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  1. Keanu Reeves as Constantine!?! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo If it wasn't so tragic I'd be laughing Now I've got that out of my system, back to lurking................
  2. looks like some seriously messed up cross breed, mind you the necrotic flesh makes me think hoax IMHO
  3. I'll probably be trotting around biting passers by and barking at the moon (and if I don't make to the pub.......who knows?)
  4. Elven: Earendur Elensar Hobbit: Podo Hamwich of Buckleberry Fern Dwarven: Nalin Redteeth (love that one) Orkish: Durdgob the Massive (eerily accurate, think Shrek)
  5. Cheers Flynn And you're right ya wouldn't remember me cuz I 'ave been mostly hiding fur the last year or so
  6. Thanx for the warm welcome guys
  7. I think its nice that despite all those nasty stitches the golem can still smile
  8. I'm out of it for a little while and then...............Bam! the boards got a flashy makeover, loads of new members, topics and oh everything. Nice to see the loves still here too, it's what makes this board so great. Interesting photos in the other threads, nice to put names to faces. Tho' i'm not sure the boards quite ready for my grizzly mug. Anyhoo its great to be back. Now to catch up with those pesky ringbearers.
  9. Whoa Lstormhammer was born !?! I thought he just coalesced out of the ether
  10. All comes to those who wait................ Give 'em time daddio.
  11. And cthulhoid children with all that squidy cuteness (think Men in black!) :O
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