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  1. Edited, because he's not worth it.
  2. The question is, does an equal point force with all regular crews match up well against this, on average? If it does, then the 2:1/3:1 is there, but if this force still destroys the all regular force, then the ratio will need to keep going up. I'm still thinking you should end up with 1 Vet per section, 1 Elite per company, and 1 Ace per battalion, but thats just my .02.
  3. You folks are so wrong about the Spartan. They are the closest thing to an Elemental in this game. Cheap, fast, and deadly in close. They are very tough on uber-CAV's.
  4. Here's the deal with CAV. It is played in the scale of the mini's (1:160th) unlike many games, ie Battletech, with the mini's and ground scale being different. The fastest CAV's (movement of 32mm) go 72.7 mph (117 kph). The rub is that in order to play on a 4 x 8 table the weapon ranges (typically 36, but varying) have to be veeery short. A range 36 weapon can only fire out to 146m. It is ridiculous on one level, but the fluff and Reaper maintain that the intense jamming, etc makes it impossible to accurately target the vulnerable parts of a CAV at longer ranges so you just have to go with it as the game system plays so much better than anything remotely similiar, that its worth it. The most important thing is the results it renders are very realistic and believable, so suspend disbelief for weapon range, and you have the most fun futuristic armored combat game there is.
  5. But The Great Ogre might deliverest unto thou, the Holy Hand Grenade! Thou must knoweth its use, and the proper counting of its timing in order to smite His enemies.
  6. JB, very nice! That is one enormous flamer. †Matches up nicely with the CAV mounted ones. Now the CAV universe is finally getting some serious tankage. The only thing I would think about changing is the tread width. †In the front-on view, they somehow look like they could be a tad wider. †Just a thought.
  7. Grats, Aunt Nadin! Glad to hear it all went well. :laugh:
  8. Ok, I have edited to vote for the Rhino. Gotta fight the Scorpion Mafia wherever you find them. :p
  9. Had me all excited when I clicked on this one. Thought he meant the CAV Warlord. Oh well.....
  10. This thread has gone N V T S nuts, eh Commicus, er,..Wolf?
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