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  1. I spent a lot of money on a magnifier lamp and found I hated trying to hold the mini and brush behind it. Optivisor works well for me. Don't get a crazy magnification level (keep it at 2 to 3x), or the field of focus will be smaller and the focal length will be really short, causing you to have to hold the mini super close to your face.
  2. Hi, I'm wanting to paint a mini separate from the base he'll be on. I've only done this a couple times and I've pinned them to cork and mounted the cork to a pill bottle. What do you do if it's a tabbed base, and the feet/legs are too small for pinning? I know I've seen people using some kind of vise to hold tabbed minis, but I can't seem to find anything on this now. FYI, the tab doesn't have to stay on if there's some other way to hold the thing other than pinning.
  3. Thanks, all. I definitely focused more on the robe than on the belt etc. I think highlights are my biggest issue and I'll try to focus on placement and consistency as I continue to practice.
  4. My photography isn't the best (taken with my iPhone), but I would appreciate feedback on this. Are highlights/shadows in the right places? Is the contrast high enough? Any comments would be great.
  5. Haldir, Sorry, but I don't have your name/face associated with your handle here. I'm James Pfaffengut - very short brown hair and beard, glasses, 6 ft or so, 200 lbs. Hope that helps. I'll have my squares at the Con today (and I'll be there thru Sun if we don't connect today.
  6. Lucas and I are in for one of the slots Sat or Sun.
  7. Hey, Noel. I'm local and won't be staying at the hotel, so I can't help with a room, but I will be driving in every day and would be happy to help you get to and from the hotel whenever you need a lift. - James P.
  8. "I don't have a square to spare." :)
  9. Ive got quite a few spare squares and I prefer rounds, so I'm up for it.
  10. Thanks so much! I'll check the size and get a regulator.
  11. Follow up question - are gravity feed brushes more capable of fine detail/better control than siphon feed?
  12. OK, looks like I can get a regulator with two attachment sizes for under $20 on Amazon - thanks!
  13. I have not. Can you do that with a generic (or not the same brand)?
  14. Hey All, I've been using a cheap Central Pneumatic airbrush and compressor from Harbor Freight. It's perfectly fine for priming, but I can really only get one air speed out of it - full blast. I'm wanting to do some base-coating and maybe camo on vehicles, and am wondering if I need a whole new setup or if replacing one component or the other would be enough. The compressor is 60 psi and isn't adjustable. The airbrush is double action, siphon feed. I can get a trickle of air if I push the trigger very lightly, but this quickly jumps to full pressure if I twitch at all (like trying to pull back for paint). So...do I need a compressor I can crank down the psi on or an airbrush with a 'longer' trigger push for better flow control? Or (wince), both?
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