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  1. Thanks for the info guys, that's really helpful. I found an old boxed set on ebay - 3rd edition with Unseens! - for $11 before higher bids and shipping. Punch-out cardboard mechs. Do you think it's worth it? I think the big draw would be the out of print Unseen stuff, and the downside is that it's 3rd edition which I believe (?) is not current. I think a big part of the draw for me at this point would be playing games in the context of a campaign. So many games are based around speed of play and fast-paced action (which is a good thing, don't get me wrong) that they really just do not work well in a campaign setting. A typical Warlord game lasts an hour and has something like 70% or higher attrition rate for both forces after only three turns. Makes for a great experience, but how could you possibly maintain any meaningful sense of unity game to game in a campaign like that? What I remember from Battletech (and what I experienced as I gave it a shot yesterday using the free downloads to quick-start myself) is that in Battletech you can reasonably expect to "beat" an opponent without actually destroying any of their mechs. Simply put, when the Panther's PPC gets knocked out on one team, and the Clint takes a Gyro hit on the other team, and their companions are both reasonably battered, the teams will most likely break off the battle with a few parting shots (assuming you're playing with a sense of the expense of the machines in mind - how valuable is your objective, really, if you're going to end up losing your mechs over it?) So probably for me my best bet would be Total Warfare for the rules, and Strategic Operations for the campaign management details? Does Strategic Ops have details about the expense and time it takes to repair mechs? I think the ideal campaign for me would be a short-term affair. Say, Player A controls the garrison on such and such a planet, and Player B controls the raiders who just touched down in their Union class dropship. The Garrison is composed of X mechs and has such and such repair capabilities, and the raiders have stuffed their Union with Y mechs and has only thus and such spare parts. You then assign a general map to the area, the Raider plans their objectives, and the garrison tries to fend off the raiders. The campaign begins as the Union is detected in system (garrison gets some time to deploy forces based on whatever intel they may have), combat begins after the Union is planetside and the two sides begin fighting. Battles take place on a timeframe set by both players - either player can run it faster or slower based on when they send attacks, and both players can use whatever forces they have remaining and operational at the time, that they can get to the site of the battle. You play it for as long as the Raider thinks it is worthwhile to continue the attack, or until the Garrison wipes out the raiders. Bonus points if the Garrison can take out the Union and move the campaign into guerilla warfare mode.
  2. Years ago as a young middle schooler I gave Classic Battletech a go (wasn't "classic then!") and found it to be over my head and a bit of a frustration to play. Loved the theme and still do, but have always had a bad taste in my mouth about how the game played. Well, now over a decade and a half later, I've made a hobby out of tabletop miniature games and figure that perhaps what was "so complicated" back then may actually be more reasonable to me now. So I'm looking for a few answers as I look into this. So my questions to all of you CBT-ers are these: 1) What size game do you typically play, and how long does it take? e.g. for a lance level engagement, and if you play higher, how long for those games too? 2) What is the expense you're looking at? I'd love to have a full company so that I have options, and of course I know that you step into these games slowly and start with only a handful of mechs... Iron Wind would sell me the company that appeals to me for around $200, does that sound about right? 3) What books do you NEED to play? I've seen 3 books.. tactical something and so forth, they have madcat and thor on the spines.. Do you need to drop the coin on all three, or will one suffice for a start? 4) Timelines and mech choices... I realize this would be highly subjective relative to a specific group of players... But if I'm a complete 3025 geek, am I hamstringing myself if I want to play with the 3050-3070 crowd? Endo this and double that are vastly superior to the old standard armor, single heat sink chassis... and the weapons just vastly outshine them. Does CBT recognize this trend across the timeline and adjust Battle Value accordingly (for that matter is Battle Value still used?) or are BV's calculated according to the timeline the chassis appears in independently of other places in the timeline? 5) I saw a few years ago a boxed set that included plastic miniatures... is that still on the market? Might come back with more questions, but that'll do for now biggrin.gif
  3. The next Fight action could be quite a long ways off though. A spell like that is great to cast on the first turn, when a more directly offensive spell would still be out of range. You cast Divine Might and the effect lingers until used, so you can use the action on the first turn, then later on the second turn you don't have to decide between buffing your ally or attacking the enemy - you can go ahead and attack the enemy with your spells, and have the guy you buffed still take advantage of the spell.
  4. These are Privateer Press, in their Hordes line. Pretty cool minis. Don't like how their new rules version handles these special "guy and accompanying warbeast" duos, but this pair fared better than some of the others, so that at least is good.
  5. RAV 6 5 #RA 1 Rng(16/24) S.A.: Indirect Shot, Pierce, Poison, Weaponmaster That's all I've got to say about Khathan, really. If love were stats, those would be them. "The range is good" to quote Maximus from Gladiator. 16" for her mas RAV is great, but with how high her RAV is there really is no reason not to park her around 24 inches away and just lob shots. She has the potential for 3 damage, not 2, against living targets - 1 for the hit, 1 for a potential pierce, and one for the potential poison. That's really good. She's half-way killing Hill Giants with that kind of damage. My advice? Park her behind your army, and keep her way back. She'll be alive back there until your army crumbles, at which point any given model can be expected to be dead, so that's ok. The enemy will have to devote some cavalry, or fast fliers, or something like that. But really, she does not fear anything other than Cavalry with Rush Attack. If the enemy sends some cavalry after her, simply move/run her 16" away. They can follow, but not follow and attack at that speed.
  6. RAV 6 5 #RA 1 Rng(16/24) S.A.: Indirect Shot, Pierce, Poison, Weaponmaster That's all I've got to say about Khathan, really. If love were stats, those would be them. "The range is good" to quote Maximus from Gladiator. 16" for her mas RAV is great, but with how high her RAV is there really is no reason not to park her around 24 inches away and just lob shots. She has the potential for 3 damage, not 2, against living targets - 1 for the hit, 1 for a potential pierce, and one for the potential poison. That's really good. She's half-way killing Hill Giants with that kind of damage. My advice? Park her behind your army, and keep her way back. She'll be alive back there until your army crumbles, at which point any given model can be expected to be dead, so that's ok. The enemy will have to devote some cavalry, or fast fliers, or something like that. But really, she does not fear anything other than Cavalry with Rush Attack. If the enemy sends some cavalry after her, simply move/run her 16" away. They can follow, but not follow and attack at that speed.
  7. Victory for Aizen Krahl! It's as it should be, really. I'm going to have to get comfortable with cheering for the kingdom of Kragmarr too, but the REAL good guys are the Aizen Krahl Dwarves. I'm gonna have to give that whole "total offense" strategy a try sometime. I'm far too nervous to field models with less than 11 DV.
  8. No worries man. Did you see my reply to that thread? Of course now that I read this I see that you've got a very different group of models than what I suggested, so let me give it another go.. Dwarves - 499 points Troop 1 Herryk Aesir, High Cleric --Durgam Deepmug with Magic Weapon --Kara Foehunter Mancatcher Shieldmaiden Warrior Piercer Halberdier Bear Rider New models in italics. I would have loved to sneak in another elite, but Herryk needs at least 6 soldiers. It's still a pretty versatile army. Kara and the Piercer are all the range you need at 500 points. With Magic Weapon Durgam can be a real presence on the battlefield, and the Bear Rider is a solid model as well. Herryk's priority heal targets are Durgam, Bear Rider, and Shieldmaiden. I would adopt a formation similar to this while approaching the enemy... sorry for the clumsy ASCII - and each model is represented by the first letter in its name.. ---BWDMS--- K------H------P Sort of a phalanx type deal, with your archers ranging out a bit to the side and hanging back somewhat such that they are not prime charge targets. Herryk tucked in behind the line so he can heal from safety for the first turn or two. The Bear on the side of the front line in case it needs to rocket forward to rip apart a key target - you will still have a solid front line without a bear-sized gap. OH! And remember that size one (1" square based) models will no block LOS from Herryk to the Bear, so you can heal it from behind your line so long as it's within range. Keeping the bear healed up can be key.
  9. Hey there Dinoman! Welcome to the Good Guys. Herryk is a solid Warlord that really brings alot to your army. Good choice. Check out this post and the links at the bottom of it for my take on all of the models in the Aizen Krahl Dwarves line. Hopefully some of it is useful to you. So you've picked Herryk. The next thing to consider is which faction doctrine you'd like to play. As you mentioned that you prefer a more defensive style, perhaps you should consider the "Warriors of the Mountain" doctrine. In particular the ability "Staunch Defender" ought to be attractive to you - when your leaders, elites, and solos are attacked they get an extra melee attack for their defensive strikes. It's a seriously awesome ability. If you pick that ability, it'd be a good idea to fit in as many combat-oriented elites as possible to take advantage of the ability. Here's an army I have put together to give you an idea of what I'm talking about: Dwarves - 499 points Troop 1 Herryk Aesir, High Cleric Klaus Copperthumb Durthen, Boarmaster Durgam Deepmug Warrior x 2 Halberdier x 2 Piercer x 2 Herryk is 6-12/3, meaning you need at least 6 soldiers and no more than 12, and you can take 0-3 elites. He's got exactly 6 soldiers and 3 elites, so this is a legal list. Durgam is your classic "hold the line" elite - solid stats all around. Durthen rides a boar, so he's got extra speed which can be handy. Sometimes you need to run down a caster or archer, and Dwarves aren't really the speediest army, so that mounted option gives you some good flexibility. Klaus is fairly non-standard for a Dwarf. While his low DV is somewhat offset by his Dodge/2 ability, it's still best to keep him tucked in behind your army. Use him mid/late game to assassinate a key enemy model, and in the meantime his multiple short-ranged range attacks to pick away at wounded enemies so your melee troops can work on fresh targets. Your warriors are solid choices. I heartily approve of warriors. Halberdiers are also solid, and as you dig deeper into the game you'll appreciate them more and more. For now, enjoy the extra attack and the opportunity for easy support bonuses. Try to get them behind Durgam or Herryk when you need to demolish a key enemy, as those extra attacks and the support bonus go quite a long way. Piercers are a good choice and they force the enemy to come to you. If you start pegging enemy models from range while holding your troops back, they'll have to charge in. At that point you'll be able to use your Staunch Defender ability to make them pay for engaging you. Herryk just brings so much to the table! His Runic Hammer ability allows each model to re-roll a failed Discipline check once per activation. Use this to keep your morale up when your Piercers or Klaus shoot an enemy that is in B2B with an ally, or when you're needing to charge something that forces a Discipline check. It may not sound like a big deal, but it really is since those situations often sway the battle in big ways. As a spellcaster Herryk is top notch. There are only a handful of casters better than he is, and none of them are Dwarves. At first focus on using his healing spells to keep your forces in the fight. As you get more comfortable with him, spells like Mire, Wall of Stone, and Molten Earth will become very useful. Herryk is good in melee but he's not awesome, so don't expect miracles from him. If you must attack an enemy with him, see if you can use Mire on the target first to mitigate Defensive Strikes. Again, welcome to the Dwarves, and feel free to ask any more questions you have! Qwyk is right that the best place to pursue more answers is directly in the "Dwarves" faction thread. There are several perfectly valid points of view on this faction. I've given you mine, but you won't want to miss the others - especially WildBill's!
  10. First, what factions do you play? Dwarves of Aizen Krahl, Nefsokar, and I have a Necropolis army but haven't really ever played them. Got the army from a friend who was moving on to other things. Second, what is your favorite faction? I absolutely love the fluff for Nefsokar. As a faction they're a blast to play. Idealogically I am a dwarf fan to the core, so the Dwarves are my favorite. I appreciate that Reaper has allowed Dwarves to be something other than "poor us, we are rockstars BUT the orcs crushed our holdings and we're all dying out." Every fantasy setting wants Dwarves to be totally hardcore but insists on having them be the race that is crumbling, dying, and failing. Does not compute!! So yes.. Dwarves are solid in every way in this game. Third, what faction(s) do you plan to start playing in the next 12 months? I've been pondering Darkspawn, Tembrithil Elves, and Kargir. Kragmarr is an obvious choice, but at this point I have so many Dwarf models that I'll most likely just proxy when I play Kragmarr.
  11. I believe that rule is either in the Flier SA or in the rules on shooting. I completely missed it too and nearly flipped my lid when I saw that those models you mentioned were surviving beta edition after beta edition. Especially given the very strong feeling previously about how horribly broken a ranged flier is in the game and how it just does bad, bad things for the game I was surprised to see that you could do that with some models in Savage North. Until, of course, it was pointed out to me that no, you may not actually do that :D
  12. How about if mage 1 declares a teleport on mage 2, and mage 2 declares a fireball... resolve the fireball and then resolve the teleport? in order to get mage 2 the heck out of dodge?
  13. Very useful for when you need to teleport in a pile of Tomb Guards into the jumbled squishy bits of an enemy army. Sometimes you need the extra area.
  14. Contemplating if I'm gonna eat stupid pills and pick it up tonight at midnight, or be more reasonable and grab it after work tomorrow... If only I was good at falling asleep fast, I'd power nap until 11:30, zip over to the store, grab the game, install and throw down once, then go to bed. But I know I can't do that, and if I go for it tonight I'll be up until 2 or 3 AM.. and that would leave me absolutely trashed for work. it's pre-ordered so it'll be there for me either way. Should probably eat smart pills and get it tomorrow.
  15. pardon the month old thread-no-mancy, but I happened to notice somebody (nudge nudge) claiming that Dwarves stink. That, my good sir, is simply not true. Dwarves are fastidiously clean creatures. On Topic: Here's what "broke the game" as far as freelance armies went - all-ranged, and all-first strikers. i.e. "hey look at me, I found a gimmick, and I don't care that what I am doing is only fun for one person even though I am ostensibly playing a recreational game with another human being." Do what you wish, man, you seem like a level headed fellow who gives a care about the people you play with, and that's all the guidance you need in this endeavor.
  16. Are you referring to some form of Vassal type thing, or...? I know that some companies had issue with Vassal as it infringed on the IP, what with using the names, images, etc, of the models in the game. Players were divided over the issue, some figured "hey, a game's a game and if I'm not going to get a 'live' game in today at least I can get a Vassal game in" and others said "it's meant to be played face to face and this ruins it! blah!" Or maybe you're talking about something completely different
  17. That's the way it ought to be. Who likes a story where the good guys outnumber the bad guys and stomp them into the ground? No way! It's gotta be the final bastion of good holding out against the dark tide of evil, and at the very end the guy you really like must give his life sacrificially to save his fellows. Anything else wouldn't be sensible Besides... now there are TWO factions of good Dwarves, if evil didn't have the leg up they have now, it'd be game over from the get-go. And other blatant bragging and taunting.
  18. It shouldn't, because Fear of Undeath makes them lose the benefits of the SA - not "removes one instance of the Fearless SA from opponents' datacards for the duration of the game." Your Crusader soldiers would still all get their +1 DIS which is pretty handy!
  19. Those spells that specify "all enemies" mean that if you have a friendly model in b2b when you cast the spell they do not take damage. Really, b2b is a technical term used to describe the state of two models whose bases are touching - hence "base to base contact." I really don't understand why it's such a mind bend for so many players that a model may not be in contact with itself when the game verbiage is so clear about what it means to be in b2b contact.
  20. Tomb Guards are ok, but honestly when I want to have a rock solid troop choice to lead the charge, I pick Ammat Devourers every time. Pun intended. DV10 doesn't impress much, but with DR/1 it becomes very respectable. Most troopers will hit these guys once on average, which is just fine. You've got some, but if you upped the count from 3 to 6 it would be a good improvement. As far as solos go, I absolutely love the Avatar of Sokar but it's not essential by any means. The Scorpion is nasty enough, and the Sekhmet Avatar gets the job done well also. Stubbdog is right about the Khamsin Archers, they are very good models. 2 of them would be right around the upper limit of your proposed investment, but I think they'd perform well for you. Especially if you get them in a troop with a caster who can cast Blessing (Thoth, Prophet, Khufu) to boost the RAV on key turns.
  21. Yeah, you did fine. In general I'm not a huge fan of team games for the reason you stated. Either one player just can't get there as fast due to slower speed, etc, or the other player just doesn't think to slow his approach down at all, or else one player plays it super cagey... I tend to be a fairly aggressive player... been on the wrong end of one too many gun-line armies I guess, and I just do not favor hanging back at all, so I often end up getting myself over extended and torn up pretty badly. But anyways. Yeah, you did fine. I tore up Logrim's troop but you took down half of the troop while I did that, and I also didn't even touch Logrim and he's a complete monster so he would have given me some trouble later on if we had the time to play it all out.
  22. Nick Stone is awesome and I don't think you can go wrong with a guy in power armor, night vision goggles, a huge gun, and a grim disposition If they are into military history at all, check out Sgt. Mack because he to is just full of awesome.
  23. Fought against this today. Fun fight! It was a little hard to evaluate the list because it was a team game... Obviously my cavalry troop smashed up Logrim's troop, but the matchup between Grimsteel's troop and Khufu's troop was all befuddled because the vampires made an appearance... And with all of the water my team was dealing with - not to mention indecisive responses to the Stone Spirit - it was just an odd matchup the whole map over. I think the list was sound, with my only critique being not much range - though I hardly ever put enough range into my own lists as it is. You committed your Miners way too early and against overwhelming odds, but that's not your list's fault. Burrowed units have the advantage of being able to select the best moment to enter the battle. As you play more you'll get a better feel for when that is. Maybe swap Margara into Grimsteel's troop - she may last longer with more bodies around her. Maybe not. Facing a troop of Leaping cavalry is rough on a caster - unless you box her in with your own models she's meat, and even then you're only buying one extra turn (probably). It's too bad we didn't have time to finish, would have been fun to see how it all panned out. I was excited to see you two break yourself on Ammat's troop late in the game. Maybe some other time, next time I come I'll be bringing my Dwarves to keep you all on your toes. Or maybe I should jump in with my Necropolis...
  24. Miners are actually quite good models. Compared to Warriors they have essentially the same stats, but with a different set of SA's. Burrow is a huge advantage, so if you've got the Miners why not use them? A small troop of Miners isn't going to save the day of course, but there's a psychological advantage in fielding a burrowing troop which is to your advantage - players feel the need to adjust their strategy in a disproportionate level. I do agree that if you can get Gilam into the troop their effectiveness goes way up, as he can surface first, blast the enemy with some form of magical awesome, then you can send in the miners to take advantage of the mess Gilam just made. Pretty simple way of getting more out of them, and Gilam's mini is really sweet on top of it all. re: the Elemental army - Range is very powerful in that list, you really want lots of it. Take a token melee force, try to get a 3rd Lesser Elemental in there, and fill it in with Piercers, Kara, even a mage or two. Snorri is awesome but all your solo slots are filled with Elementals so he'll sit that one out. The enemy will be forced to take huge losses to archery or open themselves wide to a charge from several burrowed models. Make sure to keep your models spread way apart - a few Piercers here, a few there, try to stay at least 8" apart with groups no bigger than 2 or 3, and the enemy will have to fracture their force to deal with it all at once, or focus and leave the rest of your piercers alone. All the while the threat of an Elemental surfacing and crushing a weak portion of their army will cause them fits.
  25. Sir Brannor knew full well that he was walking into a trap. He issued orders to his Justicars in soft but commanding words and bade them to ready themselves for a battle. Yes, definitely a trap, but after all the effort and all the slain, here he was at the tomb of the foul abominations that had been raiding a nearby Crusader outpost. Satisfied that his small cadre of warriors were focused and ready, Brannor risked a quick peek over the crest of the sand dune his soldiers were crouched behind. A single, dirty looking shepherd stood among his flock, staff in hand, looking the other way. Scanning in both directions, Brannor caught site of a rocky defile. According to the texts, this was the entrance to the tomb of Ibn Hali Met - in life a noble of ancient Hakir, and now, in unlife, a vengeful undead preying on the living. Thoth's heavy granite hand roughly checked Ammat's movements as the hulking crocodile-esque construct attempted to open the door to the tomb. Inside Thoth's crafted skull, he understood. Ammat was a vessel of action and destruction now, nothing more. Gone was her grasp on justice, on patience, on sanity. Sokar had crafted Ammat into a pure soldier. He had also crafted Thoth into something capable of retaining vast knowledge, and right now that knowledge was tempering Ammat's fury. No, now was not the time to spring the trap. The meddling Crusaders were not yet fully committed. Soon... Soon Ammat would get to unleash her rage... Brannor's troop was off of the sand dune now, advancing quickly on the rocky crevice. The shepherd had heard them coming and was busy shouting at his sheep and trying to hustle them well clear of the Crusaders, but the sheep just didn't seem to want to budge. He thought he heard the shepherd curse the sheep by his ancient god, Sokar. Brannor was troubled by the presence of the shepherd - when the battle began in earnest he would have to look out for the shepherd's safety, but for now he needed to get to that tomb so the enemy could not evade him any further. Thoth heard the Ranger shouting. "Now! Now! By Sokar's mighty power, spring the trap now!" If Thoth's stone beak could have smiled, he would have. No doubt the Crusaders didn't understand a word he was saying and were continuing to blunder into the trap. Pulling his hand away from Ammat, he calmly unsheathed his twin swords, looked out up to the sun beating down from above, and spoke words of power. Feeling a surge of energy coming into his mind, he focused on Ammat, who was already charging forward with heavy footfalls. A glow of sunlight lit Ammat's great cleaving sword as she burst into the sunlight, flanked by her ferocious Devourer shock troops. Thoth wondered what the Crusaders' faces looked like upon seeing such a furious attack! Brannor had time to bite out a few simple commands before the stone leviathan was upon him. Raising his shield just in time, he managed to save his life at the expense of his arm. As the great stone crocodile's glowing sword rent his shield, his arm broke beneath it and Brannor fell to one knee, his arm hanging limp by his side. As he struggled to regain his footing an Ironspine behind him thrust and jabbed with his spear at the attacker, giving it enough pause to prevent it from finishing Brannor off on the spot. Brannor whistled to his dog and risked a look behind himself to order his archer to shoot at his assailant - he looked in time to see the archer fall to the ground with an arrow through his chest. The "shepherd's" cloak lay at his feet, he was now masked, and he was drawing a second arrow from his quiver. Brannor set his jaw in anger at his misunderstanding. Thoth continued walking slowly towards the battle. Ammat was awash in blood and the Crusader captain knelt injured at her feet. Unfortunately blood lust had overtaken Ammat and she was now too busy slaying other soldiers to finish off this Justicar. Devourers swarmed the armored knights and were fighting blade and maw against the elite soldiery. Thoth chanted more words of power, and almost at Thoth's will Ammat's foot kicked forward to crush the Justicar in front of her. She now stood half on him as she savagely fought the knights on all sides. Brannor nearly blacked out when the construct crushed his leg with her foot. The force of the impact made him lose his sword, and in the pin he could no longer reach it. He closed his eyes and began a last prayer to his gods. In moments the shouts and clashes of battle died off, and Brannor struggled to look around him. His own soldiers lay entwined with the stony bodies of their assailants. The great crocodile-headed monstrosity that had felled him still stood over him, and a large beaked construct stood nearby. By the looks in their eyes he knew his end was near. Brannor wished only that he could have stood and held his sword. Ibn Hali Met, once-courtesan of the Hakiri Empire and now a Prophet to Sokar, strode from his vantage point with a prayer of thanks upon his desiccated lips. Sokar's power had brought a swift end to the battle, and now the thieves were at his mercy. Ammat and her Devourers were the perfect trap. Hali Met bade Ammat to step back, and knelt beside the fallen knight. Speaking one final prayer, Hali Met touched the Crusader's leg and arm, healing both limbs. "I am Ibn Hali Met. Your people attack mine without thought and offer no respect to Sokar. For this, your comrades have died. I spare you so that you can bear a message to your people. Leave the desert. Do not seek our tombs. Sokar is greater than your people and greater than your gods, and today you have learned that you cannot stand against him. I mark you today with the Eye of Sokar, and if any of his people cross your paths again they will not extend to you the mercy I extend this day." With that, Ibn Hali Met made several gestures over Brannor's head, stood, and walked away. ------------------------------------------------------------- Crusaders - Brannor, Halbarad, 5 Justicars, Ironspine, Wardog, Archer, Nun Nefsokar - Ammat(magic weapon), Thoth, Prophet, 6 Devourers, Ranger Terrain was a jumble of sand dunes, one near the Nefsokar side featured the entrance to a tomb deep in a rocky ravine. The forces of Nefsokar were trying to keep the Crusaders from "cleansing the foul undead." The terrain favored the Nefsokar', I'll admit it... kindof tough to burn through DR/1 and DR/2 models when you can't fully flank them. Still, the Crusaders managed to knock most of the Devourers down and roughed Ammat up plenty before the end. A battle sure ends quickly when both armies have access to the Divine Tome and can boost up their offensive abililities. Also, Ammat with Magic Weapon, Blessing, and Divine Might is truly disgusting. That one turn she dropped Brannor to one wound (blasted low roll and I didn't cleave.. needed a 3 to hit and a 6 to cleave, rolled a 5!) and outright killed a Justicar. DR/2 meant she only took a single wound in return, too. Awesomesauce.
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