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  1. Just a quick question: How many different sculpts are in those packs? Usually there are 2 figs in the picture and it says there are 10 includes. It seems pretty pointless to me to buy 5 figs each of the same sculpt. And: Is it correct that usually one of those two sculpts is only available in those army packs? Thanks! C.
  2. The "human woman" in the Demons box is supposed to be a fallen angel (her feet don't touch the ground) and she's the faction leader.
  3. The minis are pewter, resin is just used for the pre-production models. English rules (inofficial translation): http://www.tabletopgamingnews.com/?cat=52
  4. Sorry, didn't play... just talked a bit with the developers and bought some minis because I liked them. Don't speak much French either, but got along with the homepage.
  5. Hello everyone! I'm just back from Gen Con Paris, where Asmodee released their new skirmish game Hell Dorado and since the minis were so sweet I bought all 4 starter boxes (and got some promo minis). As minis-geeks you want to have a look at their site, but be warned it's in French, but the English release will probably be end of 2007. If we're lucky the English rules will be available for download sooner. Look there (there are more pictures to be seen if you follow the links given on the page): www.helldorado.fr Enjoy!
  6. Hi! I'd suggest the Dragons&Desert-themed Dungeoneer set, since it has IMHO the best illustrations and is fun to play. Also it's rather cheap. Descent offers great value for money, because you can use it as a D&D dungeon starter set as well, but takes too long for your taste, unless you do your own scenarios. Dungeon Twister is a trategy game rather than a dungeon crawl although it looks like one. Doom is very similar to Descent, but it is a bit simpler to play due to less variety. If you have Doom or Descent you definitely want to buy the expansions because both make the game a lot more interesting.
  7. I've probably shown this before. It's an Adamantite Golem from Chronopia.
  8. Well, I bought MSP Sparkling Amethyst to paint Centauri ships for Babylon 5 Wars (the same minis as Mongoose Publishings' new "A Call To Arms" B5 game).
  9. At the moment I'm very fond of WARMASTER which is 10mm. I really like the system and the figs are of a excellent quality, but expensive since they are GW. I'm painting lizardmen at the moment, but it will take some time until the whole army is finished. We also considered playing WARMASTER ANCIENTS, so we were looking for figs, but had the same problems as you had. Often there are no pics and I don't want to buy minis without having seen them before. Here some more links to companies doing suitable minis: http://www.kallistra.co.uk/ http://www.magistermilitum.com/ http://www.corvusbelli.com/en/default.asp Good luck on your quest!
  10. Well, this is a great sculpt, although I still think that the wings are definitely the weak point. They look flat and not very detailed. Ebonwrath's wings might be a solution, but people overseas can't get them at a reasonable price. Btw ahat happened to the box sets? Any reference to them vanished from the miniatures page.
  11. Very nice paint job. The blues are really intense. The stalagmites do look a bit strange, though, but it's fantasy. Maybe you should have filled the gap where the horns belong with a bit of greenstuff or putty. Otherwise: Great work!!!
  12. Hi there! Just a quick question: How many coats of REAPERS Brush-on sealer would you recommend for a tabletop army. I'm currently painting my Warmaster lizards and they're going to see some use, not just standing in the showcase. Does anyone know how it affects metallics. The sealer I used before made them look dull. Any suggestions or experiences on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Yep, I was a bit disappointed myself, when I found out that the announced Dreagloth is that Bakarathi thingy. Great mini by itself, but as a dragloth, well...
  14. These are very impressive greens and a lot of monsters, which I like, since I have enough character Minis already (if possible ). The Reptus are just cool and the worm is great. Reminds me of the illustrations of the Age of Worms Adventure Path in Dungeon Magazine. The Hound is plain weird. What about those ghost-like tendrils? Is it an ethereal creature?
  15. Yeah, I have the same problem. I bought Aged Bone, but it looks rather greyish, so it doesn't really fit my concept of bone colour. Linen White has the general tone I think, but it's a bit lighter than GW's Bleached Bone.
  16. There are some on the market, especially the ones already mentioned. There is also the Reaper Lion man, which could be used although he looks IMHO a bit too feral for a Rakshasa. Same with Silat. If Reaper would make a really cool oriental style D&D type Rackshasa I'd buy it for sure. BTW the old Pal-Partha one is quite small for todays standards.
  17. At the moment I mainly buy new and interesting (=weird) monsters monsters since I already have enough humanoid minis to represent almost any character and because I mostly play D&D I prefer D&D compatible monster. Of course I could buy the plastics, but I dislike the idea of buying lots of minis to get the one I want. Although I prefer tin plastic... Therefore I'm looking forward to the new astral critter thingy, you know the ethereal marauder ;-) Although I would appreciate if REAPER continued their line of D&D devils, after most of the MOMA1 demons are out already.
  18. Today I was painting already primed bases with Master Paint Muddy Brown and while drying the surface broke into lots of small cracks so you could see the white primer underneath. I also was quite puzzled by this behaviour of the paint. Does anyone have any ideas what the reason could be? I didn't do anything special to the paint and I didn't have that problem before. Thanks!
  19. Thanks guys! The color choice was inspired by the pic on p. 196 of WotC's "Savage Species". The sword is simply REAPER's blue steel drybrushed with silver. I wanted the sword look cold, craggy and magical. I especially like the demon's head shoulder armour, but it looks much better on the original than in the pic. Cheers! Catlion
  20. I've painted this one some time ago, but just came round to taking pictures. I'm not too happy with the pics, though. It's a large mini so the pics are a bit large, too. Sorry! What do you think?
  21. hm, nice Are the hellhounds the same size as the old ones (=quite big)? The Slithe Queen looks a lot like Alien. I thought the Slithes were supposed to be Sahuagin...anyways...
  22. In my humble opinion political topics should not be banned and if it is just for the fact that this would be censorship and therefore violate one of the key principles we (hopefully) hold dear, since the right for (more or less) free speech is one of the few improvements our so-called Western Civilization has achieved. For how long is the question, of course... People not interested can simple avoid them by not reading them so there is no need to "protect" them from anything anyway. Being European another important issue is to be in contact with Americans so one can discuss and maybe better understand things that happen in the USA that seem often very strange and disturbing to us over here as recent events have proven again...
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