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  1. "I was going for quiet, but ok..." Thromdor forces the door open, then steps back and readies his axe.
  2. Thromdor asks,"does anyone have any lamp oil?"
  3. Thromdor approaches the right hand (east?) door and gently and quietly tries the handle to see if it's locked.
  4. Thromdor puts it in his pack and goes back to the previous room.
  5. Thromdor picks up the wine bottle, wipes it off, looks at it, uncorks it and smells it.
  6. Thromdor enters warily and begins to search the room.
  7. Thromdor grips his axe, ready to strike, and peers through the doorway...
  8. Thromdor gently and quietly tries the handle to see if it's locked.
  9. "Well, folks, may as well cast lots for which path to take first, near as I can tell."
  10. Is Dollar Tree equivalent (as far as cheap, 1/43 cars go) to Dollar General? I think I've seen 1-2 Dollar General in SoCal, but I've absolutely no recollection where. Dollar Tree, however, are on about every other block...
  11. Wouldn't the halfling paladin be offended if I tried to ride him? <rim shot> Sorry, couldn't resist.... ;)
  12. Thromdor stands, stretches and goes to the left hand door to listen and check for traps.
  13. Thromdor sighs and sits on the ground with his back to the north wall.
  14. Perception check: 2 + 4 = 6 Yeah, I'm ready for a short rest. Rolling to recover 1 hd: 4 + 5 = 9
  15. So... TL;DR; size matters? ;) Thanks! I thought I remembered that but was too lazy to go hunting.
  16. Thromdor checks the center door for traps and tries to listen at the door.
  17. So 28mm scale is 1/56... The closest die-cast car scales are, I believe, 1/48 & 1/64. Given that 'modern 28mm' miniatures are closer to 30mm, which of the above car scales would look closer to 'right', a little smaller, or a little larger?
  18. Thromdor grumbles, "I could use some aid over here."
  19. Actually, my biggest beef with Hayden Christianson wasn't when his performance was stiff and lifeless, it was when he was *trying* to emote. What a Whiney little get. I had the mail-away Boba Fett figure! Sadly, I got mine after they made the backpack missile permanent and not launchable... It's the little things that kill you slowly, a little at a time...
  20. Now, please don't get me wrong. I expected it to be bad. In many ways, I love watching bad movies. I went into it thinking "the guy who thought that Padme Amadala's lines were acceptable to present to the public decided that this movie was just horrific and should be suppressed." And even then, it surpassed my expectations. It's like a movie that is so bad, it comes around to being good, but keeps going and is bad again. Seriously, I'll grant you that Padme's lines were...rough on the ears, but I keep hearing this thing about Padme's lines. What about the guy (spoiler alert: Lucas) wh
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