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  1. To give you my take on some of your original questions that you started the thread with - Often I really dig the lower end of the game. There's been much to-do about what point size warlord is "optimized" for, and it was indeed playtested thoroughly at 1,000 points, but it plays just fine at smaller point levels. I've had a blast with 200 or 300 point lists (though those can tend to be fairly bland unless you put the right types of models in there), and I really like 500 or 750 point games. Those run you around 10 to 15 models, give or take 5 either way, and you can get a solid game finished in about 30-45 minutes of actual game play.* There are some really rough combos at 500 points, but if both players are being sporting it won't be too big of a deal.


    I really like building a small, elite 500 point list. With that small of a game you've probably got a single troop and a solo, or maybe two troops. You've got to think about each model and the role it fills in the fighting company. None of this "well I've got 1,000 points so I'll throw in a big pile of X soldier type." I also find it easier to build around a story or theme at 500 points, without having a huge amount of repetition.


    I also like to throw down 1500 points with a large number of models, some really massive monsters, and just grind the old grist mill. That's fun too!



    *actual game play of course does not take into account referencing rules, re-filling the Cheez-its bowl, removing the cat from the play surface, etc...

  2. Patience shouldn't be too much of an issue, I just pulled an old Timberwold mechwarrior miniature out of my soaking cup after, oh, I don't know, a month maybe?


    Of course, I'm not actively playing Mechwarrior so there was no real reason to be quick about that job...


    Here's another question, while I'm at it:


    The resin models are mounted on acrylic posts/bases... will they be damaged by pine sol? Do I need to rig some sort of contraption to keep

  3. I use brake fluid for my pewter models. Will brake fluid ruin resin? I painted up my entire fleet for Firestorm Armada but now I am thinking I would like a different color scheme. I could just spray primer over the current paint job, but I think that Primer + Paint + Primer + Paint would be a bit too much.


    On hand I also have Pine Sol, if that would do the trick without killing the resin.

  4. Fear not! You'll get the hang of the Reven. Sounds like you're already thinking smart - from your battle report you used Ombur's spells quite a bit, and that's a good thing. Taking a melee army against a ranged army in a new game is always tricky. I remember my first game against a Razig gun line. I played it safe and tried to move my models behind cover and took 2 or 3 whole turns of sneaking up before I decided I really needed to get up in their face and start attacking, but by then he'd whittled me down to the point that I couldn't really get enough force behind the charge to do anything.


    Another time I decided it would be fun to try out the low armored fast models, and to my dismay my opponent fielded a solid line of Overlord Crossbowmen with a few Warriors standing guard, and Corvis overseeing the turkey shoot. I think one model made it into b2b... This was way back in Original Warlord where one wound killed pretty much everything, which made it somewhat easier on my opponent.


    I've finally settled upon having my high DV models up front to take the shots and rushing as fast as I can at the archers. It mostly works. Some models bite it hard on the way in, but there's nothing you can do about that (except perhaps have a healer waiting in the wings!) Elves of course have Indirect Shot and can get to our squishies in the back either way... and Reven has a rough time fielding soldiers with higher than 10 DV (only 4 soldier types have 10 or higher, and they're all 30+ points. You've got the Bull Orc Fighters, so you're all set there, you've got the best bet for defensive Orc).


    Also, props for using Lurg. I think he's a fantastic model. Very good looking, and he can really lay down the hurt in a hurry, especially if you use him as a leader hunter.

  5. Mage Knight was my first tabletop game as well. Found an article on a battletech forum stating that WizKids was going to be making a mechwarrior game similar to their Make Knight game, so I wrangled up all the friends I could and decided to get into Mage Knight to figure out the general game mechanic. We were avid Risk players but were new to the whole tabletop skirmish concept.


    Unfortunately I dumped the VAST majority of my mage knight some time ago, well before getting into D&D. What few models I have, though, probably around 50 models, are all re-based and re-tasked as dungeon fodder. Every once in a while I pop onto ebay and look for cheap lots. I would probably buy more if I DMed more.


    They work quite well, as you can get a high number of models for your dollar, and they're pre painted.

  6. Additions in italics:


    Nefsokar - 1000 points

    Troop 1

    Neb'nesew Ne'pet

    Ammat Devourer x 2

    Anubis Guard x 3

    Awakened Mummy x 4

    Troop 2


    ---Book of Tactics

    Khamsin Lancer x 2

    Khamsin Raider x 3 (added 1)

    Troop 3

    Sokar's Avatar

    Troop 4

    Chosen of Sokar

    Sokar's Prophets

    Tomb Guard x 3


    I'm a huge fan of teleporting mummies, so I would add a troop of teleporting mummies! For me, Nefsokar can't just march up and thwack people. Not that the faction can't do very well as a "march up and stomp them" army. They can and do. But since my primary army is Dwarves and that's pretty much what Dwarves do, I picked up Nefsokar so that I could have an army that pulls off crazy hijinks like, well, taking a pile of mummies and teleporting them! That's why 90% of my Nefsokar lists have a cavalry troop, I often field the Giant Scorpion, and if I can pull it off I have teleporting mummies. When I play Nefsokar I like to present my army, give the enemy something to line up and plan on dealing with, and then I like to change things up on them. i.e. deploy the cavalry on one flank and very early on swap flanks with a move/run, teleport some mummies to a new place, and use models like Neb to blast big holes in their army. To me that style of play is very un-dwarfy and it fits what I want in a different playstyle and it also seems to be what Nefsokar can do well. They've got some rock solid models and some really sweet tricks up their sleeves to hit you with those models where THEY want to hit you with them.

  7. 750 Nefsokar list of righteous wrath!


    Troop 1

    Neb'nesew Ne'pet

    Ammat Devourer x2

    Anubis Guard x 3

    Awakened Mummy x 4

    Troop 2


    ---Book of Tactics

    Khamsin Lancer x 2

    Khamsin Raider x 2

    Troop 3

    Sokar's Avatar

    =748 points, 16 models, 4 cards


    Model count is right in the sweet spot. Just enough, not too many. Neb leads the pack straight up the middle with the golems in the van and the Mummies running caster D. Anwar flanks wide to freak out the enemy, pepper them with arrows, and send in the light horse when opportunity knocks.

    Sokar's Avatar runs Zone Defense near Neb's troop, waiting to step in and crush whatever the Golems attract. Neb keeps a wary eye on healing the Avatar but otherwise brings the fury of the Storm upon the wretched enemies of the Dunes.


    Rock'em Sock'em Nomads.

  8. 750 Dwarf list of Doom!


    Troop 1

    Logrim Battlefury

    Ivar Silverfist

    Kara Foehunter

    Shieldmaiden x 2

    Warrior x 4

    Halberdier x 2

    Troop 2

    Gargram Heavyhand

    Swiftaxe x 3

    Piercer x 2


    Troop 3

    Snorri Oathbreaker


    3 troops, 2 spies, 19 models


    19 models in a 750 Dwarf list is... well I think it's pretty impressive!

    Troop 1 is a heavyweight contender. Logrim up the middle with a pair of Maidens flanking, backed by Halberdiers and with Ivar to patch up their hurt? Yes please. The Maidens' extra DT means Ivar has that much more opportunity to heal. This troop rocks upwards of MAV 8 on the charge (9 against Reven!) against selected targets. Whizam!


    Gargram's troop is all about cleaning up support. Rush Attack and Piercers make it happen from way out, and the Miner can get in there unhindered unless a caster blows SP on bringing one model to the surface. I almost hope they do.


    Kara and Snorri may not be the most popular choices, but I like them. Nothing like a 2-in-1 Piercer with bells and whistles! 1/5 of this list is ranged which is somewhat of an anomaly for me, but I don't think it's out of order or anything. Piercers don't disappoint.

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  9. Any high DV opponent is going to be a tough fight for elves. Often an Elf army relies upon many low MAV attacks to bring down an enemy, and high DV is just bad odds for that style. Peruhain is a quality model for the elves though, as Bless can increase your odds to hit - as you know.


    You said the Krung trampled you - you've got to space out your models if that's something you're facing. If he can only squish one of your models a turn Trample is kindof pointless, and regardless of the faction the solution is to space out your models. Ranged models don't really rely upon being in any particular formation, so long as they have line of sight and range on their targets - unlike melee models that like to bunch up and try for support bonuses and all of that jazz.


    Finally - and this may not have been much of an option as Reptus tend to have high DV's outside of the snake models - archers are pretty good at picking off less defensive models. It is somewhat of a waste to shoot arrows at models that you need to roll 10's to hit if there are targets available that you need even just 9 or 10's to hit. Your odds to hit double if you can hit with a 9 as well. Yes you could get lucky and level a big important model with archers early, but it's more likely that you just whiff and waste the shots. Again, fighting Reptus that may not have been an option.


    Ok one more thought: I like your use of magic, it gives the Elves a way to attack at a higher value than the typical elf MAV or RAV (actually this holds true for most factions) and can offer you a way to crack models that are otherwise difficult to bring down.

  10. Dwarves - 530 points

    Troop 1

    Freya Fangbreaker

    Margara Firetongue

    Ivar Silverfist

    Shieldmaiden x 5

    Halberdier x 2



    Solid as a rock, can hole up and defend a spot quite nicely, but has the offensive punch to go take the fight to them just as easily. Ivar for hanging around that little bit longer, and Margara for lighting junk on fire. Gotta love it!

  11. "Bad habit of changing rules." Well they only have one other game besides Firestorm, which is Uncharted Seas. They did make some pretty big changes right out of the gate. So it's not a habit yet. We'll see what they do with Firestorm.



    One note on their rulebook - it has pretty spotty editing, and the examples don't necessarily follow the rules they are trying to exemplify. Which, I suppose, is also an editing issue. The rules are good, but you need to read carefully. Fortunately it's pretty straight forward and there's only a handful of "to hit" numbers to remember.


    I wonder if half of the problems I have with the rulebook come up because they are English and I am American. People think in different ways in different countries, and what makes perfectly clear sense to one person in country A may not make a lick of sense in country B (see, there was actually an example of that in the sentence! "a lick of sense" would make NO sense to a person who is unfamiliar with that phrase).

  12. That's pretty darned neat! Probably wouldn't work so well in a more "mainstream" math class, but in a special case like this teacher's got, you absolutely have to think outside the box and contextualize the learning - since mainstream isn't working for those kids in the first place.


    I hope no crazy people come in and shut him down for using a game!

  13. Welcome! You're in for a great time - Warlord is a fantastic game. Simple enough for a first game, but complex enough to play years and years later as well.


    I like both of your lists. As far as model count - most players generally land at or around 20 models in a 1,000 point list (rough estimate, there are plenty of lists that differ and are still great). At 500 points of course the average would be more like 10. So neither of your lists are low model count. The first one is actually quite large!


    If you're going for all Bull Orcs, check out Ombur as opposed to Lunk. He's a completely different model. Over twice the cost, many times hardier, and plays a supportive role as opposed to Lunk's offensive role. But he's a Bull Orc :) You'd have to play around with some of the other models to make him fit. Also keep in mind that Ombur shares a spell tome with Greka, so you've got to think about if you want more diversity in spell options. Just a thought, though. I honestly think there's no wrong way to build a Reven horde, since everything is a crazy blabbering orc or who knows what! It's a fun faction.



    Anyways... Welcome!

  14. Whipped up this planetary system in around 2 hours all told, perhaps 3. Cost was around $12 USD if you don't count the paint.


    Spray painted the board black, then flecked it with white, light blue, and yellow to create the star pattern. I tried to go for a "zillion little stars" as opposed to a lesser number of more impressive stars because A) it's easier that way and B) I imagine you'd see many more stars while actually in outer space.


    The large planet is a 5" sphere cut in half, brushed with glue and coated with sand, then generously washed with a dark red. I have plans to drybrush it with an orange color but I got too excited to wait and had to take pictures.


    The moons are all 2.5" spheres cut in half and painted accordingly. For the "typical moon" looking ones I simply pressed my knuckles in to create craters, then heavily drybrushed in some darker grey. The moon with the massive crack was further chopped using a wire foam cutter. The Death Star (that's no moon...) had its primary weapon cut with an exacto before getting paint. Unfortunately the flash washed out the death star's detail.. fortunately for me you can't see how poor the lines are, haha!


    Alas I've spent my time on terrain and only have two ships with anything more than primer on them. Fortunately the fighters come ready to go, so I've got a fighter screen going on as well.


    My favorite moon is the volcanic moon!



  15. just thought I'd pop back into this thread after the fact. I did go ahead and pick up Firestorm Armada. It ends up playing mostly like BFG in that things are simpler than Full Thrust.


    What makes it cooler is that there are multiple ways to attack (granted BFG had lances which acted somewhat different) - primary weapons, torpedoes - and multiple ways to defend - a ships innate ability to shrug off damage (essentially a "to hit" - DV to use a Warlord term), shields, and point defense. Depending upon the attack you choose to use, different defenses come into play. e.g. a torpedo must survive point defense, break through the shield, and finally land on the hull and blow up in order to score a hit. a "primary weapon" (laser, big gun, etc) ignores point defense. Unlike Battlefleet Gothic, fighter wings actually get to fight, they don't just have an effect and go away.


    Finally the cards (you get ~5 in a hand and replenish each turn) can be used in place of the BFG maneuvers - more or less - to add some zip to the game.



    So it's definitely not a very detailed, crunchy game. It favors speed over that. But it's not stupid simple either. The varying types of attacks and defenses give the game a measure of depth that ought to keep it from being a straight dice fest.


    It floats my boat.

  16. I've found that Focus helps to speed up play. After you get stuck in, your decision making goes down. And as noted above, making decisions is what makes the game fun. The ability to add +1 means you hit more often, which reduces the amount of time you spend living with your decisions, and increases the amount of time you can spend making decisions.


    Example: Player A decides to charge player B in such and such a manner - it may or may not work. But until the bodies start dropping for either player, the decisions are small - attack the guy in front and to the right... or in front and to the left... as opposed to "now that those guys are cleared out, do I rush those archers over there, or do I swing over here to help out my buddies who are still struggling with their own little fight?


    Sure +1 isn't that big, and arguably doesn't speed things up TOO much... but it helps.



    It also brings into play some interesting choices regarding allowing or denying your enemy the ability to use Focus. Charging in such a way that you enter b2b with more enemies tends to mean you can dictate the matchups more in a particular fight. But doing so grants them the ability to use the Focus action. So is it worth it to dictate the matchups more, or is it worth it to prevent them from using Focus more? It's a good question, and it's a question I tend to think about. I don't always answer it the same way, as the quality of the models on both sides, the terrain, nearby opponents, all factor into the decision.

  17. Hm. Well I think I'm not really a typical starship gamer then. In that Full Thrust, Starmada, they all seem to have about a bazillion rules more than I'd like. I favor games that flow easily, have a minimum of math, and allow you to blow crap up pretty quickly. To me book keeping ought to be limited to HP, and perhaps checking off damaged systems or whatever, but I don't want to deal with writing out orders for the whole fleet each turn or anything like that. I just want to move my minis around the table, concentrate on things like getting into good firing positions, and have the game over in an hour or so.


    So it sounds like Firestorm Armada might be more to my liking, and less to the liking of others.


    I also did a bit more thinking on the price point - $60 for 10 minis averages to $6 a mini, which is right about what you spend here at Reaper, so it's not all that bad. Heck single models in the Privateer line can run you $60 by themselves! So it's really not that ridiculous of a cost.


    I think that so long as at least a few others locally pick it up (or at least agree to use cardboard cut outs alongside my fancy models if they're gonna be cheap) then it will be a fun one for me.

  18. Hm. I just did a price comparison, and the "same" list as you get with Firestorm in BFG is worth $90 - so while I'm suffering a bit of sticker shock from Firestorm, I suppose it's not THAT bad....


    But Brigade Models offers ~9 model fleet packs for around $30.


    So should I really be using a free/cheap rule set, say Full Thrust or Battlefleet Gothic, and then using something like Brigade Models? Is that the economical way into spaceship games? Can you get Brigade models through an FLGS?

  19. So Firestorm Armada looks pretty slick. Uncharted Seas seemed to get good reviews so I imagine this game will run basically the same and should also be a good enough game to be worth investing in.


    But at $60 a pop for the starter fleets, it's gonna be a tough sell to the gaming group. So I need firepower here. I understand that the game hasn't been released yet and technically only speculation is possible for much of the game...


    But for those of you with the know-how to read their quickplay reference sheet - how is this game going to stack up to, say, Battlefleet Gothic, or Full Thrust, or any of the other popular choices out there?

  20. Seems like a spell to me. And perhaps it's a spell that leader models get innately due to a faction ability. Yes Drow can all cast darkness as a supernatural ability, but this is Warlord not D&D and having every last soldier model be capable of buffing the defense of itself and a few friends seems pretty powerful AND a headache to keep track of.


    But each leader having the ability to, say, block LOS entirely + reduce enemy MAV's in a 3" AOE until the end of the next game turn... pretty limited use because in 1k games you probably only have 3-4 uses and it only covers the casting model and possibly a few others. Or perhaps force hits to be re-rolled (think like an anti-weapon master).

  21. Spartan Games is releasing Firestorm Armada Next week. Given how nice their Uncharted Seas fleets are and how easy it was to pick up the basic rules, a lot of us are looking forward to this one locally.


    Links and such

    That looks super cool! I just sent a flurry of emails out to all my gaming friends and the LGS to try and gauge interest. Hopefully a few people are on board, because I really want to give this one a shot! Sweet looking minis. And you know it can't be all that bad since Uncharted Seas is a decent game. Thanks for the link, that one was totally off the radar for me, and release is only a week or so away!

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