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  1. Do you have a rulebook? All the unit composition stuff is in there. I think you can still get a Warlord 2nd Edition book or the Savage North version in the Reaper store.
  2. Thanks for the help. I got a chipmunk, squirrel, and 3 raccoons from DS.
  3. I need a male and female were-squirrel and male and female were-raccoon. I know Reaper has some foxes that I can paint up for the raccoons but any ideas for the squirrels?
  4. Thanks to everyone that has helped. I can still use data from anyone that hasn't answered. If your answer is 4 no's, it is just as valid as 4 yes' or any other combination.
  5. I love "The Animal" with his green tongue and ripping apart the turnbuckles with his teeth. He wrote an autobiography a few years ago that was good. Prior to wrestling he was a hs teacher and coach. He is in the Michigan (?) Coaches Hall of Fame. He also played pro-football when the NFL had a minor league system in the 1960s.
  6. OK, I am doing a project on pop culture icons and need a few more survey entries. This forum always seemed like a really broad range of ages, professions and such. So, if you could help it would be greatly appreciated. I have four questions yes and no question. Please don't say anything that will be a spoiler or hint to others. Not knowing is as important an answer as knowing. So even if you know absolutely nothing about him, I need your input as well. 1. Do you know who James Dean was? Y/N 2. Do you know why he was famous? Y/N 3. Do you know what he looked like, could you pick him out of a group, like a police lineup? Y/N 4. Can I message you to ask a question that the answer would be a spoiler and possibly influence others? Y/N Thank you in advance to anyone who helps.
  7. I met him once when I was a chef. He was doing a benefit concert here in town and he had taken the people that ran the local chapter of his charity out for a brunch meeting. He was exceptionally nice. I was fortunate to draw the omelette station straw over the other sous chefs. So, I was directly beside his table for three hours making eggs to order. I met a few celebrities over the years when I was cooking and he and Tim McGraw stand out as being the friendliest. McGraw was just a really soft spoken polite and gracious guy. Jarreau was just cool, he oozed charisma and was effervescent with a kind of contagious energy. He was one of the greats.
  8. I only have a small list... But wanted to say that the "Warring States" Terracotta soldier/first dynasty minis were on time. I got the monthes ago and forgot to post. They are very nice, good detail. The one weak point would be the glue pionts are all really smooth. So they are hard to build if you aren't a pinner. Conan Monolith is about a year late but suppose to be delivered in October.
  9. We played back when the rules first got released. I think Wild Bill was one of the writers. It was a fun game.
  10. Infused oils last much longer than other perishable foods. If you refrigerate it it should last at least a month. If it is heat infused it can last even longer. Also the heat infused kind can be preserved longer by canning.
  11. I'd dry them. I dry lots of peppers the traditional way of just stringing them. After they are dry I store them in plastic bags. You don't have to boil them to reconstitute them. I just fill a container with hot tap water and let them soak a few hours or overnight. Boiling a pepper that hot makes steam that is like breathing pepper spray.
  12. Cincinnati If you'd be willing to ship internationally (more expensive) - Yes If you want to be a box starter (depending on the amount of interest) - Yes
  13. Heals are very useful for dwarf soldiers in certain situations. A bear rider staying up is as or more important than saving any sgt. A shieldmaiden with one track is as good as most captains with one track. It all depends on whats more important at the time. But, in any case healing is generally pretty helpful. I personally don't use it a lot with dwarves, because I like the other two Warlords better and Ivar is pricey and he is pretty much just a healer.
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