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  1. I very rarely duck into this thread, and always feel like I'm probably asking for something that others have asked for before, and always apologize for that.


    Ok, introspective moment over...



    Human males with spears. There's a limited number of spear models compared to, say, sword, or even hammer, and a high proportion of the spear models are demi-humans. A good number of the humans are females, to boot! But it'd be sweet to have more selection of males with spears.

  2. In my experience, for direct damage dealing effect, archers are a better investment of points. Casters are however so much more versatile and can do many more things (and they pay points for thus versatility, which is why using them as archers doesn't give you a very good return on your points investment).



    Both can shoot junk and mess them up. Mages can also apply negative model states, etc, which enhance the ability of the rest of your army to kill something. Granted an archer knocking a DT off of an enemy model probably enhances your army's ability to deal with it also, but you get what I mean. That's why I say that losing an archer stinks, but losing Thuusia is a bigger blow.

  3. Honestly, more often than not my ranged punch is focused into one or two elites - a mage and an archer. It's not a terrible way to go, really..



    But to provide the counter point.. Thuusia's offensive potential is greater than a single archer, but the impact of losing Thuusia is also greater. Having a single archer knocked off isn't a big deal, but your mage dies and often a whole lot of options go with it. Typically your mages have low DV values which only compounds the issues. Now, there are good ways to protect a mage, but that's another thread.


    Additionally, as you noted, mages are elites or leaders, and you can't have too many of them. If you plan on reaching out and hitting the enemy, and having that be a core part of your army, you're really going to need archers to bring up the numbers.


    Hey.. I say, take both. I'm the poster child for building melee-focused armies and practically excluding ranged options of any sort. Many of my armies have only a token nod to ranged combat, in either form (magic or archery). But many armies that do well have nearly 1/3 of the points invested in a combination of magic and archery. And if ranged is the name of your game, it'd probably be more like 1/2 of the points invested in ranged of some sort.

  4. And yes, Greenie was right in that I didn't expect the Stone Spirit to go down that quickly.

    My problem lately has been being TOO cautious with my earth elemental types. Burrow just feels so warm and safe!


    I wonder if it would have been more effective to keep him closer in to the main body, and popped him up on the surface right after the crazy goblins rushed in... that way you've got the big nasty that's making Goblin Paste for you, but he can't necessarily devote an entire troop to ripping it down all at once.

  5. Not a bad list!


    I think one of your big challenges with that list will be to avoid getting mobbed too quickly. Your main offensive punch comes from Larnach and Lysette and neither is particularly good at defending themself. You'll need to run a fine line between keeping them close to the action where they can affect many enemies with their spells, and keeping them tucked away so they don't get killed too early. Fortunately your Vale Warriors are very mobile and can be used as a screen. And Varashia's troop will be good at harassing the enemy and denying them the ability to safely focus all of their attention on Larnach's troop.


    Another potential challenge with this list is what to do if the enemy brings something really big and nasty. Say, Judas Bloodspire, perhaps, or one of the big solos. Those are often pretty tricky to handle at the 500 point level already. Your options revolve around your casters, but you'll be facing high MD with those models (for the most part). You'd probably have to time things right so that you can blast the target with both mages, AND charge all of your warriors + Longthorn in in the same activation. It'll be a bit like playing Chicken with a mac truck. Remember to use Bless in that turn as well, of course.


    I think it looks pretty solid for 500 points. Elves do magic very well, which is the list's obvious focus, and they do ranged also, and you've got some ranged in there too. It can be tough to do melee with elves, and it looks to me like you've got just enough melee to keep the enemy from simply walking up to your mages/archers and knocking them down.

  6. I actually do intentionally aim for 20. Well, I build the list an put in whatever it is I feel like putting in. Maybe I've got some combination in mind or what have you. But once the list is "done" as in, I've reached 1,000 points or very close to that, I then count up the models. If I'm at 20+ I'll give the list a once-over and re-think the plan, and figure if I think it's a worthwhile list to save and actually play. If I'm below 20 models (if I'm at 18 or 19 I won't worry about it) I think about how the army will face if it gets swarmed. If I don't have more than one or two squishy models, and I feel I have enough staying power to handle getting completely bombarded, then I'll keep the list. But if there's an important group of models that just can't handle b2b with the enemy, I need to put more models in there or else I will be incapable of dictating the flow of battle in a meaningful way, which means those squishies will get hit before they do their job.


    Well maybe "incapable" is a bit strong of a word. There's alot of factors that come up in the midst of a game. But it makes me nervous. 20 models generally feels about right.



    re: using full army packs as a basis to establish "what it costs to play Warlord." I think armies using full army packs, or very near full army packs, work fine. I think that players with more "complete" collections will tend to find combinations that work really well (Dwarf Warriors with Berserkers in Logan's troop, for example) and will go for those combinations and may never end up using a full army pack's worth of models. But it's a fine place to start.


    I will take the opportunity to beat the dead horse and say it's way easier to build a list just how you want it when soldiers are purchased in threes instead of nines, but this comment doesn't even warrant a reply.

  7. I think some of the confusion stems from the rule in past editions which stated that all spells resolve at the same time, just like all melee attacks and all ranged attacks. The current edition seems to make an exception for spells.


    I think it's a good exception because by and large spellcasting is one of the major methods of doing anything tricky with your army, beyond just charge/fight. So having the flexibility to pull off crazy crap like flinging a zombie at your enemy, then blowing it up, is pretty much awesome!

  8. Boy, I wish my mail carrier would take care of the junk mail for me! What a waste of time/effort/paper/everything. At least the town offers free recycling still.


    I recently ordered some books that were delivered USPS and the only hitch was that the driver left the books balancing on top of the mail box! Granted it's a low (read: nearly non-existent) crime area, but still! Any Joe could just walk by with his dog and snatch it up and who'd be the wiser? Also granted, my house is off the road a bit, up a hill and behind a bunch of trees. Hardly an efficient drop.


    On the other hand, I've been trying to get a replacement part from Privateer for about 2 months now. Either they're not shipping it as they say they are, or it's getting lost in transit. But it seems odd to me that three attempts have resulted in no delivery... I never write letters or anything but I may actually write one when I finally find out where the problem lies. Not sure what service they use so it may not even be USPS.

  9. Dwarves because for some reason I'm drawn to their lore in every fantasy setting I've come across. I just love the idea of the stalwart defender, holding fast against all comers. To be honest it's because I see some parallels between their stoic "hold the line" attitude and my own spiritual journey, but I think I'm straying into no-no land there. So we'll just say "I resonate with their outlook on life" and leave it at that.


    I also picked up a Nefsokar army prior to 2.0 because, let's face it, 1.2 Dwarves were about as interesting as a cinder block... They hit like a mac truck but they weren't a terribly clever army, and there's a big part of me that is also drawn to an army that has less raw power (ala dwarves) and more finesse. I like the Nefsokar blend of magic, teleportation, all of that. So I've got a Nefsokar army with some powerful casters that have some neat tricks, I've got some cavalry, and some footsoldiers to fill the ranks.


    I keep internally debating a third faction, but honestly between two Warlord factions (and Nefsokar really needs some fleshing out), three Warmachine factions, a bookshelf of D&D books, plus other non-minis related hobbies, the budget gets thin.


    But Elves interest me, and Darkspawn look pretty sly too. In fact one of these days I'd love to do an Eberron campaign revolving around an extended quest to combat some aggressive demons who keep trying to break into the surface world, and use that as an excuse to pick up a ton of Darkspawn models. Mostly I just want to plunk Rauthuros down on the table and make the PC's sweat, haha!


    And if I were to be totally honest with myself, I'd buy and play all of the factions in a heart beat if the finances allowed it! Who wouldn't right?

  10. I've found that in many games, the archers are the last models standing for one or both players. Around here we tend to have an early volley of arrows, typically aimed at non-ranged targets (to avoid defensive fire), then the melee models surge forward and the archers actually move back to keep well away from the scrum in the middle. At that point the archers are typically inching backwards trying to find their max range, so they can still fire on the troops in the middle while also staying as far away from the trouble as possible. They will pick off targets of opportunity. As others are saying, damaged models get finished off, etc. Also if an enemy model kills one of my models and is now no longer in b2b with anything of mine, it's perfect timing to send an arrow into it as pay back (I won't need to roll discipline on any of my models!).


    In a 1,000 point game I often see 2-5 archers. They're not rock stars but they do have an impact. I've actually been thinking that I need to up my archer count some... Especially when facing enemies like the Reven which have a lower average DV, I can expect a bigger impact with those first volleys to soften them up on the way in.



    In ages past in other editions I once placed moderately well in a tournament with a sizeable force of Piercers. I deployed the Piercers to be my main offense and set up a defensive screen in front of them with two pincer forces to either side to make 'em pay for coming in to root out the piercers. It worked alright.

  11. I dunno, to me Darkspawn aren't really Drow. Yes they have elves that live underground, but it seems that the influence is demonic, and the subject is in part elven. There are a ton of demon models in that list and you could build a perfectly good Darkspawn list without even touching the elves. So I wouldn't mind seeing Darkreach be a more classic version of Drow. If that's the way it goes I'd love to see them get some sort of a darkness spell. Not really sure how it would translate into Warlord (reduced MAV/RAV perhaps, I don't know...). I just know that from the D&D adventures I've played in which featured Drow enemies, the whole Darkness thing was a huge hurdle to overcome and it really gave those Drow a unique feel (as opposed to "hey another AC number to overcome!! Let's rush it and whack it!").


    But "Darkreach" isn't "Drow" so who knows what all is fit into the faction? I could see them going the "underground dark elves augmented by non-demonic Underdark monsters" route. That would differentiate them somewhat from Darkspawn. Not sure I can really imagine Drow rushing into battle alongside duergar though...

  12. Hanzo's Idea <-- Hanzo posted this in the CAV section and I thought it was a great idea, so I brought it over here to the Warlord forums.



    I think the only things I'd change to make it into a Warlord scenario is give the players a base of sorts. 4 walls, with a big open door in each wall (say 1'x1' base, with 4 inch doors centered on each wall. If you want to go crazy, add a watchtower in each corner or something. Beyond that, a rock-strewn battlefield tickles my imagination but a torn up city would fit the bill as well. Or a swampy environment. Suit yourself.


    The idea is to survive 5 rounds against all odds.


    For each 500 points that players control (could be 1 player, 2 players, 3 players, etc. Combine the total of each fighting company), place 20 tokens throughout the battlefield - 40 tokens for 1,000 points. Place them at random locations, some close and some farther away from the base.


    Place one card in the initiative deck to represent your zombie hordes/spiders/critters that try to kill you. Each time that card comes up, spawn a fresh set of bad guys, one per token. Use the Bondslave datacard. Use whatever minis you have on hand. Each turn the bad guys can be arbitrarily sorted into troops of no more than 10 models which get to activate at once. These troops do not need to remain the same from turn to turn. On a troop's activation, it will always do the following:

    -Charge in fastest path towards the nearest Player controlled model.

    -IF the charge was successful, it will conduct a Fight action

    -IF the charge action was UNsuccessful, it will conduct a move action to get closer. It will end just inside charge range if it can make it that close. It will not advance any closer so as to leave room for others that can make it into b2b. (obviously this calls for some estimation. Play it cool.


    Deploy inside your base. Or if you're crazy, dispense with the whole base concept and just plop your fighting companies somewhere in the middle of nowhere and pray that their life insurance policies have been signed.



    Alternate Spawn rules: 5 tokens per 500 points the Players use, use Gakalath's stats, and keep going for 5 turns.

  13. This is my most favorite ever Dwarf army, which I lovingly bequeath to the masses. It's simple Dwarf, hammer and anvil with a sprinkling of ranged goodness in there for good measure. Here it is:


    Dwarves - 999 points

    Troop 1

    Logan Battlefury

    Durgam Deepmug

    Ivar Silverfist

    Berserker x 4

    Warrior x 4

    Halberdier x 2

    Troop 2

    Logrim Battlefury

    Kara Foehunter

    Warrior x 5

    Halberdier x 2

    Troop 3

    Snorri Oathbreaker

    Luck Stone

    =23m, 3t, 3c



    This is another one of my favorites. It's really got a little bit of everything. Only one ranged model, but two Fire Tome casters to balance that out. Here goes:


    Dwarves - 1000 points

    Troop 1

    Freya Fangbreaker

    Margara Firetongue

    Kara Foehunter

    Warrior x 4

    Troop 2

    Ursula, Bear Rider

    Bear Rider x 3

    Troop 3

    Abjorn Hofkeg, Miner

    Gilam, Rune Spelunker

    Miner x 4

    Troop 4

    Annasha Tomebreaker

    Troop 5


    Luck Stone

    =19m, 5t, 5c


    I rarely play the same list twice (first list being an exception, I think I've ran that (or its equivalent in the prior edition of the game) a handful of times. So I could fill this post with list after list after list that I've played or intend to play. I'll limit it to these two - first one because it's my most favorite-est ever, second one because I like the diversity and the options it gives.

  14. D&D uses 25mm or heroic scale for miniatures, and their grid is 5'x5' squares represented by 1"x1" squares. It's an easy enough number to multiply by, etc., so it's what I figure on when I'm making terrain.


    Dwarves and anybody in heavy armor in D&D move 20 feet in a move action. Warlord Dwarves move 5, as do, for example, Justicars (who are in heavy armor). So according to that scaling, assuming it's exact, 1"=4' BUT I doubt it's supposed to be based on D&D speeds.

  15. They look pretty similar to the Dwarves' Bear Riders, and I've had success with using them. One of my wins included a troop with a Bear Rider leader, elite, and 3 soldiers. So 5 total. MAV 6 is awesome, and 3 attacks is just gravy. Of course the Brood has more of a focus on rapid strikes, with First Strike and Rush Attack, where as the Bear Riders are focused more on providing brutal overall damage output, no matter who hits whom first.


    12" charge range on the Brood plus Rush Attack on top of that (20"!) means that no matter what you're nearly guaranteed to get your charge in before they make it to you. I think I'd rely on Rush Attack and First Strike, try to blitz and double up on targets as best I could (not always easy with large bases), and try to put a few enemies out of the fight right away. At that point your DV 12 will do wonders and you are returning defensive strikes three times each at MAV 6 which will do you very well.



    I think it's a feasible plan. You'll want some support models for them that are also quite fast so they can keep up (even if they just move/run) and prevent the enemy from surrounding and killing your Brood. How's this for a sample troop to illustrate the idea:


    Reptus - 678 points


    Troop 1

    Broodmaster, Dragon Rider

    T'Kay, Reptus Cleric

    Brood of Payanak x 5

    Couatl x 5


    Tossed in T'Kay for some Bless and some Feed the Young.

  16. JD,


    Curious... Where are you getting +4 for Martyr? Its only +2.


    Now that is not to say that you couldn't get to +8 with a little help from things like bless spells and battle totems, but by itself, Martyr only gives +2.

    You know the funny thing was that as I was forming the idea and checking the datacards and SA's and so forth I was saying to myself "man, I didn't realize Martyr was that nasty, giving you +2 MAV for each remaining DT. I'll have to put some more thought into whether or not to pick up some Forgemaidens, because that's just gross!"


    The lack of that last +2 really does hurt the strategy quite a bit, doesn't it?


    Perhaps a reasonable adjustment would be to then begin with Margara lighting off a Mind Blast. If she gets it - which is chancy because all of those expensive models have really high MD and her CP 7 only goes so far. Another spell option could be Fiery Hammer. 1 less damage, but you still get Stunned (no defensive strikes!) and Burning, which more often than not means no focus action from the big bad guy. Heck you could Fiery Hammer the big guy and run your soldiers away from it. Force it to either spend one action charging in and take a damage, or spend their action stopping, dropping, and rolling. That'd at least keep it off of you for a turn. Restore Tome casters notwithstanding.


    But again, the CP 7 makes it chancy. Maybe a Luck Stone is in order!

  17. "How to kill just about anything with 200 points"


    Dwarves - 205 points


    Troop 1

    Tohil Steadyhand

    Margara Firetongue

    Halberdier x 2

    Forgemaiden x 4


    Well... close to 200 points, at any rate.


    I picked 200 points because many of the nastiest models sit right around 200 points. Your hill giants, stone spirits, angels, demons, dragons...


    the troop is designed to be a kill team that floats right behind your main line. When their big nasty whatever jumps you, you swiftly engage your kill team and try to knock it out fast before it can do TOO much damage. The cost is 4 Forgemaidens. Small beans compared to the threat of a 200 point model!


    First you charge your Forgemaidens in. Dis 6 ought to see two of them make it in the case of a fearsome model, or whatever. Halberdiers follow up behind whichever Forgemaidens actually make it in. A full health Forgemaiden will strike twice at MAV 8 (3 + 4 Martyr +1 Support) and your two Halberdiers will strike once each at MAV 6. Assuming two Forgemaidens, that's 4 attacks at 8 and 2 at 6. Let's figure the model has DR/2, so you've done 3 or 4 damage. The odds go up dramatically when the model doesn't have Fearsome, DR, or both. You could potentially see 8 attacks at 8 and 2 at 6, which makes things look good for 5 damage or so. Next you've got Tohil and Margara. Margara goes next as she has the best offensive stat between the two. Mind Blast for 2 more damage. Tohil can now go if the bad guy is still up, and hope to Pierce off of its lowered DV for up to 2 more damage.


    Best of all, if your opponent doesn't field a big nasty model, Margara has some nice AOE's and her most potent single target spells will crush moderately strong leaders and elites. Tohil can always do his thing, and Martyrs aren't too expensive even if all you do is rush them towards 40 point soldiers and have them kasplode against them. So it's not like your fancy Super killers are useless weight if you don't face a big nasty thing.


    And if all goes well, even after the big nasty bad guy you've still got Tohil, Margara with plenty of SP, and 2 Halberdiers to mix it up.

  18. I'd be interested in a brief "bio" of each faction as well. For example, what is the design difference between the Reven and the Orcs of Kargir? Both Orcs... but I'm assuming you guys aren't just copying the Reven over and putting new names on them. How will they play differently? There's also a new Dwarf faction, how are they different from the good old boys from Aizen Krahl?


    I think for me, I'm looking to broaden my horizons with this expansion. Another Dwarf faction is super fascinating to me, but if they play the same as the Taltos dwarves do, then it's not really what I'm looking for.


    So some clues would be awesome :)

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