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  1. It's the DM's turn. Either resolving you guys' attacks or the attacks of the undead. Or both. I hope he didn't catch what his household had...
  2. It's been nearly 2 weeks, everyone feeling better yet?
  3. I think the 5 skeletons were supposed to attack before you two... ;)
  4. Switching weapons (dropping axe and pulling war hammer) would take my action for a round?
  5. Thromdor swings his axe in a mighty arc, then swings it around his head and takes another swing!
  6. Thromdor swings his axe in a mighty arc (5 + 4 + 2) = 11 (damage = 9 + 4 = 13 if it hits), then swings it around his head and takes another swing (action surge = 12 + 4 + 2 for (18) for 10 + 4 = 14 damage if it hits).
  7. To Thromdor's surprise, he suddenly splits into six identical copies of himself, all ready to do battle! No? ;)
  8. Thromdor's initiative: *(20 + 3) = 23 *i used the Dicenomicon app
  9. Looking around and not seeing Horrik, Thromdor enters the chamber, senses alert, axe at the ready.
  10. "Horrik, you can have the honor of going first here...this is you're kind of thing..."
  11. Thromdor tries to quietly open one of the doors.
  12. Thromdor slides his fingers down the doors, half expecting them to come alive.
  13. Thromdor mutters, "I hope there aren't 6 more shades floating around..." and shivers. He then heads back to the entry room and waits for the others.
  14. "Well, I could drop you down the hole. May be you'll find wine or wenches at the bottom." Thromdor smiles and gently elbows Grinly, then goes back to the barracks room for a more thorough search.
  15. "Ok, I'm out. If one of you wants to search the privy, you're welcome to the, uh, spoils."
  16. "Stone benches, very dangerous. You go first, Grinly." Thromdor smiles, winks at Grinly and opens the curtain, stepping into the doorway.
  17. Thromdor eyes the curtain, thinking it looks suspiciously like a gazebo and then listens through it.
  18. Thromdor slowly and quietly advances toward the curtain.
  19. Keeping a wary eye on the curtain, Thromdor cautiously and quietly enters ten feet into the room and then stops to listen for any noise.
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