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  1. SilverSerpent

    How to get started with auctions?

    I'm pretty much of the same mind. I don't play anything, I just love to paint. I'll paint up several, then list them on ebay at what it cost me to buy them, what else would I do with them, and I don't have room to store them. Sometimes I come out ahead, sometimes I just break even.(At least that way I can justify the money I put into the mini to my husband.."see, I got the money back..LOL) I've sold several that I thought were less than tabletop sell for twice what I hoped for, and others I thought really good not sell well. Sometimes it depends on the paintwork, others on the mini, so I would suggest give it a go and see how it works out.
  2. SilverSerpent

    Paladin Prince

    Nice! Love the sword blade and the gemwork..Looks great.
  3. SilverSerpent

    Work Areas

    Here's my poor excuse for a painting area. It keeps managing to move around the house..It does come equipped with it's very own godzilla, lurking and waiting to wreak havoc the minute my back is turned...:)
  4. SilverSerpent

    Some odds and ends

    Here's some of the new stuff I've been working on, after a long hiatus. Comments and critique welcome. Thanks for looking..:) VIF-Male warrior Reaper Master series-Dragon summoner GW-CSM-Terminator lord2 VIF-Female magic user Reaper-Female necromancer w/tome
  5. SilverSerpent

    Darksword Female Sorceress

    Beautiful...That's about the only thing I can say...Love it.
  6. SilverSerpent

    01422: 2007 Christmas Sophie

    Beautiful work, especially the eyes..:)
  7. SilverSerpent

    CAV Bomber Sophie

    Love it, and the base is really cool.
  8. SilverSerpent

    Kaldrax bone dragon

    I think it looks pretty nice..IMO (only), the wings could use a little more highlighting, but other than that, it's great.
  9. Sorry to hear about this, hope things go better soon.
  10. SilverSerpent

    Looking for some Fantasy books

    That he is, his books are awesome. Another suggestion, Eragon and the second book, Eldest. There's a lot of Dwarf involvement in them.
  11. SilverSerpent

    Looking for some Fantasy books

    You might try one of my favorites, Terry Brooks Shannara series, and the High Druid of Shannara series. Both have some cool dwarf characters.
  12. SilverSerpent

    For those who enjoy creature myth/legend

    I wouldn't doubt if this is one of those cases where someone smuggled in a foreign species and it got loose and now is interbreeding with local species. As for it being the culprit for the bloodless chickens, that part is doubtfull. It's cool that there have been more than one found though, as now it might become a new species. Wonder what impact it will have on the current ecosystem though.
  13. Chupacabra or mutated dog species? Either way, it's pretty cool. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/mythical_chupac...uDIffNigoztiBIF
  14. SilverSerpent

    White Synthetic brushes

    I haven't used the Dick Blick brand, but I bought a couple of the ones from Hobby Lobby a few weeks back, and have to say for a cheap brush I'm pretty impressed. I've pretty much tortured them and they've been washed many times, and still have their brand new shape, no frizzies, and with my cheap ones I don't use any kind of cleaners, just plain ole soap and water, and they are still a nice white. Usually at this point, my taklons begin to show signs of frizzing and spreading, but the whites are holding up nicely.
  15. SilverSerpent

    Mike Vick international Terrorist????

    If he wanted to have his claims believed, he should have done a better job of checking ebay policies, they don't allow the sale of live animals or wildlife at all...