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  1. I've done several redheads.


    On a mage I took a white base and applied a fairly bright red. Later I added a yellow "patch" like she dyed several strands starting at her forehead and going all the way down. It only worked because of the obvious arcane nature of the mage.


    On a fighter with a beard I used a medium-dark red over a black basecoat, leaving some of the black showing to add depth. Then I drybrushed a mid-red over that, and then finally I caught the extreme highlights with a pumpkin orange color, again drybrushed. Came out very well.


    On a female rogue I applied a dull yellow over a black basecoat, then put a dull red over that, and continued on like I did for the fighter.


    Of all three the fighter looks the best.

  2. Yeah, scaling sounds like the way to go. I think the newest player in the group has around 18 models, and the most models anybody has is somewhere in the mid 20's, or maybe even close to 30 at this point.


    I had an idea on scaling... if we bring the point cost down, what about using a captain in place of a warlord? (since 414 points for Thorgram is a bit steep in a 750 list!) I don't *think* that would mess with the game much...


    Oh I had another question I wanted to ask. Let's say you're going along, turn by turn, and then two players want to duke it out on the tabletop, but the other players don't have any tabletop fighting to do. Do they just crack open a Mt. Dew and watch, or is there anything else they can do during the hour or so that the battle goes on?


    Thanks so much for the great info Spike! I needed a post like that to encourage me to keep going with this :P I was all into it, then read through the full campaign rules, and was then feeling a bit overwhelmed. But it sounds good right now.

  3. Hey all


    I'm thinking of starting up a campaign with 4 players. Those of you who have ran campaigns before: are they fun? What advice do you have? Since none of us have scads of models yet should we knock the campaign level down a bit? Do you need to have models in hand for each and every troop active in the campaign (i.e. could I have a pair of warrior troops lead by Gargram Heavyhands in my roster, even though I only have one Gargram and only enough warriors for one troop)?



  4. So what are all of your plans for painting Logrim Battlefury? I'm thinking either a dark grey with silver highlights, or a "battleworn" white (he's got all sorts of divits and dings in his armor) with yellow highlights. Sortof a paladin type paintjob. Given that he's a cleric and all I think that's the way I'll go with him.

  5. Prehaps someoen could list a Logan Troop/ Army that works for them and explain how they use it.



    I played this list a while back at Storminator's tournament. Didn't get excellent results, but then again my opponents had years more experience than I have. Anyways here's the gist of it:


    Logan with +2 DV


    Margara with a firestorm and a few other goodies

    Handful of Swiftaxes

    6 Piercers




    6 Shieldmaidens



    Bunches of Warriors

    handful of Halberdiers




    So obviously my memory of the list is a little fuzzy :P And I realize most people would leave Deepmug out of a competitive list, but he actually did fairly well for himself. The strategy was pretty straightforward. With Logan the name of the game was to advance cautiously, keeping him screened, then to have him burst through his line and destroy a target while his troop based nearby targets and kept him from being swarmed.


    I think if you can manage who gets access to Logan, his low DV isn't terribly fatal. Go in after multitracks with 3 or less tracks, use friendly models to base your target and further improve his MAV via support to guarantee the hit, and swing away. Save some of Logan's soldier's second actions so they can move and re-form the screen after the slaughter.


    In retrospect, warriors would have been better suited to screening since they're more defensively oriented. For the most part it worked fine though. He wasn't the MVP of any of the games - Margara's firestorms consistently knocked out more models than Logan did. But his ability to get in there, hit and kill without retribution... very potent. It's a little psychological too (not that firestorm isn't) so that was helpful.


    re: the king scryeshotting and hitting: At 414 points with RAV 2, you really need to dump either 40 or 75 points into a boosted RAV score in order to hit anything significant with Thorgram. I haven't given up on the King yet, but I think you stand a better chance of killing close to your warlord's point value with Logan since he's less points and far better at knocking down high DV targets (which are usually the expensive ones) instead of having to plink at archers and bondslaves with your dinky RAV 2.

  6. Nothing wrong with Logan's stats. Just keep him protected until it's showtime is all. Use terrain, keep him surrounded (really only takes 4 models to keep him out of b2b with anything, and to be safe more like 6 to keep him blocked from range LOS). You get a pair of elite slots, so take Ivar and get over it if he gets firestormed and loses a track.

  7. A model in cohesion never retreats. So if X is in cohesion (within 18 inches of his leader, or within two inches of the next guy in line if the troop has no leader anymore and is part of the largest block of units left... yatta yatta cohesion rules this and that) then the second shaken token replaces the first.


    I think that in order to retreat a model has to fail a discipline check. Suffering shaken from a spell has nothing to do with discipline so I'm gonna guess that no, dual scaring would not force a retreat...


    But something in the back of my head is nagging at me to say that yes, dual shaken forces a retreat every time if the target in question is out of cohesion.


    Also remember Undead and Fearless never retreat.

  8. Stoneform seems neat, it should significantly reduce MAV and Mov if you ask me. Something biological (or even undead) that is used to moving with a body of flesh (or very dry, or very soggy, old flesh) that is suddenly transformed and made of stone is not likely to move very well. It'd be a sort of "I don't want you to die quite yet" situational spell.


    I don't think Mages should have buff spells. In Warlord the buff spells belong to clerics and the offensive spells belong to the mages. I realize Reaper has given clerics some offensive spell options, so it isn't out of the question to add buff options to mages. But still... Mages are nasty enough as it is!

  9. Fielded Gargram, Margara and Kara in my 1501 Dwarf army today, against Reptus, which played Ssudai and T-Kay.


    Gargram's dice were chilled to the bone so his poor performance doesn't really count >.>

    I loaded Margara out terribly for the scenario we were playing, but that's my fault. Her stats speak for herself and she's a shoe in with every competitive dwarf army I build.

    Kara performed wonderfully. I found her a nice, safe spot and was able to critical shot every turn. She got her man each and every time and was instrumental in denying my opponent the ability to use his ranged models effectively. It was a great outing for her, although the scenario rules may have had something to do with the reason my opponent never went after her - too busy securing objectives. Still, RAV 6 sure is impressive. I may use her more often.

  10. I think that it's a pretty good sign that the soulcannon was overpowered that people think the faction is unplayable after it got nerfed :P


    Razig has the ability to arm EVERY model with a ranged attack.


    Razig is playable. In my encounters with that faction, the soul cannons accounted for their share of deaths, but the real killer was facing the horde of pirates each with a pistol. THAT hurt.

  11. Rumination about the new dwarf sublist and ideas for the current core rulebook list:


    Of the current dwarf models, 8 have trencher. Both Battlefury brothers do not, nor do solos, archers, Margara.. but essentially any "fighter" style dwarf model has it - including our cleric!


    We already know that the swiftaxes are a shoe-in for the battlefury's sublist, so my guess is that the two sublists will be the original, stand and fight, hold the line type dwarves, and the new sublist will be more of a berserker, run and gun type force that hits hard but can't withstand a prolonged engagement due to poor defensive values.


    Essentially everything above this sentence is just my random thinking. And now after this sentence is a question :P


    How many of you dwarf players have played Halberdier-heavy forces? And how has that worked for you? Here's my idea: Combine warriors and shieldmaidens with halberds in a pretty-much close to 1:1 ratio. Perhaps even put in a totem. Now your warriors attack at 3 or 4, and your shieldmaidens attack at 4 or 5. When the front line inevitably crumbles, you have a second line of halberdiers already there to fill the gaps and keep up the fight. Downside is that that'd take alot of points in support models (but I think that the halberds aren't bad soldiers in and of themselves, especially if they serve to fill gaps rather than to hold the line). Best of all, with Trencher those models return defensive strikes at the same MAV! Think of Freya... With a totem and a halberd, that combination would cost 105 points and would attack and defensive strike at MAV 6! Twice! That's warlord quality nastiness, at sgt. rank and at captain cost. Makes me want to go out and buy 3 blisters of halberds right now... but I'd like to hear how that works from others first.

  12. So the formula for critical shot is:


    (RAV x 2) + (EquipmentModifiers) + (SituationalModifiers)


    A Snorri with lesser magical accuracy (+1) and within one inch of the target (+1 situational modifier) has this formula:


    (2 x 2) + (1) + (1) = 6


    ...if I'm understanding it correctly.


    I don't like that equipment isn't calculated as a direct modifier to RAV and that it doesn't get doubled.. but it's not a big deal I guess :P

  13. I play elites consistantly for no better reason than that I like the flavor it adds to an army! May not be a very munchkinly choice, but I'm ok with that. I play to have a good time, and non-soldier models are a good time for me.


    Last tournament I played in I used Durgam. With his new stats he's not bad, and fought pretty hard. What I did with him was hold him back in a safe spot and engage with the rest of my force. Next turn, as both sides are bloodied up, I have a power hitter fresh and ready to exploit the damaged line. Pretty effective, though not the key model in any game for sure.


    I've found my Mage to be a good investment in every game that she lives long enough to cast :P If a fireball takes down even 3 grunts, it's paid for itself. It usually takes down closer to 5ish, so I see no reason not to take a mage in any game where you can fit one.


    Haven't played Clerics too often yet, but I recently attained my faction's cleric so he'll see some playtime this weekend. I have no experience with rogues but I'm excited about the possibilities I see in them.

  14. Been playing around with putting Logrim in a 1000 point army, tell me what you guys think.


    I like it too. Really the only change I'd make would be to remove the two bandages and add another halberd somewhere. But that's only because I don't trust CP 3 on a cleric. I have a history of miserable rolling, so I like to cast at 7 or more (Ivar, for example.. 5+2=7. Or Margara +1CP) just so I know I have a very good chance of hitting. But if you're willing to go with 50/50 odds, then the bandages are great. I'm sure that with two bears, bandages will end up being far more effective than a halberd (assuming they go off, of course).

  15. I'd really like to see a cheaper rogue figure than Audine. 84pts...


    Rogues generally aren't cheap. Us dwarves have three. From best to worst, here they are: Snorri, Kara, and Margara. Points are 101, 93, and 43. Unfortunately Margara and Kara both have MAV 1, so they aren't super good at roguing. Snorri has MAV 2, so he backstabs at a respectible 4, plus he has two melee attacks, which definately puts him head and shoulders above the other two rogues.


    I think the only truly cheap rogue (that I know of at least.....) is Lola Darkslip. 60 something points maybe? Or 40something? I forget and I'm in a rush so I'm not going to look it up. Anyway she is strictly a rogue, with only a short ranged attack added in. Most rogues come with a decent ranged attack or some other goodies like Mage, and that really boosts the price on them.


    I think that for Reaper, Rogue models are supposed to be hard to use - something that an advanced player can murder the enemy with, but that an average player is going to have great difficulty using effectively. Part of that plays out as a higher point cost than you'd like to pay.

  16. And the next sentence is, "Then after he killed one goblin, Neek and the other 18 swarmed Snorri and slew him........."


    Sorry, couldn't resist........




    rofl, yeah.........


    I agree with the thinking that the +1 for within 6 inches is a situational modifier to the dice roll rather than a RAV bonus. And the example of the melee critical strike definately makes me think that base RAV is what is designed to be doubled, because it really could get rediculous with support in a melee situation...... So it would be:

    (RAV2 x 2) +1 = 5, in Snorri's case.


    Now, if I gave Snorri lesser magical accuracy (+1 RAV) that applies directly to his RAV so it would be (RAV(2+1) x 2) + 1) if he's within six inches = 7.. right?

  17. Sorri Oathbreaker has RAV 2 and Critical Shot. So if he sacrifices his move he shoots at double RAV, or 4.


    Let's say some unfortunate goblin finds himself 6 inches away from Snorri. How would the equation go? Would it be (RAV x 2) + 1 = 5 or would it be (RAV + 1) x 2 = 6 ?


    Sure that's only one RAV difference, no gamebreaker, but it'd be good to know.

  18. I had a game recently where the Dwarf player came at Ymilrix (Warmaster, MAV 5, #MA 3) in waves of small units, and each wave died without killing Ym, who went on to butcher even more Dwarves... I'm saying don't do that.




    Hey, I was still learning :P Ymrilix and his nastiness was unknown to me :grr:


    As far as the small/large troop discussion goes, though, looking back I had small-ish troops so my only option was to attack in waves. And since Ymrilix cut me to death each time I attacked him, I didn't have enough models to get the support I needed to land hits on his insane DV. Since the dice didn't cooperate and land on 10 for me, having small troops left me without options but to go in piecemeal and die the same way. I agree with Storm, larger troops are better. At least for knocking down high DV targets - but then again that's what mages are for too, so a tip of the hat to Reaper for giving us options!

  19. I still want to know if Healer works on himself, or not.


    EE ruled on this a day or so ago in a thread I cannot find at the moment - maybe somebody else will be able to find it and link to it. The ruling was that Healer works on "other models in base to base contact" with the healer. So no, he cannot heal himself. He can, however, pack a bandage for 10 points to do that - but it won't be automatic like Healer is.



    In other news: 750 pt list with lots of named types - which is what I was going for, I know that at 750 masses of soldiers is typically the way to go. But for a fun army with lots of character, how does this sound?


    Fulumbar w/Durgam, 2 warriors, 3 swiftaxes and 3 piercers

    Freya(DF) w/6 warriors and 3 halberds




    Fulumbar and the two warriors screen for the piercers by moving to break formation, allowing the piercer's shots through, then moving back to block LOS. The lot of them have 10+deflect so that ought to be pretty effective versus ranged fire, and they're not bad in melee either. The breakers and Durgam either sneak up a flank or wait in the rear to exploit a hole in the lines.


    Freya's troop is the main body of course... no more to say.


    Thorvald's job is to eat things.


    Snorri... I've never played Snorri before, but my general idea is to have him hang waay back for the first turn or two, until both sides are engaged. Then he can use his Critical Shot on key targets (and make the discipline checks, since things will be in b2b most likely), or he can move on up to apply his rogue ability...

  20. A Captain Cleric in your list and all you give the little guy is a Bless spell! For Shame ::P:


    Well at CP 3 he's not likely to hit much of anything with spells. He has Healer so that's where his clerical nastiness went. I'm not even sure if I'd put the bless on him. I know it's a cheap spell and if you have the points why not... but 3 against 10 isn't very good odds, especially when you can be attacking twice at MAV 4, or automatically healing somebody. Bless is not likely to hit enough models to make up for that kind of effectiveness.

  21. Shadowhunter, I've found Scare to be a rediculously fun spell. On one side it looks kindof pointless. 2'' AOE... but if my rolls would hit those models then why not just cast fireball and kill them in the first place, instead of putting Shaken on them? Well first off, the price difference is critical. Scare is FAR cheaper, so if points are a factor, then go for scare. Secondly, by putting shaken on a pile of enemy models, it severely limits their combat effectiveness. My usual method for scare is to move my troop up with Margara behind, then when I'm ready to charge, peek Margara out from behind her troop, shoot off the scare, then charge the shaken models. Combine Dwarven MAV with lowered DV and you get a good pile of dead enemies! Any survivors have a very hard decision to make - on their activation do they rally and lose the opportunity to attack - giving me another round to beat on them before they can attack with support - or do they go ahead and attack, giving me an excellent opportunity to combine defensive strikes with an effective +2 MAV AND bane?


    So essentially scare is a support spell - use it to augment the ferocity of a dwarven charge. As opposed to Fireball which is a direct damage spell, you cast and they die. Scare is the economical choice, and fireball is the shock and awe choice.


    Also re: your army lists. I don't have quite enough models and so most of my lists have around 18 or so models. I've found that it is very difficult to keep up momentum with that few models, so I'd go with a list that includes more models if you can do that.

  22. TO be honest this Troll Slayer type Warlord along with the notion of black-powder have really put a dent into my thouhgts of collecting a Dwarven army. They arn't things that appeal to me, I'll wait to see how the army fleshes out, right now I like quite a number of units and models, I think the army is viable, but they could use a Warlord that isn't 300+ points.



    hey-who-and-a-whatnow? Troll slayer, gotcha there with Logan.. black powder among the dwarves? Where's that comming from? Razig has blackpowder, is that what you're talking about?


    Honestly I wouldn't be too averse to seeing some blackpowder among the dwarves. Dwarves are very industrious, and black powder is already in Taltos so it's not completely out of line. I DON'T want to see dwarves become a razig type army where we can pass out pistols to everybody and stand off and shoot them all. Dwarves have axes for a reason! Besides, dwarves drink too much to shoot straight. We need to be in close combat where our stumbling helps us dodge attacks :lol:


    @ EE:

    Hmm, Old World, fresh new recruits :B): That sounds like alot of fun! (goes off and wants the dwarf book)

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