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  1. The current stl file companies don’t have a big issue with piracy or DRM issues...
  2. Take a look at Fat Dragon Games. They’ve produced a few minis (so far, more to come) along with terrain and with a .25 nozzle (on FDM!) they are really sharp!
  3. I just made a post in Reaper General hoping to convince Reaper to start selling stl files of their figures (I don’t have much hope of it), but then it dawned on me, that may be the perfect way to resurrect Warlord! To the nay-sayers, take a look at Fat Dragon Games. They’ve done 28mm mini files already and their new “World War Tesla” game that is 15mm and 100% printable has been #1 on DriveThruRPG since it was released.
  4. I’m not holding out much hope, but I would really like to see Reaper start selling stl file versions of their figs for home printing. As an option.
  5. I have not, but I didn't expect to because I committed the sin of ordering 2 different types. I can't express how much I regret getting in on this Kickstarter and how much I now hate this 'company'. I tried several times over the multi-year disaster to get a refund and just go my own way, but nooo, they'll hold on to our money no matter what. Sorry, bitter as Hades.
  6. You’re more than welcome to mine at ks cost, whenever I finally get them. :/
  7. Unless you ordered anything besides or in addition to the o parchment squares. I just want to be out of this project, get my money back and forget it ever happened, but they won’t refund.
  8. 12 hours to go! There are a TON of files available here!
  9. Sigh...looks like I'm taking the plunge into 3D printing... And Prusa has their new Mk3 up for pre-order.
  10. So any word on the pledge manager? I just don't want to miss it (I missed the KS).
  11. I remember during the '70's, I believe it was McDonalds of all places, had a promotion where they gave away small books of classics, "Tom Sawyer", "The Three Musketeers" and others. They were actually really cool. My how times have changed...
  12. I'm at least as happy to hear the bit about the color change. My crappy eyes can't see any detail on the original white Bones.
  13. Yo. I'm on phone (like usual) so can't write it out, but I have several things of information on conversions, converting DT to tonnage, 3025, 3050, etc era, a lot of stuff. The size difference between CBT and CAV scale doesn't bother me much, I just like big robots.Whenever you get a chance, I would love to see what you've got! By chance have you (or anyone here) gone through and made a list of CAV models that best match as proxies for the existing BT mechs? Edit to add: I was thinking about using the GHQ Terrain Maker foam hexes, as I've got tons of it from playing 6mm moderns. They're
  14. I was actually thinking of proxying the CAV models for the existing BT mechs. I'd try and get each one close as far as tonnage (relative size compared to the others) and weapons depicted on the model, but they don't have to be exact, it's just a representation, right? I checked the CAV hex bases last night and they fit inside the BT hexes with a millimeter or 2 to spare on each side. Also, I haven't had a chance to check the Introductory rules out yet, but I don't think it covers either combined arms or hex less play. I think those are covered in Total Warfare, the full 'core' rule book.
  15. A while back I found a channel on twitch.tv called HyperRPG. I'm not into the whole twitch.tv thing, didn't even know what it was. I was searching YouTube for Shadowrun and found episodes of their live role-playing show for the game which led me to the 'channel'. Wednesday evenings from 6-9 p.m. (Pacific) they have "Shadowrun Corporate SINS", which is a three hour live tabletop show of the game being played by a group of Seattle-local improvisationalists. Friday evenings from 6-9 p.m. (Pacific) they have "Death From Above", in which they alternate between role-playing BattleTech and fi
  16. I always thought the BattleTech models looked pretty silly and 'melee' in a 30' tall mech always rubbed me the wrong way. I picked up a general understanding of the rules and really liked them, with the armor bubble marks, heat management, etc., but the negatives I mentioned always prevented me from really getting deep into the game. Lately, I've been watching "Death From Above" on Twitch.tv/HyperRPG, it's a show on Friday evenings where they alternate between role-playing BattleTech and playing the tabletop game in character. Granted, the rules are modified (it's an entertainment show, af
  17. Thromdor drops his axe, unsheaths his warhammer and swings at the nearest skeleton!
  18. Thromdor's war hammer attack: 4 + 6 = 10. Damage would have been 6 + 4 = 10 if I'd hit.
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