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  1. You know what, when I drop $16 on a book that's thinner than a pancake I don't expect to have to edit it with a mess of Avery labels within a fortnight of buying it. They knew they were going to change this stuff but continued to ship (I had to order mine from my FLGS) books with information they knew would be redundant inside of the month. If I hadn't just dropped a ton of cash on mini's I'd probably be one of the people walking away right now.
  2. I'm not happy with all of the changes, but its good to know that none of them were made lightly, and that they really did have some motivation behind them. I just hope it doesn't happen again :P I'd have been a lot happier if these had happened -before- my faction book (purchased less than a fortnight ago) had become some lightweight fluff instead of the handy, all-in-one army creator that it was when I purchased it. Are the faction books going to be reprinted to accomodate the changes?
  3. There were no changes at all to the Bull Orc Archers. They always had MAV 1. It's one of the reasons I love them so. They provide their own melee support. Overall, the changes to the Reven were really minor. Most changes were a couple points +/- The biggest change was Skralla dropping 10 points. Other than that, it is mostly tweaks on the lower tracks for discipline for some models. Doh! I'm new, MAV should have read RAV. Which is also wrong, because I must have been reading MAV every time I made a ranged, as I've been making it at MAV instead of RAV, which is why I suspect I was underwhelmed by the BO Archers. My bad
  4. Grrrrrrrr. Having just shelled out for the main book and the faction book and printed out a MASS of cards for the -many- minis that didn't come with them, finding out I need to mess around with printing the webpage (yeah, you really need a printable version that doesn't cut lots of the cards in half between pages) and updating all my cards does not make me happy. However, the increased MAV on my Bull Orc Archers does, so I'll put down the pipe wrench and be calm for the moment, at least until I get a chance to compare all my old/new cards to see if you nerfed any of my favourite orcs. One quiestion, If I send in swag points for army cards today, do I get old cards or new ones? And if I get old ones, when can I trade points for new ones?
  5. Well I already have the faction book and a ton of paints, so I'm more likely to just buy some bezerkers... And I wasn't going for any list in particular, I just cleaned out the available Reven on impulse :) And yeah I like Kakurgh, he did me proud my first battle. Although a Noghra force seems like it might be a fun sideline... Glad to see the BO Archers and Warriors/Hunters are worth the buy, cause I really liked the figures and I'm going to play with Braugh again this week to see if I can keep him alive for more than zero attacks this time. Spending wise, I can swing most of this in a couple of buys, but I'd rather go bang for buck than splurge on everything.
  6. A. Yep, just not a Warlords one. Q. Why is a newb reading this when he should be gleaning tactics from the other threads?
  7. Well, after getting my butt beat using my friends Crusaders out of the Necropolis/Crusader box set, I just went nuts and bought a ton of Reven this Friday, thereby dooming myself to another huge round of painting. As a new Reven player, I thought I'd ask the old salts if there is anything I should jump on in the purchase department, as I was fairly restricted in selection and ended up almost emptying the rack of Reven at my local game store. I have the Reven starter box (and a rulebook, figured it might come in handy!) on order, so that's already on the way. I already bought the following: Gakalath Kakurgh Greka (and boy is she pricey!) Neek Ogg Braug Lesser Orc Spearman (2 blisters) Lesser Orc Warriors (2 blisters) Goblin Skeeters (1 blister) I'm 99% sure I want at least two blisters each of the Bull Orc Warriors and Archers, and 80% sure I'll want the Hunters too. As far as goblins go I'm thinking a couple of blisters of Warriors for cannon fodder and a unit of Beastriders (4 or 5, they'll be bought last as they are kind of pricey cash-wise). I found an awesome female Ogre (02933: Female Ogre Shaman) model from Reaper I just have to use for something :) So, what do you folks suggest? PS: In my first 1500pt battle against the Necropolis, I proxied five each of the Bull Archers and Warriors with Galakath as their leader, fielded five each of the Lesser Warriors and Spearman as a unit with Omburr (he changed into Greeka, must have been in drag!), Kakurgh as their leader with a standard bearer/musician combo and had Braug as a shock troop on his own. Apart from throwing away Braug learning that solos can die easily in this system, I kicked bony rump! It wasn't till I had to surround Elspeth Briarkiss (damn her sexy undead hide!) that I started taking major casualties, cause she kept standing in the pile of corpses, eating one then attacking. Funny, I always end up loving the greenies in a game!
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