers, I use the same donut idea to go over a head, but I have a little half inch flag pole sticking up with a little flag (all made of pipe cleaner). It's kinda ugly, but it's functional, and I don't have any drums or trumpets super glued to my minis for battles that I choose not to use musicians for. You're right that March to the Pipes makes musicians a very good idea for dwarves - especially since we're so slow otherwise. Musicians are a must with Warriors and Swiftaxes - granting them a 10 and 11 inch charge, respectively! That, by the way, is close to a game's best for infantry and is very useful in battle. Maidens also benefit from musicians as they have slow speed and no SA's to make them quicker when charging, and Piercers sometimes benefit from music... you'll have to feel your way along on that and see what you like.


    4) This will depend greatly on the local gaming scene. Large armies often do very well, and so some groups tend to focus on that style. If that's the case, then if you trick out a very small force with gear you're gonna get slammed, and hard. I'm sure there's local groups who like to play with more gear. I know that I find that more interesting. A happy medium is probably best, where you have several troops with lots of models, and then a few models with higher stats (and higher cost too). To answer your direct question, yes, you can "make" a more heroic force work on the battlefield. But you'll have your work cut out for you, especially as a new player facing veterans. My advice would be to start out with numbers and experiment with solos and elites so you can get a feel for them.. or ask a veteran for a heroic type force just to try it out.


    4.5) Opinions vary widely on King Thorgram. My own personal thought is people would like him better if they used him more often, so don't be afraid of his huge point cost. Try to play him at 1500 point battles at the minimum though, he's not really designed to be played in smaller games.



    My own advice is to ask questions alot. You learn alot of tricks that way. And don't necessarily ask veteran opponents to go easy on you. Storminator knocked me down, picked me up and knocked me down again with Ymrilix a couple weeks after I started playing. That was the game I learned about troop size, support, warmaster, teleport, guarding your mage... Yeah I learned alot that game, and I got smashed in it. Sometimes you learn best by bitter defeat :P


    Anyways I probably always make my posts too long :\ Hope some of it's helpful!


    p.s. get Freya :D

  9. Great event! Much blood was spilled (figuratively! we don't really get into it that much), dwarven and otherwise. We had some really brutal games today! Thanks to Storm, Lady Storm, and the Toy Soldier for putting it on.


    My force was:

    Thorgram (DF, +2RAV, +2DV), 5 Piercers, 3 Swiftaxes (Musician)

    Logrim (Bandage), 6 Maidens (Music)

    Gargram, 7 Warriors (Music)



    1501 on the button, 25 models


    Round 1 was versus Storm's Overlords. I made them pay dearly for slaughtering me, haha! Curse Ymrilix and Ashkrypt :P. I smashed his solos (flame elemental thingy and the Chevy) but didn't do so well against the rest of his army. All hands lost to the Slavers of Craclaw. Loss.


    Round 2 was versus Nefsokar, eked out a victory, but I'm sure neither of the armies would call it such. Pretty bloody fight, high body count. Nasty surprise when a Call Lightning landed on my formation, but good outing by my Piercers. Win


    Round 3 was versus Grand Reven. Lost Logrim on the first round to a teleported, berserking berserker! What a suprise! Ended in a bloodbath with the King daring 5 Reven to come at him and take him down. The Reven had 20 more points than I did. Loss.


    Good times all around. It was a great atmosphere, really. Perfect blend of "let's play because it's fun" and "let's play competitively." Neither attitude took away from the other I think.

  10. The eve of battle...


    My dwarves are all sitting around campfires listening to the bards' tales and singing songs about their perilous heritage. Thorgram is sitting in the middle of the camp grinding a jagged edge onto his father's War Axe. His falcon is shredding a newly caught ferret which looks alot like a Mage.


    Death comes to you!


    p.s. - Storm, I promise to write out my army list on a full sheet of paper this time! No more 3x5 cards :P

  11. the thing to do with spectral minions is to use them in conjunction wth the rest of your force. If you put out some minions (especially using a gruesome familiar) and expect them to pay for their price alone, then you're out of luck. But if you engage the enemy force and THEN put out your minions, your opponent won't have as many options with which to deal with the minions. That's when they shine. I remember once my army was fully engaged and Aysa/GF pulled up some Minions near my warlord. It was the last action of the turn (which is also key, allows the minions to activate before they get attacked), and so he was able to immediately swarm my warlord. With support they managed to do some enough damage that he counted as dead according to the scenario rules. Sure my warlord auto hit each one on defensive strikes and killed them all, but the damage was done. So that's one example of an effective use of Spectral Minions, in which they paid for themselves twofold.

  12. Aside: I actually think a 200 point hero with 200 points of grunts can be very effective against 400 points of grunts. It's the 200 point solo hero vs 200 points of grunts that doesn't work.


    And there we have it, the heart of the issue: Supporting your heavy hitter. No elite ever fights alone. No solo or leader does for that matter either.


    Rcrosby, remember the pickup game we played after the last forgewalk tournament? My army had a few heavy hitters and some infantry, and your army had 3ish trolls, Ssudai, and various infantry. You outnumbered me, but what did me in were your trolls and Ssudai. Your trolls went down, for sure, but they pulled half of my army down with them. In the main battle line between your infantry and mine, we did about equal, except where your leaders were - they inflicted more damage than anything else on the line. Ssudai neutralized my bear with a well-timed spell. My Griffon, honestly, I played very poorly.. allowing you to swarm it. That doesn't mean that swarm is overpowered, it means boneheads who rush their birds into the clutches of a horde of reptiles are underpowered :down:

  13. I mostly agree Arbiter. Point 1... usually true, I suppose, but if you take care when you place elites or powerful models in your force, and then use them appropriately, they're excellent! But I get the gist of what you're saying and I agree with that.


    I especially agree with your point on terrain. Page 128 of the 2nd printing rulebook is focused on terrain. While it says it's not a rule, it provides a guideline - 6-10 pieces of terrain per player! On a 4x4, that's gonna clutter very fast. Unless you're using 1x1 inch pylons or something... but even then, 20 of them in the middle of a field, all 4 inches apart, is gonna clutter things up mighty fast.


    Furthermore, this page lists various types of terrain. I won't list them, but there are 13 types (and some of those listings are actually 2 things, i.e. "River or Wet Moat")! In most competitive play a table has.. maybe 2 types of terrain. 3 or 4 at the most. And the map will have 3 or 4 main features.


    Also reference page 54 where there is a picture of a playing field. Granted they had the money to furnish it up all nice, but anybody with scissors and access to felt or other cloth can make a representation of this map, and it's full, if not quite "cluttered."


    So I think Arbiter's right that this game's made for a more full environment and a less open environment.

  14. All models need painting.


    Weeeellll.... you don't see too much painting going on around here :P Most of our armies are painted by now since we played a tournament requiring it... but the tournament prior to that only 2 armies were fully painted, out of.. maybe like 8ish... and it seems like that was the trend. Players up in New England are more interested in the "feel" of the game than the "look" of the game I guess.


    I don't think support should be touched. Swarm is good but it's not the be-all and end-all. A balanced force does well.. I guess a balanced force would have some range, some magic, a good number of infantry, a few tank types, and a few fast models. If you use your range and magic to whittle them down on the way in, support your tankers, and use your fast movers to swing around to pick off weaklings and stragglers, then a swarm isn't too bad. Gotta work at it, but that's the point of the game.


    Then again if you're fielding a specialized army, your eggs are in one basket as they say. You'll probably rip apart an enemy if they have the build you're designed to crush. But a different style of army may rip you apart.


    I think the special units in this game work well. You just get into trouble if you try to put all the neat things into one army... then you don't have the critical mass necessary to hold out when bodies start dropping (because this IS warlord after all and death happens quite a lot!). But don't mistake "critical mass" for "swarm."

  15. @ Wraith's questions: dunno. Haven't gotten that far yet :P So far my best answer is "I'll be the GM and will attempt to keep up the pressure w/o going overboard"


    I'm thinking there will be some monsters on patrol, some in camps... the players can hit camps as they wish, initiating a miniature "game" where they fight. And depending on nearby patrols either give them a "recharge" moment where they all go to full health (to simulate all the time they'd need to do so) or if there's an incomming patrol keep the mini game moving so they're forced to make hard decision about who to heal, etc, and then the patrol hits them.


    I plan to populate the dungeon a little bit at a time. Say, if there's a hall with 4 doors leading to rooms, I'll populate all of that, but I won't populate what's past the 5th door - another hall with its own rooms.


    Part of it will be just defeating monsters for the point of defeating monsters.. just because you're in the dungeon and so are they so hey let's fight. But my plan is to make "events" or whatever that I somewhat script out in advance, like if it were a fight with a dragon I'd work out a short script based on damage recieved or turns taken for when it flies, when it lands, if it casts spells, who it goes after, stuff like that.

  16. Aw Storm, be nice :P You're just jealous that your Overlord leaders are twice as good AND twice as expensive :P




    Here's a link to another thread:


    There's a link to a new dwarf model! A High Priest, slated for release this month. There will be great rejoicing if this is competition for Balthon :) Heck even if he has CP 6 I'd be happy to spend the 15 points to boost that. Fun little familiar too.


    Cleric army anybody? I'm thinking Logrim, Ivar, High Priest, hey why not another Ivar, if the build total's high enough that is. Pack in multitracked models and nothing but tough infantry. Let the attrition begin!

  17. Anybody notice that clerics in this game never really look terribly happy? I suppose it's the nature of a skirmish game. They've got to look intimidating in some way. Anyways Ivar now loses for most angry looking Dwarf caster. Margara w as close to be sure, Logrim you can't tell (though he's definately aggressive), but this new High Priest looks like a mixture of conciet and disaproval. And I love the familiar! It's a Dwarf Child!


    Any chance this cleric comes with a name? Or even a part # so I can pre-order it with my FLGS? Granted the owner will pick one up for me special just because he's great like that, but I don't like to assume :)

  18. Thanks Outkast Samurai! I had remembered a Gauss rifle in there somewhere, a PPC in there as well, and an LRM20, knew they all didn't go in together, and couldn't figure it out from the scraps of memories I had.


    @ Lars:

    I'm using Mektek version 3 or something like that. I haven't attempted to build the variants Outkast posted quite yet but it looks like I ought to be able to make it fit. Exception being the machine guns.. maybe. If I recall, they made machine guns fill 2 slots, and the current version of the Nova doesn't have enough room for that. I could do it if machine guns were only 1 slot, with ease. But I don't think I'd do that in MW4 since machine guns are next to useless.


    Many thanks!



    I just built all of these variants. They're all possible, providing you have MekTek 3. Actually you can build them with room to spare. I was able to give extra ammo and in some cases some extra lasers for support as well. I think Prime is still my favorite, with A C and D all tying for 2nd place. B isn't bad, I just don't think it'll work too well in the mw4 system.


    Makes me wish MW4 still had leagues and clans and all of that...

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