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  1. Hey


    I've started playing Mechwarrior 4 again and have rediscovered the Nova (blackhawk for you IS types). Only problem is it only comes with the prime config (and at that, w/o jets :(!! ) Anyways I was wondering if anybody knew the A-D alternate variants for the Nova. Not that there's anything in the world wrong with 12 medium lasers, but variety is nice too!

  2. You have a little of everything except magic.


    Durgam with his upgrade costs 98 points. You could definately swap him out for Margara and some spells. Or Ivar for that matter - not that his spells would be a huge boon, since there'd only be the warrior, himself and Fulumbar to heal.. but I guess some Blesses would be good, and maybe even a hold (hold would be devestating in a 400 point game I bet!). Hmm ::D:


    How about this one to be a counter 400 pt army:


    Logrim w/ bless

    Margara w/ ice

    6 Maidens w/ music

    2 Piercers

    397 points... Less point value, but my money would be on the Logrim force any day over the Fulumbar force as is, though if you gave the Fulumbar force Ivar with a hold and a bless it'd even the score quite a bit...

  3. Fun little 400 point single troop army:

    Fulumbar w/ GMA and Divine Favor

    Durgam w/ GMA


    2x Swiftaxes

    2x Piercers

    3x Halberds, 1w/ Musician


    It's got speed, range, some good armor, and some exceptional MAV for such a low point game. The idea is to keep all 3 halberds behind Fulumbar, Durgam and the Warrior to take advantage of Trencher. The piercers do their thing and the Swiftaxes wait in the wings or lend support as needed.

  4. Leave Cavalry as is. There really isn't anything in this game that's an "I win" button. Certain combinations are pretty nasty, but everything is pretty vulnerable. I'd hate to see Cavalry get super nasty... then everybody would play cavalry heavy armies and it'd get boring. As it is you see some Cavalry and in good hands they do well, but like anything in over eager hands they get overextended, swarmed and killed. A player doesn't need Cavalry to win, just like they don't need magic or archers. Really all a player needs is infantry which, thankfully, there's great variety in infantry. All the other tricks enhance and give direction to a player's strategy and that's part of what makes the game fun. You can try for a magical army and include mages and clerics.. or archers to hit the enemy from afar.. or cavalry to move in quick and take out key models. you can try for all of it in one army, or focus on one of those strategies...


    Perhaps players want something that's going to net them a win all the time with minimal effort. Personally I don't think that's fun. What makes these games fun is balancing a model's potential with its weaknesses and trying to keep everything in mind.

  5. Hey all


    I'm working on a dungeon/rpg style scenario to play around with. The idea is that one player controls the monsters in the dungeon, and 3 other players take 2 models each and crawl the dungeon.


    I'm going to have several classes - warrior, berserker, rogue, ranger, mage, cleric, and "psycher" - possibly more if I can think of any.


    Well I'd like ideas for several things.


    1. Psycher is a wierd name. I'd like suggestions for a different name for that class. The gist of the class is that he uses his Dis value to dominate the will of enemies, to either remove actions, control their actions, reduce their dis (in prep for another player's Shock or something), boost his friends via buffs, etc. I've gotten suggestions for "Prophet" or "Mindflayer" so far. Any suggestions?


    2. For the Warrior and Berserker class, I need suggestions for abilities. With warrior I'm going for your classic tanker. Good at taking hits, high armor, etc. Doesn't need to do much damage so offensive abilities aren't a must. Berserker is essentially a warrior only is focused more on many melee attacks. He lacks a shield so his DV isn't as high - he can fill the tank role if he must but is better at supporting a tank in melee. I've got abilities like Warmaster, Trencher, deflect, 360... Butcher for the Berserker. Any other ideas for abilities for these two classes?


    3. Any other class ideas?


    Keep in mind that you can be creative above and beyond Warlord concepts and SA's, however everything must tie to Warlord stats and action types, and new SA ideas are encouraged BUT they should generally reflect Warlord's style of doing SA's - low complexity and all of that (so no "add this stat, divide by the derivative of your target's stat, add 30 situational modifiers and boil it all with a long-dead cat to see if it hits or not").

  6. I only have 3 swifties, but for a while I was running Logan with those 3 and Durgam. Very fragile to range of any sort. I'd keep them behind my warriors and maidens until the battle started to heat up, and when the enemy brought in their heavy hitters I'd charge Logan in. The swiftaxes work great with him because they're fast enough to keep up. With support bonuses you can get his MAV 6 boosted to a MAV 11 versus any size 1 base. 13 against size 2. Assuming you can ring the opponent of course.


    Logan works best against "medium-ly strong" enemies. Opponents that can withstand more than 3 hits are dicey, but not out of the question if you bring a cleric or Logrim. Something like a Warlord or Bile is bad news. Of course your Swiftaxes can help Logan finish it off with their own attacks BUT he'll most likely take hits in return, so be cautious.

  7. Istvan's coming. Patience. In the meantime, Next week I can tease you with new Dwarvies and New Reptussusses. Reptii. Reptux. Whatever. :devil:




    That was my self control. I'm giddy now. GREAT!



    Perhaps my Dwarves will have to form an alliance with the mighty Lupines. We shall see..... we shall see...

  8. I was working on my Logan Battlefury and wondered who the sculptor was. So I opened the dwarf page to see the sculpter's name, and low and behold there's an addition to the dwarf roster!!




    Nogrin. He's a piercer.


    I wonder, is he a special character or is this part of what Reaper announced recently about releasing one or two popular sculpts from an infantry pack, then releasing packs of 8ish in a blister? He looks identical to one of the three Piercer sculpts, so my guess is he's the pick of the litter, not a new character.


    I also noticed that the Elves have a breaker, just the same.. named Fiara.

  9. You're such a good mod Qwyk

    /end brown-nosing


    I had forgotten that Insane! meant the model can't be shaken. Hmm, my mind churns with possibilities.... Possibilities that I like! Maybe I'll change my plan and build a Logan army for the next Forgewalk tournament!

  10. I think your points are good Stubbdog. I dunno about "last track stats." In many cases a zombie has BETTER stats than a multi's last track.


    Even with grunts, alot of them don't have the stats a zombie has. Most reachers, practically everything Necropolis has for grunts... zombie has higher DV and same or higher MAV.


    I do think it'd be sweet to be able to bring more powerful models back with stats to reflect their special nature. I posted an idea previously about forcing the mage to sacrifice his non-combat action as well as perform the invoke SA in order to bring back large based models. Perhaps it could be based on point value instead and keep it as only standard based models. A mage who doesn't move is a sitting duck more often than not, so that's a steep cost (not in points but in very real ways), plus it is neat fluff-wise - the necromancer wants to bring up a more powerful dead and so must concentrate on his spell and wrestling with the will of the deceased much more, thus he can't be running around while doing it. And the result is "_________" Fill in the blank. Maybe a 2 track model. Maybe a one track with better DV and some nifty SA's or something. Who knows.

  11. Just give the fresh Zombies Horrid, and make sure the Necromancer has some way to differentiate between freshly risen zombies and the older, mustier ones, via pipe cleaner or something on the table.


    I just plan on using DHL zombie sculpts. The rule states that the zombies use the necro zombie stats, but doesn't specify what the sculpt has to be. I suppose it would be simple to just use the sculpt of the model that is killed. But I think a 4pack of DHL zombies would do nicely, I doubt you'd ever see more than that being raised in a battle... unless it was a huge battle w/o time limits.


    Maybe if I get really creative I'll use Warlord grunts and paint their flesh all zombie like and put huge blood stains on their armor so they still look like the guys they were in life. I don't think I'll get that creative.

  12. Franz' friends likely won't like the sight of him comming back as a zombie, how about forcing them to make a DIS check?



    I like the Dis check idea. That makes alot of sense. Of course Undead models would be unfazed by this and would be immune. I don't think it'd be too overpowered either.. plenty of models fall at range, and the dis check would have no effect then. In melee, the spell only has a range of 6, so your mages have to be in close. Jos has DV 10 and there are a few mages with good DV, but for the most part mages are fragile and it's a dicey move to put them within 6 inches of melee. So there's a big risk involved with raising a corpse up in melee. So it's probably not too powerful.


    I've got a game going on tonight, I'm gonna build a Jos army and proxy it. Maybe I'll play a couple games and try out the rule as is and also with the dis check added, just so I have a clue what I'm talking about :poke:

  13. 1. Since a zombie costs 24 points, does it make sense that Animate Corpse costs 25? Wouldn't the points be better spent instead on "regular" zombies (when playing Necropolis) or on other soldier models (when using this spell with factions other than Necropolis)?


    Naw, necromancy is just way too cool to pass up, no matter if it's cost effective or not.


    I had an idea. Perhaps there could be a way to bring up Large and Giant based models as well? Perhaps make a special case where the necromancer has to sacrifice his movement in order to perform that tough of a raise. That would help balance out that you get a higher cost model with a 25 point spell.


    Somebody else mentioned that this is like a bandage, but useable by a mage. Sortof yes, sortof no. Bandage will only work on single tracked soldiers if they have tough and have not been couped. Which can be fairly rare. Animate Corpse allows you to bring up non-tough soldiers, and it allows you to bring up couped soldiers. That's a big advantage over Bandage, so add that to having a mage use it and I think you've made up your 15 points right there. Then again there's a drastic range difference so maybe I'd better think on it more.


    Cost of a zombie compared to cost of the spell... 1 point isn't anything to make a fuss about. Since Mages typically have high CP and it's a non-attack spell subject to the +2 modifer, I think this spell will go off more often than not. CP 7 and higher mages are auto casters on this. CP 6 has a 90% success chance. Most mages of lower CP aren't played regularly, so it's not a big deal. It's not like you'll waste the points.


    Why not take a zombie... in a Necro list, I'm not sure. In a non-necro list, I like the tough/3 these guys have. I really like it. It's hard to find tough/3 outside of leaders.


    I think I'm gonna make myself a Jos Gebblar army. I'll use Necropolis, Razig and Nefsokar's undead, probably Lysene or whatever his name is that you never hear about even though he's a sweet mage. Perhaps I'll use some DHL models and use some generic cards too because my normal play group is cool like that and the rulebook says you can make a left handed basketweaver's army or something like that, so certainly a Jos Gebbler's Necromantic Union 1488 Teamster's army would be allowed :bday:

  14. Curse you reaper for making a Necromancer, I was doing so good at not spending money recently. Guess that trend's over. *runs to store to buy zombies and evil models so I can have a necro army*


    re: Necro specific spells only, or necro plus generic spells:


    The Mage SA allows any generic spell to be cast, so I'd say let Necromancers cast anything. It's not like there's any unique advantage to being able to iceshard, since every faction has mages. Necromancers are typically said to be very powerful mages (since they can raise the dead and all of that jazz!) so I'd think they would have a mastery of the "basics" of magic, given that they started there and then moved on to deeper, darker, more potent magics.

  15. I feel like a Tau...


    "for the greater good" he must be called out. That's a basic fact of group human interaction. Things invariably don't go smoothly because people are people, so to restore some form of order people need to be called out. Previously in this thread people were half-joking about "man-law" but law is just what it's about. Let people do whatever and they'll be selfish and use the system to their own advantage. Call them back into line and it's problem solved, either because they tow the line as part of the group, or because they leave and the group doesn't have to deal with them anymore.


    I guess the hope would be that they tow the line, right? But you can't force people. Law never makes people do the right thing, it just provides a framework for what to do when people do wrong. It's not a bad thing.

  16. Alright, I'm a sucker and I bought it anyways before I got feedback. Only a couple bucks so why not (you were right! I can't resist!)


    I think the strength of this system lies in a sort of "lite-rpg" type game that is played out on the tabletop. In some ways it's slightly more detailed in the gear department than Warlord is.. it has encumberance and readying different weapons and all of that jazz, plus the ability to boost attacks or make quicker, weaker attacks. It's definately not a fluid system for Warlord type encounters... I think anything more than 10 soldiers per side in this system would get rediculous... where as Warlord can handle 30 plus with ease. However for a 3-5 soldier per side battle Warlord is too simple, which is where this ruleset comes in.


    Thanks Hexx!

  17. Ok, so what are the strengths and weaknesses of this system? The linked page doesn't say much about the product. Only real detail is 3-5 minis per side and that you can create your own characters, and that it works well for magic and scenarios.


    Great, that could be anything. What's this got that RAGE doesn't that would make me want to buy it? (well character creation is intriguing enough to account for $2.50 at least :) )

  18. I think both are indispensible. Whenever I do playtesting (invariably I don't get enough games in) I try to also include a lot of analysis of what could have happened.




    The nail has been hit on the head. I think what we have in this thread is very much analysis and not very much playtesting. I'd like to note that the few of us here who have used Thorgram think he's alright, and by and large those who are purely analyzing stats think he's trash. As far as I'm concerned the topic may as well be closed until people have used Thorgram in a handful of games, given him a fair shake versus a variety of opposing armies, and have an opinion that, as Storminator says, is based on both playtesting experience and analysis.


    Otherwise we'll continue to spin in circles like we've been doing in this thread for several pages and the only thing we'll get down to is "some people like him" and "some people refuse to like him" and what in the world use is that?

    Actually you know what? I don't give a rip if people don't like him. If you sway reaper to make Scrye Shot removable equipment, that's fine, I'll have an option to take it out for smaller games or something. No big deal.

  19. Speed is a tricky thing. I don't use cavalry due to my dwarf army having, well, none. But I do use the Griffon these days. The temptation is to charge to their full speed and engage quickly with Cavalry. And yes, when this happens, they die fast due to swarm and lack of support. I've lost my griffon alot doint that, I used to lose my bear alot because I was eager to get him into the thick of things quickly (though he's slower.. but the point's the same).


    If you look historically, the typical way a battle happened was like this: archers, infantry, cavalry. Yes there's lots of variety to that. But the idea was, use archers to whittle them down and break morale. Use infantry to engage and fight. Use Cavalry to hit a flank and crush the army both physically and by crushing their will to fight. Infantry mops up the broken enemy.


    In Warlord Cavalry fills this idea well. Advance your whole army up. Engage with archers (I think this happens almost always, so we've got that step down) on the way in. Engage with infantry, forming a line of battle and all of that goodness. Then you charge with your cavalry. Their increased speed allows you to whip around the end of the line of battle and hit squishy targets from the rear, or you could engage the end of the line, or whatever looks good to you.


    So it's a matter of timing I think. Charge your cavalry too early and they're toast. Too late and the mage gets his spells off, or whatever. Just in time and you don't have to fear a swarm and you can crush the enemy's offensive ability and all of that fun stuff.


    That's something I really have to work on with my Griffon :( Poor bird's ended up on the Thanksgiving Day plate too often.

  20. Wildbill, no disrespect taken at all. I understand that 3 rounds in a single tournament isn't a world changing playtesting benchmark. I plan on bringing him every time I play 1501 and continuing to see how he does, and I'll update my position if it changes - but if I do it will be based on my own playtest experience, not my own theoretical thinking.


    Shakhak, you're exactly right. Unfortunately for me Aysa can be just as nasty out of range >.> but that's an isolated situation, the vast majority of casters need to be in close to do their damage.


    Ranz, I've gotta disagree. 1st count, the King is not a melee monster. MAV 5 sure is impressive, but DV 10 is not. He can be very dangerous but you've got to be careful with him in melee due to his fragile defense (which shouldn't be changed, dwarves aren't supposed to have high DV on the whole). 2ndly, that using Scrye Shot removes his melee role. Yes you can't melee and scrye in a single activaton - but name me a melee warlord who can potentially do damage on the first round? Unless you Teleport him, but then you need a grade 3 cleric and yatta yatta. By himself - no other warlord has offensive options 1st round. So are you wasting the King's melee ability on round 1? Nope. How about round 2? For the most part round 2 is the "crash into each other round." With a DV 10 you ought to be very cautious with the King when the enemy has full strength troops running around willy nilly. So it'd make sense to hold him back as a reserve for round 2 as well. No wasted melee potential, and he still gets to scrye that round. At round 3 and on, the battle could be going one of a million different directions, and I can chose to continue to Scrye or I could move the King up and swat things with his axe. And at that point I'm using both of his abilities in the same game, I haven't used anything, and I've been able to pick off some targets before Thorgram is even in range to be hurt himself.


    Since he can and does use both of his roles in the same battle it isn't terrible that he pays for both. If you split Thorgram into two different models, one model would be hanging out for the first half while the second would be shooting, and in the second half of the game the shooty half would be hanging out waiting for things like LOS and whatnot while the melee half chopped things up.

  21. Quickie 500pt army.


    When I do a smaller point total build I usually like to select one leader, elite, or solo, and design the army around him/her/it.


    in this case it's Snorri!


    Snorri w/+2RAV and +2DV

    Gargram w/4 Warriors and Music

    Gargram w/4 Warriors and Music


    Snorri will hang back between both troops, let them engage, and he'll do the sneaky bast*** thing and shoot from safety.


    You could do a 2 troop army and switch out a gargram for a Fulumbar and use Kara instead and you wouldn't have to invest as many points into upgrades for Snorri that way since Kara kicks total butt at range anyways.

  22. Since it's an "either/or" with Scryeshot and other abilities, it should be a lot cheaper or make it an item that can be taken off of the character.



    Not quite accurate. I meleed with Thorgram in all 3 rounds at the tournament. I scryeshotted all 3 rounds in the tournament. I paid for a melee fighter and for a ranged fighter, and that's exactly what I got.


    Thorgram has low DV so you don't exactly want him leading your charge. So 1st half of the game, Scrye Shot with him. He'll be in the backfield and relatively safe (though as Ravenwolf made me painfully aware of, not safe enough sometimes!) Then once the field has thinned down, tanks are injured and the threat of swarm is reduced, feel free to engage Thorgram in the melee role. Once you actually use this model and are faced with real game situations with him, and take it out of the theoretical realm, you can see that Thorgram's stats are really beautifully put together.



    I don't think I'd mind if they took Scrye Shot off of Thorgram. I can see myself enjoying the 150 points extra. However, I can also see myself adding Scrye Shot back onto Thorgram alot as well.

  23. Interesting. You'll have to be right on the money with Margara's Firestorm. I really do think that will be the deciding factor on whether it becomes a stand up fight or if you get steamrolled. Drop that fire on a good cluster of enemies, take out a troop - and I'd give you a solid chance of making it out alive with at least one model!


    Don't get too touchy with Critical and Scrye shot though. Keep mobile. RAV 5 is excellent, no need to get greedy with Kara and Critical unless you know she's in no danger. And you won't have too many issues with LOS so take regular shots with the King and then move him away as much as you can.


    I like the magical protection on the leader and elites. So many times I've tricked out a model, just to have it icesharded :\

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