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  1. I just heard the news. I haven’t been on these forums for at least a couple of years, but I had to return for this. I have tears in my eyes as I write this and that’s a very rare thing. I had several personal email conversations with Ed over the years. He was truly one of those rare authentic and kind human beings. The world is a little bit darker without your light, Ed. You’ll be terribly missed. 😢
  2. Was that primed or on raw Bones? Which version, Mk. 1 Bonesium, Black? pre-washed, I assume?
  3. With airbrush or brush? I’m looking at trying to use oils like Wappel does, base coat and wipe most off. So I’m hoping either airbrushing Stynylrez primer then oil or first coat of oil paint straight on unprepared Bones works.
  4. So it sounds like airbrushing primer (like Stynylrez) works? Oil paints seem to be rising in popularity lately, has anyone tried them on Bones straight out of the package?
  5. Floors for all the towers are done. Bottom floors and tower tops are stone, inner floors wood. Here are a few samples:
  6. One bit at a time. I’ve had plenty of mistakes and back steps, and parts of it aren’t as ‘precise’ as I’d like but I’d like to finish it with what passes for my sanity intact.
  7. Round towers are stoned and crenellated. Gatehouse, Inner Gatehouse, Fortress, all the civilian buildings and a million details left to go.
  8. Awesome! Where is the pumpkin...”snowman” with the top hat from? I want one!
  9. Along with the straight pins, holding the walls together while the glue dries.
  10. The crenellations are going on... Most of the towers are getting there. Now they pretty much just need arrow slits, doors floors, stairs and paint. Oh, and magnets.
  11. I’m interested, but you may want to wait a little while to start this again. Reaper is working with Badger and have a new airbrush in the works. I imagine a lot more Reaper fans will have airbrushes SOON(tm) and something like this would be a great intro.
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