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  1. Ask Ken (who's name on this board I forget) how he liked Trencher in the tournament yesterday. I got two Halberdiers behind Freya and she was just mowing orcs down left and right. Trencher is useless unless you decide to field reachers in your troop. So... do it! Yes this means you don't have as many adepts... but that's a small price to pay for them hitting as hard as they do. And as an added bonus you get 2nd line troops ready to go when your adepts bite it. Reachers are also excellent "coup specialists." Qwyksilver has done that to me for excellent effect - your front line soldiers cut down the tough enemy, and then the reacher, who hasn't made any actions (but who has contributed support!) can take one move to charge around to the stunned model, and another move to coup it.


    It's my dream to one day have a halberd for each trencher in my army. Then I'll add in a totem and call it a win. Imagine warriors attacking at MAV 4 on defensive strikes! Yeesh! Freya would defend (twice!!) at MAV 6!


    Trencher is definately worth it - just bring some reachers for goodness sakes :P

  2. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?...10906&st=30

    A thread from a year and a half, two years ago, on the subject of Thorgram's point value and if it's appropriate or not. Seems like the same thing as what's going on currently. People crying foul over his point cost - only back then there were more people saying they'd used him and that he was well worth the investment.


    By page 3 the thread disintigrates into speculation on dwarven cavalry, but page 1 is a good read in light of the current Thorgram thing.

  3. Try using her. The one person on this thread who has used her said she did well. Many people say the King is bad but I used him and found out he did well. So stop saying the model is bad and build a list with the model, and do your best with it. Then come back and talk about it. You don't want to eat your hat like I did, it tasted like cloth.


    In fact my plan is to consistently use the King until I have him down very well and can use him to excellent effect. I think I'm realizing that in warlord some models are easy to use and some models are difficult to use, and that's ok because it's more fun pulling off tactics with difficult models.

  4. I didn't enhance the King in any way when I played him. I wanted to spend all available points on soldiers to fill out the army, so the only equipment I added was Musician (since that's a no brainer), spells for Ivar, and Divine Favor for Freya (not the king because Freya's job is always to hold the line, so she's nearly guaranteed to get hit, where the king was tasked with hanging back - may or may not get hit). I could have added +2 RAV, but that would have cost me 3 soldiers. I was outnumbered by a significant amount in 2 out of the 3 games I played that day, so the extra bodies turned out to be a good idea.


    My opponents kept my "prime" scrye shot targets out of range. Low DV casters were prime targets in my eyes. However there were plenty of easy pickings left over. I took shots at archers, and hit consistently (6 is a fairly average roll). I picked off lesser orcs left and right, which really helped. The thing with fighting Grand Reven is that they outnumber you, and yes, you can thin them down, but there's a price to pay in blood for doing that. Scrye Shot allowed me to whittle the greenskins down without sacrificing any models. This helped ease the pressure on my poor maidens and bear, who ended up taking the brunt of the offensive.

  5. Today at the Whiz was great! Here's how my end of the battles went:


    My build:

    Thorgram, Ivar w/2 bandages, 2 bless, and a speed, 6 piercers, music

    Freya, 6 maidens, 3 halberds, music

    Gargram, 8 warriors, music



    1498/1501, 29 models, 5 troops + 1 tactician and spy


    Round 1

    I faced a Grand Reven HORDE! something like 40 models. So not a huge model count disadvantage, but enough to make me feel uncomfortable about it. I had very accurate piercers which helped thin the orcs. My Maidens gave the ultimate sacrifice in order to secure the middle. After 3 rounds they were all but dead, however I'd broken the Reven advance upon their shields and blades. My warrior troop supported them and took on all comers admirably. Thorgram plinked away at archers and lesser orcs, thining out the ranks along with the Piercers. Cavalry murdered Ivar, but the King was in range to charge up and seek revenge in a rather bloody way. The Griffon held the rest of the goblin cavalry before being wounded severely and seeking safety behind a hill. A final second (very literally!) double move on Thorgram's part secured me a point advantage in the middle, gaining me a victory. Win.


    Round 2

    I faced Ravenwolf's Crypt Legion. Early in the game I charged his two banshees and wounded each. Unfortunately he managed to retreat and use Necromantic Surges, or whatever foul magic it is, to heal both back up to full. The Griffon was swarmed by wraiths and killed (though he took down a fair number with him!) and my shieldmaidens moved up to take over the fight. On the other side of the table Ravenwolf advanced his Cavalry up aggressively, under cover fire from his archers. I had been moving my warrior troop up the middle to engage those archers and had to move them back double time to protect my king. All hands lost in the Piercer ranks. My bear helped take down the cavalry as well. This all took quite a long time, and in the final minutes Ravenwolf moved his skeletal warriors into the middle to try to secure the "hold the middle" objective. The remainder of my maidens broke off from the wraiths and killed off the skeletons, and my warriors and bear swarmed into the middle as well to tip the center balance in my favor. Aysa's Spectral Minions managed to wound Thorgram enough for him to count as slain according to the tourney rules, plus I'd lost more points than I killed. Loss.


    Round 3

    I faced a low model count Overlord army. A Golem, and a troop of Matisse, Ymrilix, Balthon, 5 warriors and 2 crossbows. There was a road system on the map which my opponent used to excellent effect. The Golem went down to my bear and my warriors. His warrior line went down to my maidens. I moved the Griffon up too aggressively in an attempt to kill off Balthon. It almost worked, but Matisse came roaring back with a 24 inch charge (via the road.. and with movement upgrades which, now that I think of it, were inappropriately stacked. Oh well) to clip the Griffon's wings. He died a round or so later. I never managed to crack Matisse, as next turn he double moved across the entire board (stinking roads!!) to base my king. He managed to land a wound on the king, but I fled and surrounded the king with a shell of models as time was dwindling. He didn't have time to cut through and kill the king (though in the end, Matisse was in contact with the king!). Very fun, quirky game, not a difficult win due to the low model count, but it was fun seeing the kitted out Overlords doing their best. Those named models sure did fight hard! Win.


    Great day! I tied for 3rd for the day, and I'm sure I'll jump several spots in the overall standing.


    After the tournament I played a 1000 point battle for fun with rcrosby. He beat me pretty soundly, but it was still a fun time. It's fun meeting and getting to know people that you "know" from the forums!


    Thank to the Whiz store for hosting, and to Storminator for putting on another great event. Keep up the good work!

  6. Today I played in the Forgewalk Marches Grand Prix Tournament. Given the recent debate in which I've cried foul on Scrye Shot and Thorgram in general, I decided that I'd play Thorgram, get smacked up one side of the battlefield and down the other, and then come back here and have a bit more playtest data showing that Thorgram doesn't work.


    So that's what I did.


    Only, I tied for 3rd, and Thorgram did well.


    So I'd like to apoligize to Reaper specifically, and also anybody else who read the junk I was writing about Thorgram. I called Scrye Shot useless, I said that Thorgram was an insurmountable liability, and all sorts of lame things, and the fact of the matter is that I was just flapping my jaw with no true knowledge behind what I was saying.


    So here's what I now think of Thorgram. I think he's a good model. He's not some uber, kick butt without any trouble type model. But he's not worthless either. I was able to make more ranged attacks with Thorgram because of his Scrye Shot than I would have without it (dwarves sure do clutter up a table pretty fast!) and so I admit that Reaper made a good move - having Scrye Shot with a melee heavy army was a good idea because he doesn't need to worry about LOS.


    A few more comments:


    There's lots of talk about models being "broken" and "gimped" (or underpowered...). And the typical litmus test we warlord players use is "can this model kill its point value in enemy models?" If the answer to this is yes, than it's either "just right" or it's "broken" if it can kill way more. And if a model can't kill its point value in models, it's considered gimped.


    I think a new test is needed. "If the model dies, has it contributed to its point value in models being killed?" That might be more accurate. And perfectly accurate, I think, is "overall, has my army killed its point value or greater in models?" Of course that second test is nearly useless as far as discussion on specific models' relative power since there's so many variables. But that's why it's so accurate. Bot of these new tests factor in the dynamic conditions on the tabletop, and that's critically important. A model doesn't act alone, it acts in concert with others, and much of its relative worth is in how you use it.


    So please forgive me for crying foul about Scrye Shot and Thorgram, and for complaining about something I didn't know enough about in the first place. I'm going to try to be more open minded about the worth of figures in Warlord from now on.

  7. In the old days (like 1700's) there was a type of military unit called Dragoons. They were essentially mounted soldiers who rode to the battle, dismounted, and fought on foot.


    This, of course, made no sense to my little brain. I figured, if you've got your horse, and it's an advantage to use a horse, then why in the world get off of it? The solution (or so says my Dad who's pretty smart when it comes to this sort of thing) is that the horses and soldiers needed less training in order to be Dragoons than it would require if they were to be cavaliers.


    So I'm not sure if that has anything to do with Warlord or not, but I think of my Griffin as a Dragoon. He's blazing fast, then once he engages in battle he's quite a bit slower. But he's still an incredible fighter. And Dragoon is a cool word, so it makes it more fun to think about when I play it.


    I've used the Griffin a couple times now and haven't had a bit of trouble with it. Maybe more experience will make me realize what the big fuss is, but so far I've been using the Griffin like I do any solo - keep it away from harm until battle is joined, then use it's greatness to swing the battle in my favor. Solos should not fight solo.


    Also Ranger doesn't need to be used to move straight forward, and lots of flyers have ranger... so you might be losing your flyers early by Rangering them straight forward. Try setting up in one place, making the enemy set up to counter it, and then rangering sideways to redeploy it.

  8. Or a mass teleport type spell. Only in reverse to how Teleport works in Warlord. 3 inch aoe anywhere on the table within 36 inches, only effects friendlies, and they're teleported to a 3inch aoe around the caster. I could think of lots of uses for that. Both bringing reinforcements up and removing a threatened troop from danger. It'd be an expensive spell to be sure, but it seems like a sicko demon trick to me!

  9. Snorri is a very tricky model to use. Somebody once told me, "if you use Snorri, use finesse!" And they're 100% correct. Snorri should always hang 12 inches or so behind your front line. I view his role as being the jerk that kills off wounded enemies. With his Critical Shot, you have a pretty gooda chance of hitting things.

    Whenever I try to use Snorri in a melee roll he's gotten squashed. I'm pretty sure this is because I engage with him too fast. To make use of his Rogue ability I would suggest holding off until the second half of the battle, and then only to exploit an advantageous situation. If the enemy has models that aren't tied up in melee, chances are Snorri will get charged. So wait until the battle is in full swing. Then I'd feel more comfortable with bringing him up close. Just remember that you've always got Critical Shot to fall back on.

    One more note on Snorri. Since getting charged is an ever present and deadly threat, don't Critical Shot all the time! If he's in danger, use a regular shot and then run. Or perhaps double move to run away, perhaps the enemy will lose interest and go after something else, at which point you can feel free to Critical Shot to his dirty treasonous heart's content.


    I'll say, I barely ever use Swiftaxes. They get mowed down whenever I use them. Any suggestions?

  10. Re: future Elven Warlord, I hope it doesn't come out that expensive, points-wise. I can't possibly be the only poor schlub who decided early on that Dwarves and Elves were both cool, and invested in some models for both factions. Screwing up the Elves' warlord to balance those of the Dwarves would not make me happy. It would be like trying to cure my headache by smacking my thumb with a hammer. The idea might be to distract me from the pain in my head, but it doesn't work. I end up with a worse headache and a sore thumb, to boot.



    You'd still have Danithal at 260 points.


    I agree with Ranzadule (essentially I agree with anything that makes Thorgram cheaper :D


    btw Ranzadule, Derf is a racial epithet. :devil: My dwarves demand restitution! :ph34r:

  11. I finished 10 Orcs and an Ogre in 2 years dammit!



    And the Ogre does look good!


    I want to chime in and say that I agree with the statements that the factions are balanced. I think the folks at Reaper have done a wonderful job of balancing, actually. The factions play differently, to be sure. But I do think that if a player truly understands how their faction is supposed to play, and is good at it, that they'll have a good chance of beating another player on equal footing with any other faction.


    Here's some good playtesting results for ya... in my time playing Warlord, basically all summer and into the fall now, I've played... probably around 50ish games? Of varying point limits, using various tactics, I've only played my Dwarves (well I proxied for Nefsokar once)... and I've played against a variety of factions - never Darkspawn or Mercs - and nearly all of the games have been bloodbaths on both sides. I consider this to be a pretty good balance. In games I've played in the past (right now I'm thinking of Mechwarrior Dark Age, but there's others too), balance wasn't nearly as good. Plenty of games were blowouts. Now, I'm sure that Warlord has its blowouts, but even at my 1st tournament when I had too few models and only a bare grasp on strategies in a RAGE game, I still took down my fair share before time was called.


    I think overall balance is very good.

  12. I made a post in the Dwarf Tactics thread(page 15) last night that would have fit in this thread like a hand in a glove. I'll repost the essence of it here, cut down, with less "cheezed off" emotion :P


    My ideas on what is currently annoying me about warlord:

    The warlords. My dwarf warlords, to be precise.


    If you use Gus's warlord model search that he posted a while back, and use "warlord" as your only criteria, you'll notice that the two warlords that the Dwarves have are #1 and #2 most expensive warlords in the game. Next, requery your search, only have no criteria. This will return every model in the entire game. Click Pts along the top of the search results to align them in numerical order, lowest to highest. Go to the bottom and you'll notice that game wide the two most expensive models are the two dwarf warlords. What this means is that in 1501+ and any scenarios that require warlords to be in play, Dwarf players are at a disadvantage by at least 30 points (assuming the dwarf player uses Logan and another player is using Crusaders and plays Duke Gerard, the 3rd most expensive warlord). Again assuming Gerard is being played, you're looking at 140ish points the dwarf player is behind, simply because a warlord is required. When you consider the point variance between some of the mage and cleric warlords, things get really blown out, even including spells (unless a player chooses to fill their mage with Firestorm after Firestorm.. but then, that's their choice, they aren't obligated by the rules to field a model that expensive).


    In my other post there was a bunch of ranting yatta yatta that I'll cut out. Here's the distilled ideas, by warlord.


    Logan Battlefury:

    This model's stats reflect a berserker type of model, the type that you let loose on an enemy army, allow him to crash in hard and take a bunch of enemies down with him, and then die a glorious death. Nobody would expect a model like this to live, and that's ok, since that's the idea of using this model. The problem comes in his point cost. If you consider his point cost alone, you get the idea of "this model needs alot of care and protection, because he is a very significant portion of my army." So the problem is that the concept and the point cost don't match. You simply cannot "fire and forget" with Logan, you must protect him, and that does violence to the concept of the model. Proposed fix: Drop Insane and perhaps a portion of his Tough/6 (Tough/4 is still a very good tough number) to reduce his point value. Insane! is redundant given Logan's high Dis value. And when damaged he won't be trying to make b2b, will he? In a battle that is drawn out he won't last, so who cares if he can't leave. If he's in the 200-250 point range I'd feel alot more comfortable letting him do his duty and die gloriously. As it is, he's too significant a point investment and in an hour tournament format I can't afford to lose him. Yet he should be lost. Now I'm going in circles so I'm going to move on.


    King Thorgrim Grimsteel:

    I believe the intent of this model is to be strong in melee and at range. A sortof "hybrid" warlord, capable of two roles. I like this concept and I do not wish for it to change. However, the point cost is again the problem. Not so much conceptually - actually the point cost and the concept work fairly well. He's a king, after all, who wants to lose their king? so of course you protect him. However, at 414 points, he is simply crippling to any army he's played in. No need to go any farther with that train of thought, we all can add and divide and know how much of a 1501 army he is. Proposed fix: Remove Scrye Shot. This will drop him down to 264 points. It will not significantly reduce his ranged viability since 30 inches is rediculously good, and in most battlefields LOS is fairly clear anyways. He'll be the 3rd most expensive warlord (assuming Logan stays the same) and will be comparable point-wise to Duke Gerard, another hybrid warlord (cleric/tank) so that would work fine. Hey, go ahead and replace Scrye Shot with Ranked or something else like that to bump his point cost over the 273 mark so he's more expensive than Gerard, if you think he ought to have some toys at range and if you want him to still be the most expensive. I've no problem with him being the most expensive model, but having him be that expensive is quite crippling.Alternate fix idea:Create a 2nd data card for King Thorgram Grimsteel - perhaps Prince Thorgrim Grimsteel? That has the proposed changes, and keep the original one, if you like it. This gives players the option of using the Scrye Shot version if they like, but allows the rest of us to field him w/o Scrye Shot.


    I said this in my other post and I think it has value so I'll repeat it. These fixes will not take hardly any time/money at all. Simply remove the SA's, re-work the cost formula, update the card, and repost them online in the Data Card section, then post a news item. You'll gain alot of respect from your player base I think. People seem frustrated right now, and this will be a positive change. I know I like games with variety, and seeing the Dwarf Warlords being played will be a "new" thing to many players, so that's good.


    If you look at the Dwarf tactics thread (page 15) you'll see WildBill's response to my ideas, and he crystalized some of them far better than I did and provided some great "real game evidence" of how Logan in particular works and how it's hard to play out his concept. I won't post those evidences since they're his, not mine.


    Summary of long post:

    --In practice and in theory both Dwarf Warlords are too expensive to be viable

    --Both warlords are built around excellent concepts and the concepts ought to remain the same

    --SA's that are not necessary are the cause of the inflated cost of both warlords

    --Removing the unnecessary SA's will reduce the cost to a reasonable level while retaining the conceptual intent of both models.

    --Making these warlords more viable will increase how often they are played, which will add variety, which will be a much needed breath of fresh air to the game in general

    --Making these changes is easy :)


    And as a last note, if you could do this by Saturday so I can play with the changes in Storm's tournament, it'll be like Christmas for me :bday:

  13. Ok. Those who read my posts know that I have not yet complained about anything (on these boards at least!).


    But I was just comparing the new Hanged mercinary warlord with the dwarf warlords. And it made me sad. I was comparing him to Thorgrim. Essentially similar melee potential. Bit different role in melee, but only by a bit, and numerically they are very similar. I realize it's the Scrye Shot that bumps Thorgrim up so high, but I was still frustrated. So then I compared Orba Sinhan and the new merc warlord to both dwarf warlords. He's got the same great melee potential. In fact he's got the same punch as Logan, minus first strike, but with a half way decent DV of 11, and he's cheaper. All of these models have tons of SA's too, so it's not like the Merc warlords are stripped down. In fact Logan is pretty streamlined along one type of tactic, so you'd think that for an un-versatile model he'd be fairly cheap, but nope, he's the 2nd most expensive warlord around. Maybe Insane! costs alot of points. Maybe tough/6 costs alot of points (but hey, at his last track I don't give a rip if he gets up or not. And with a tough like that you can bet your best jelly beans he's gonna get couped). Maybe Reaper will come up with a 100 point warlord for the final dwarf warlord, so that we have a good option.


    I just don't get why dwarf warlords have to be so darned expensive! It completely changes the dwarf dynamic to play a warlord. Usually my armies revolve around strength in numbers, solid reach/trencher troops, decent (but not spectacular) leadership, and perhaps some good tank solos like Thorvald or the Griffon (finally got one!). Fairly straight forward melee army, lends itself well to Bane since it's hard hitting and in your face. Just like a dwarf army ought to be (well.. in your knees at any rate). And I know from corresponding with other dwarf players that this is their typical army theme as well. But then you add in a warlord and things change dramatically. I've got to figure out how I'm going to control the flow of the battle, I've got to make troops specifically designed to keep models off of my warlord. Why? Low DV and like a trillion points in that one model alone.

    Why don't Dwarf Warlords fit the army theme?

    Ought I be able to rely on my warlord to be a good but not stellar melee fighter, able to hold his own, one that I ought not to fear putting into the thick of things? Sure, I've got to support him. As you do any high cost model. But whenever Thorgrim is on the field the name of the game is "stall the enemy line, and hope to scrye shot a really unlucky mage that forgot to wear Divine Favor, do so within the hour time limit and before that mage can Firestorm, and pray to eek out a cost victory before time is up." As opposed to, I'm a dwarf, I have an axe, and now you don't have knees. Like it is w/o a warlord. And with Logan, with dv 9, I'm terrified to let enemies get close to him. 306 points of my force, close to 1/3 of it, tied up in one model. And I'm forced to be very cautious. And he's the melee specialist! I've got to put him in a troop to shield him and protect him and hide him. I have to put a cleric in there in case he gets hurt (because he will). I have to put some sort of range in his troop, because even 150ish point melee elites can wreck him if he doesn't land all 3 shots. It's far better to soften the target up first. But then, if I'm going to bother softening the target up first, why not use a 68 point Durgam Deepmug to finish it off? Ought my 300 point warlord be able to take on all commers in a man on man melee battle? Instead, no, he can't, he needs to hope the enemy can be killed in 3 shots - which it may, or it may not - and he must land all of his shots. Or else even GRUNTS can damage him easily on defensive strikes.


    Reaper, I don't think you'll get a single fan complaint if you re-work your two Dwarf Warlords. Take out Thorgram's Scrye Shot, leave his 30 inch ranged attack if you like. I do like the concept of a versatile warlord. And I'd definately pay 264 points for a warlord like that. And do something with Logan too. Factor his low DV into his cost better. Perhaps the formula ought to reflect how dangerous it is to have a fragile model cost so many points, and so on high cost models low DV reduces the cost more significantly. I'd pay 200ish for Logan and not feel too bad about it, since he's gonna get hosed. And that's ok because a berserker is supposed to get hosed! So let him have low DV. Just don't let us dwarves have to pay so much for a throw away model. He'll find his mark, charge in all blaze and glory, kill his man and get mortally wounded, and spend another turn, maybe two, bringing down as many enemies as he can before his glorious end. If he kills a kitted out mage and a handful of grunts, say 4, that's.. 250 points worth of models, perhaps. Maybe more. And it's gonna be hard to pull that off versus a good (or even a decent!) enemy player. Take out Insane!. I bet that's what costs so much, since his other SA's aren't super duper really, more like regular (which is fine). Insane doesn't really help him. He has Dis 9 as it is so he can make contact with anything no problem. You can add fearless so he won't run away. And with a low DV like that, if he doesn't kill his man each time he won't have to worry about staying in b2b with enemy targets until they're dead, because he'll die first anyways!


    And it won't even cost too much either. Just have somebody sit down at their desk, scratch out Scrye Shot, scratch out Insane, run the formulas again and knock the point costs down, upload the changes, and make a news post about it. An hour's work tops, and you'll be making alot of people very happy.


    And I'm gonna try not to make another post like this for a loooong time. Don't really like this type of posting.


    p.s. - am I spelling "ought" right?

  14. Dunno about GF. But a Totem is on a large base, so yes, it occupies a place on the field. It never recieves damage, but can be looted. 6 loot actions constitutes a defiled totem, and its effect is lost for the duration of the game. Also if an enemy model comes within 2 inches of the totem the effect is temporarily lost, until no enemy models are within 2 inches of the totem (it moves, or you kill it, or you pick up your totem and move, for example). This is straight from the description, not sure that it's confusing or anything. Since it doesn't have damage tracks or take damage or give damage or, well, do anything other than grant a bonus, it doesn't need to be affected by spells since no spell loots, and that's all an enemy can do to "hurt" the totem. Firestorm coup de grace's stunned corpses, and techinically a coup is a form of a loot, however the totem doesn't have tough so it can never be stunned, so it is never couped by a Firestorm. Even Crypt Legion totems would not get their automatic Tough+1 since it's not a model, it's equipment.

  15. well technically no. But yes in the long run. The spell, to be exact, is cast on the caster, and it has a 3 inch aoe. So no, the spell needs no corpse as a target. What happens next needs a corpse target though (probably more than one actually). All friendlies in the AOE get to make a free Crossing Death's River action. i.e. it's not a combat action like it usually is. And in order to make a Crossing Death's River action, a model needs a friendly corpse that is within 36 inches and is within LOS.


    So no, the spell needs no corpse to be cast. But yes, in order for it to be useful, there must be corpses for your friendlies to go to.

  16. Ok, re-worked list.


    --Walking Avatar

    --Walking Avatar

    --Sokar's Avatar

    --Tariq, 3 Tomb Guards, 3 Ammat Devourers

    --Nakhti, Fatima (Burning Hail, Cure, Bandage), 5 Awakened

    --Neb(Infuriating Swarm, Cure, Bandage), 5 Awakened


    From a fluff point of view it would make more sense to put all the cures and bandages on Fatima and put the hail and swarm on Neb since he's an angry psycho like that, but from an "I want to win" perspective it makes more sense to spread the loving. I gave Fatima the Hail since she has slightly higher CP, so for the killing spell I figure the benefit of hitting more far outweighs the benefits of hitting more on the hold spell. I've also adjusted where the Adepts are. I liked the fluff of the Ammat Devourers, being crazy and all, being in Neb's troop since he's crazy - and I liked the fluff of Tomb Guards with Nakhti since he's super loyal and so are they. But Tariq's going to be the only troop that I can fully devote to the front, since I'll have to have body guards for my casters in the back. So now the adepts get the advantage of a good sized troop on the front lines. I also removed the Sokar's Prophet. 39 points just so I could cast a bandage? meh...


    I'm also thinking, if I happen to go up against a ranged-heavy list, I'll send my infantry up the middle moving double time, and leave my Avatars hanging way back, out of range. The enemy will plink away at a couple of my soldiers, and then, wham, Cross Death's River with the Avatars, then charge, and now I'm in melee range. Probably don't need to fear too much in the way of a melee swarm if it's a ranged heavy army, and with 6 troops and Tactician i have a decent chance of at least one Avatar activating before they do so I can smack some archers around and then base some more.

  17. @ crystomeyers


    With Netikerti I was looking for some ranged offensive punch. Sure clerics can take offensive spells in a Nefsokar list, but I'm not terribly happy with them... very expensive (why in the world is Burning hail 100 points?? Clerics cost more and have lower CP than mages, I see no balance issue in having burning hail be 75 points, considering there's really only two clerics in the entire game of Warlord who would be given the spell - Neb and Fatima...). I think the "trick" spells... debuffs, crowd control, whatever you want to call them, those are pretty neat and I can find uses for them. Anyways you're right, that's alot of points for one spell... I could beef up the infantry, or spells like you say.. I could add in Desert Hordes to help mitigate the archer threat to my Avatars, or Infuriating Swarm (or even just classic Hold) to help mitigate the swarm threat to my Avatars.

  18. Ok, just in case I become independantly wealthy and get to actualize my dreams of adding Nefsokar as my second army: Here's my idea for a list. What do you think?


    I call it Sokar *IS* near! 1501 (on the button!)


    --Neb'Nesew'Nepet(+1CP, Cure, Bandage), Netikerti(Lightening Bolt), 2 Awakened, 3 Ammat Devourers

    --Nakhti, Fatima(Cure, Bandage), 2 Awakened, 3 Tomb Guards

    --Tariq, Sokar's Prophet(+1CP, Bandage), 4 Awakened

    --Walking Avatar

    --Walking Avatar

    --Sokar's Avatar


    23 models, 6 troops+1 Tactician, 3 Spies


    General Strategy: Beat the snot out of things with Avatars. I've got plenty of Clerics on the field to keep the big boys in the fight. Perhaps too much. But when the army so obviously revolves around 3 high cost, high DV models, I think that having the clerical support is important. The remaining infantry is there to run interference, charge after archers, etc and whatever. Prevent too much of a swarm getting to any one Avatar.


    I'm thinking of removing the +1CP on the Prophet, dropping a Cure, and using those 65 points in different magic. Desert Hordes, Plague of Boils, Infuriating Swarm come to mind. Hold, Part, there's lots of clerical tricks. Maybe even an Ice Shard for Netikerti so she has more than one trick up her sleeve. Obviously not all of them at one time.

  19. I agree that an accurately defined "siege weapon" is out of place in a skirmish game. But field artillery certainly is not. Well I suppose Reaper's made rules on battering rams and that's ok since you don't squish troops with a ram. anyways. Field artillery's purpose is to provide serious ranged punch on a battlefield. It's not designed to take down fortified structures, and thus it is significantly weaker than siege weaponry such as trebuchets and whatnot. I could see something like a Mortar crew running around. Small aoe (even 1 inch), mid or long range, maybe RAV 4 but I wouldn't go much higher than that. I would also make any field artillery unique. A balista would work as well.. blowthrough, larger base size.. essentially it'd be a soul cannon so I'm not sure how you'd differentiate them other than sculpt.

  20. I had another idea about the Insane! SA. Perhaps it should force a discipline check on models it goes into b2b with. Mostly because, at least for Logan, the part of the SA that says it doesn't need to make discipline checks in order to base a horrid/vile/holy model is essentially wasted, since he has Dis 9. Sure he gets hurt and that goes down and then Insane! helps him in that regard, but imo a damaged 306 pt. model should be retreating to a healer, not engaging a Horrid model. Just an idea. Or perhaps enemies contacting an Insane! model have to make a check, unless they're fearless or whatever.

  21. If they do an artillery with minimum range I sure hope it's not 30, or even 24 inches. Armies *start* 24 inches away... somewhere around 30 inches away if you put your artillery at the very back edge. Especially with SA Gun (which makes 100% sense to put into an artillery piece) you *might* get one shot. I'd field it if it were worth 75 points absolute tops, and even then only if it had a soul cannon type RAV. Then there's the potential to pay for itself, but I need to be able to activate that before his whole army gets too close. If it has a minimum range of, say, 10 inches, and a max of 30, I'd be far more willing to field it. With Gun it's still not going to be able to pop off shot after shot after shot, there's still a sizeable blind spot, but not a crippling blind spot. Considering that any enemy worth his salt is going to get into b2b and/or in the blind spot ASAP if artillery is present, you might get one good shot off, and after that you're going to be making tough decisions about which of your models you're willing to drop artillery on - if you even have shots to make. I'd pay 150ish for something like that, and it makes sense for it to be a unique solitaire, otherwise you can put a pair of them down on opposite sides of your deployment zone and force-feed your opponent cheeze.

  22. I bet you anything they do something with Freya like they did with Neek. Either that or do with her what they did with Gerard and his Wolf ability. Since the idea of the dwarf expansion is the "main" dwarf army comming to help the entrenched Taltain dwarves, I think the two lists will be Taltain Dwarves and Adonese Dwarves (not those names, but those two general armies.) Taltain list at least will retain Bane (and hopefully Adonese will pick it up), looks like Adonese get the berserkers and Taltain will most likely get extra shieldmaiden/tough model action (since Freya leads the shieldmaidens to be more active than the Adonese army). I'm hoping for a warmachine in the Adonese list. Razig has cannons, why can't the Dwarves have something like that? Only I don't want Soul Cannons. Maybe something with an AOE/# ranged attack or something. Something with an artillery feel. I bet overall the Adonese list will feature lightly armored, high speed, high MAV models and the taltain list will feature higher armor, slower, and a bit lower MAV models (but still decent MAV's since that's a dwarf distinctive). The King will definately be a Taltain list only model, so hopefully a 3rd Warlord comes out that can go in both lists, that way you aren't shackled if you want to play Taltain in 1501+. And of course I'm still pulling for an adept and a sgt or cpt that has burrow!

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