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  1. I would go for pulp as long as it works with 1920s Call of Cthulhu.
  2. I’m watching the latest Reaper Live on YouTube (first time seeing the show). I’m so bummed about the Bones Classic on larger models. Sooo bummed. Edit: I wonder what “a different tack and having fun” with the Chronoscope expansion means... ?
  3. It’s showing 1 day, 3 hours and 45 minutes for me as well, which is noon PST.
  4. I guess the Killer Tomatoes’ time has come and gone. You DO realize tomorrow is always a day away?
  5. We’re solidly into the ‘first world problems’ phase of the thread. It’s definitely time for the KS to start...
  6. I’m sure Belgium won’t be happy to hear that. What will they be known for now?
  7. I was one of the most vociferous fans pushing for hobgoblins last time, but I wanted the old metal ones converted to Bones. I was highly disappointed in the new design last time. Just not my cuppa.
  8. I disagree. I’d rather see the original material go away altogether. If the new big items are in the OG Bones, it may be easier for me to pass on them.
  9. His head, lower jaw and expression remind me of old Disney...
  10. Actually, the more I see, the happier I am. Quite a few of the things in the case at ReaperCon excited me (mounted wraiths - though I want 9 individual sculpts, the succubi, the various dragons and many others). However, the more I see since then, the more that I don’t care for. I can pass on the Asian-themed stuff, most of the underwater stuff (and if I have to buy an entire expansion for 1-2 pieces, I’ll pass). The cat folk and even the otters. The otters are cool, but I’ve got no use for them.
  11. So that’s it for Bones V preview pics then?
  12. I hope it’s a ship. And I hope the cat people are a separate add-on. i already have a 3D printed ship and files for others. And I don’t like cats. Or cat people. I’d like to be able to pass on one or two things, even if it’s a token gesture...
  13. That big, it’d better not be the cheaper bendy Bones or it’ll be the saddest ship to ever dip sails in the sea.
  15. Youre both outside the U.S., I take it?
  16. I don’t even remember. I think it was probably a full 4’ x 8’ table of blue hex for water, same in green for land (both including hex edge tiles), and maybe the same in square parchment for dungeons. I don’t even want to go to their site to verify at this point. I was such a fan when this project started that I’m the one that suggested to them to do the “Colorform” style decals (apparently another fail). Now I wish I’d never come across the project...
  17. cmorse is correct. I tried several times. Because they haven’t officially “failed”, and are technically “delivering product”, I’m still on the hook for $450. Not.Happy.
  18. What a Charlie Foxtrot this campaign turned out to be... looks like I’m one of the last as well.
  19. This is in the last 4 days and about to unlock all 3 Charitable Werks.
  20. This is for the supplement, but you can pick up the original book as well if you missed it like I did. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1155053944/the-fantastic-worlds-of-grenadier-supplement
  21. I’ve not received mine and won’t for months. They’re not even close to shipping other colors/shapes yet.
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