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  1. Very nice painting and photography as well!
  2. I thought I'd post something that was fun to work on, although it's not a miniature. I hope it's O.K. to post drawings, if not I imagine I'll hear about it. Any comments are welcome.
  3. I mean the nozzle seperates at the bottom. It does not pop out of the top but seperates at the base, it splits. Reaper has always been great about sending replacement nozzles, I was just wondering if they have been inproved. Not a big problem.
  4. Has Reaper corrected the nozzles on the new paint? I've had a problem with quite a few nozzles seperating causing the loss of a lot of paint. Reaper has always been great about sending me replacement nozzles but it still can be annoying when it happens.
  5. I fully understand the need for Reaper to make this move. I also, however, don't like the HobbyQ logo. Seems very bland and discount like aka Hobby Lobby look. Not a fan of the CollectA logo either. All the best to Reaper for a happy and properous New Year.
  6. I see there is a painted version now in Previews. Very cool!!!
  7. I couldn't help but notice The Grudge - resin bust in the preview section. Any details on the size? I think it will be the first bust I buy once it's available!
  8. Welcome! You're off to a great start. I think you'll find this site a great resource. There are many helpful people who will provide insight and encouragement. Happy painting!
  9. Nice work as always. I admire your work as well as your persistence to finish such a large project with very similar models. It can become tedious but the quality of your work remains consistently high from the first to the last model!
  10. I like your color choices. I'd like to see better pics as well.
  11. Great previews. My favorites are Guy Englands Vile Evil warrior and the Pirate VS sea monster. Looks like I'll be adding to my pile of unpainted mini's!
  12. Very inspirational! If I could paint have that good in 8 hours I'd have a shot at getting through my mountain of unpainted minis.
  13. The pure white background may be contributing to this flattening effect; something a little less bright might help your camera see the subtle shifts a little easier. But I think he looks great overall! As has been said, your NMM turned out really well (I never could get it to work right). My only nitpick would be - and it is a minor one, certainly to be taken with a grain of salt - that on the front shot, the places where one cork tile on your base gives way to the next are a bit obvious. I like how you put some plants on the one shelf there, but if you roughed up the front edges of the flat parts a bit and maybe glued a little sand or ballast down or something, it might look a little more natural than the perfectly straight seams that can be seen now. You did a good job of concealing those seams in the back, even if it did change the texture of the cork somewhat. What did you use to do that? Anyhow... as I said, that is only a minor nitpick; I only mention it because you asked for comments. Overall this is a spectacular piece & I agree that shield is very nice, particularly the highlighting and those awesome nicks and scratches. I have to ask - how did you get the lines separating the blue and yellow quarters so perfectly straight? I'd like to try something similar at some point... Kang Kang, Thanks for the kind comments. I used Apoxie sculpt to fill in the spaces between the cork. As far as the shield, no special tips to keep the lines straight, just a steady hand. I also cleaned up the areas where it wasn't quite straight with the color next to it.
  14. Another Tre Manor sculpt with lots of character. It was a pleasure to paint. This is my first attempt at painting NMM. Any comments welcome!
  15. This was a fun mini to paint. It has a lot of small details which proved to be a challenge! Any comments welcome.
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