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  1. >>>The arteest gentry take offense If any individual wants to proclaim their identity as such, that would be entirely their own decision. I ain't afraid -- if they come after me, I'll use this can of spray paint on 'em...
  2. Dude, this IS one of the painting forums. The Foundry style is more likely to be used for armies. That other painting section is mostly concerned with infinite layers of RMS. The are making a line suitable for other than layering, so they ought to support it...
  3. It would be useful to have such a list. Especially for colors where its best to shade or tint the color using some other particular color(s) instead of using 3 adjacent colors.
  4. Golden has an "ultra matte" medium.
  5. Joe has waaaaay too much time on his hands, and too much cool lab equipment. There are ASTM standard tests for fading & yellowing used for architectural paints which could be performed on hobby paints as well.
  6. >>> Diethylene glycol ethyl ether is a little less common, and in concentrated forms is a skin irritant - but other than that...still all good. However it is hazardous to cats. >>> FUTURE MSDS: Chemical Name Wt.% CAS Diethylene glycol ethyl ether 1 - 5 000111-90-0 I wonder if that concentration is at all toxic if a cat walked over a still-wet floor and licked its paws?
  7. > Separated pigment with Good binder: Take a short length of brass rod and bend the end into a few curly cues. Nothing special, but if you can get it to look a bit like a dough hook > That's kinda what I figured, but I don't want to whip air into it... wonder if I could make up a corkscrew that would fit into the tube itself; it would be easier than rebottling it.
  8. A comment in another thread reminds me -- I have old Liquitex tube paint that would cost many $$$ to replace. It has separated and gotten gritty. Is there an effective way to rejuvinate it?
  9. I got some Lazertran to try using on these Hoplite shield patterns: http://www.ritsumei.ac.jp/se/~luv20009/Gre...patterns_1.html But I first need to figure out how to resize the rectangular image to create the correct diameter circles, and then how to use the Dropper Tool (???) in Photoshop to change the colors of the image and background within the circles.
  10. The miniatures magazines always show miniatures on the tabletop with a background cloth that simulates outdoors -- fields, hills & trees faraway, or a town scape in the distance, etc. Where can you get that sort of thing? The closest I know of is stuff for fish tanks or terrariums; but its not in scale even if it is a natural scene.
  11. >So, you know what dog poop tastes like? Its easy to eat less if you eat things you don't like...
  12. SOlcdorn -- what is the correct weight range for your body type? Not many people are "healthily" _more_ than 182. What is your % body fat? You probably need to work on maintaining muscle mass. Your physician can determine if steroids or HGH (human growth hormone) are compatible with your illness. Probably not. The object would be to curtail catabolism (muscle wasting). The amino acids Arginine and Ornithine, taken on an empty stomach to maximize their uptake in your bloodstream, push the body towards an anabolic (muscle building) state. They taste like dog poop, and there are some mixtures that add co-factors and moderate the taste. Sugar has the most calories for a given weight, and it dissolves, so hot sweet tea can give you a lot of energy. Can you swallow a slurry? Protein shakes come in several flavors. Whey protein is digested faster than milk (casein) protein. Egg protein has the best amino acid balance, and would be the choice to swallow the least amount, but is most expensive. But isn't special diet covered under the UK National Health? There are liquid amino acid products, but I'm not sure if they have a complete amino acid profile. But they might be easier to swallow, and would reduce the amount of the other you need to eat.
  13. Its not lead. By the 1960's houses were no longer being painted with lead, unless someone brought home some marine paint. I've repainted windows several times; the eaves are so well protected that they are in pretty good shape. I should say "checked" instead of alligatored. Plywood tends to do that. Need to determine if a "sand ban" tackifier is good enough, or if I really need to do a prime coat. The outside is oil based; wondering if water based has really improved enough to give it a try.
  14. Every 20 years or so ya gotta repaint the outside woodwork. What a PIA. I enjoy the painting, but the cleaning & prep & cleanup work is 90% of the job. Looks like this is going to be The Summer of Outside Maintenance. I'm starting on the basic detergent cleaning to get the dirt off. Then I'll need to apply the mildewcide. Probably should remove the areas of failed paint I'm discovering on the cleaned surfaces first. I guess I should do sections, since covering the vegetation to catch the paint scrapings will serve to protect it from the mildewcide. Need the weather to cooperate; can't have it raining every 3 days. Kinda concerned about the top of the trim just beneath the roof edge on the eaves; might use Thompsons' Water Seal or even a good coat of the MinWax wood hardener. Hope its not truly rotten up there. The paint under the eaves is over 40 years old and its still tight, but alligatored. Probably can get away with not painting it. But I'll be up there to do the wood behind the gutters so I may as well get it over with; using good paint, hopefully for the last time in my life. Dunno how I'm going to remove the gutters in a re-mountable manner; I can see lots of bare wood back there so its got to be done. Then there's replacing the screens all around the porch. The stain or paint on that woodwork is also holding up.
  15. I've gotten my % bodyfat down to 18% from 24%. Still want to go back to my youthful zero... The fastest loss occurred when I stopped eating carbs for about 6 weeks. Limited myself to no more than 60 grams/day of carbs/sugars. Should have lifted weights at the same time, I'd be pretty buff. But I lost weight with NO EXERCISE. 3/4 was fat, 1/4 was muscle. I've always had a fast metabolism, and eat every 2-3 hours or so... anything. But being older my insulin metabolism is not working so good, and I get very sleepy after eating a carb meal. I get hungry too soon; -- as soon as my insulin starts dropping (2-3 hours). Its unhealthy to be in a constant state of high insulin level. Going to the all protein/fat diet was GREAT -- I didn't want to eat for 4-5 hours after a meal. And I didn't have to "count calories" because my body told me when to eat & how much. If I can convince myself to exercise I should be OK on a "regular" diet. It takes 3-4 days to switch to a ketogenic metabolism, and during the process I felt like my nose was stuffy/runny; histamine tickle, grouchy. There are lots of nutrients that help stimulate fat metabolism: 3-4 grams/day of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid); coenzyme Q-10 (Co-Q10) is used in the mitochondria; 7.5mg every other day of vanadyl sulfate; fucoxanthin is a seaweed extract; cinnulin (cinnamon extract) with a coffeeberry extract - controls insulin levels; chromium picolinate with HCA (hydroxycitric acid); pinolenic acid (from korean pine nuts) - a non stimulant so you can take it in the evening; stimulates the "full feeling" hormone CCK and GLP-1 to reduce appetite -- works for me to prevent snacking at night. In the morning, L-phenylalanine and choline are metabolic & mental stimulants without the caffeine letdown. But the no-carb diet was what really made things happen for me. Since about 1985, I have bought all my vitamins & nutrients from LEF.org. The guy who founded it got raided & prosecuted by the FDA but he fought it for 10 years and finally won.
  16. Tried today w/ Tudor Brown #360. Waaay too dark. Cut it between half and a third thinner and it was better. Don't much like the dirty oily black shade though. Did it on very light sand/tan and a light yellowish. Need to try on other base tones.
  17. Get a spare for drybrushing, too.
  18. a RPP thread mentioned the tradition of finding strange names for hobby paints. Howzabout these actual historical names for colors: http://www.renaissancedancewear.com/history_of_hosiery.html It is interesting to note the names of colors given to hose which were listed in a dyer's advertisement from Neufchateau in Lorraine, (printed in 1607). The names include Dying Monkey, Merry Widow, Lost Time, Resuscitated Corpse, Amorous Desire, Monkey's Smile, Sad Friend, Mortal Sin, Sick Spaniard, Colour of Hell, Doe's Belly, Kiss-me-Darling, and Brown Bread. (Quoted from "A History of Hand Knitting" by Richard Rutt, Bishop of Leicester, pub. B T Batsford Ltd, 1989. The Bishop notes that these colors "range chiefly in the pinks, beiges and flesh tints".)
  19. 2nd batch, played more with metal colors
  20. Funny, iPhoto said these are 122k each, but after emailing them to myself, the received images are 52k each. Not catching all the shadings; seems to depend on the color. Using Ott lite & Flourescent setting on a Fuji Finepix F650 in Super Macro. This is my attempt at "Foundry Style" but I just can't bring myself to do stark shade contrasts.
  21. Nice cabinet work. BUT... Probably ought to have handles; it will be quite heavy when full of figures. I don't see how its practical; it may as well have legs and actually be a table because it can't be stored sideways.
  22. Remember that you can't "cut" metal. I have been using the same exacto blade for over 20 years. Of course its not sharp anymore! I don't want it to be sharp. It is a very small scale _chisel_. It scrapes. I also have a "student grade" scalpel. Its one piece of metal with a blade that's very thick, meant to be resharpened on a stone. Dunno if you can get them anymore, I'd like to find another one. I do heavier scraping & prying with it.
  23. Its the THREAD PITCH which I cannot measure. And I don't know if the bottles are metric or English, so I can't accurately say the diameter either.
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