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  1. She wha...? Says who? Another 'shady memory' question. I remember Mark Hamill doing the Muppet Show, as well as, I believe, the droids and *possibly* Chewbacca. I *think* I remember Carrie Fischer on The Muppet Show, as well. Did any of the others (especially Harrison Ford, but I doubt it) do TMS, and/or were they individual episodes, or one Star Wars episode? And is it/are they available anywhere?
  2. Ah, thank you, that sums it up. So 'Lucas = Holiday Special' is equal to 'Baphomet = Prequals'. Nope, we're still not even... [/devil]
  3. Never tell me the odds! (Er, rules violations) In other news, upon further reading of the thread, I have to assume the scene I remember of an animated Boba Fett (more of a still in my mind, really) really was part of this abomination, so I have to assume my memory loss of the rest must be some attempt by my psyche to preserve itself. However, how could I remember Boba Fett from 1978 when he didn't 'appear' (in Empire) until 1980? There are several options here, and I'm not saying illicit substances weren't a factor, but, whiskey-tango-foxtrot, people?
  4. Ok, I'm confused. I just youtubed the 'Star Wars Holiday Special' and got some live action thing. The only memory I have associated with a Star Wars Holiday Special was animated and something involving, I thought, was Boba Fett. I thought I was an O.G. Star Wars fan. What am I missing?
  5. "live," as in, "part of the studio audience?" Or, "when it originally aired?" Or, and this might actually make it good, "a shadowcast version, a la Rocky Horror, complete with talkbacks and thrown props?" Aired. There was some confusion about this for years, with me thinking it came out in 77 and I thought I saw it November 1978. It was linked to my memory of my mom and my sister having flown to Toronto and I was home with my dad. Watching the special was his idea. But if it was 77, like I thought for a long time, then I was just misremembering. Then I learned it was indeed Nov 1978 that it
  6. Not everyone thinks the same things are fun.Coercing other people to do things they don't like using peer pressure is what we called "Bullying" when I was in school. I think they changed the definition of that word recently though so you might not recognize it anymore. So, this point made me think of a related question: at what point does persuasion (or social pressure, or coercion, or cajole, whatever you want to call it) become, or qualify as, abusive and/or bullying? Is the most important factor the specific things said or done, the person making the "ask", or the feelings of the pers
  7. I must admit, I didn't read past the first 4-5 posts, but I can't fathom this whole scenario. Anyone who expects (or worse, tries to conjole/guilt or brow-beat) me into participating in something I don't want to do, or, as in this case, am morally opposed to, is in for a (likely rude and unpleasant) surprise. Life is pain-in-the-elf enough, I'm not going to smile and go along with this kind of new-age, touchy-feely garbage. Sorry, but this is a real teeth-grinder for me. GET OFF MY LAWN!
  8. Well crap. I loved him in everything I saw him in, but to be honest didn't think about him all that much. That actually makes this more of a bummer. A 'you don't realize what you'll miss until it's gone' kind of thing, I guess. Sorry, Mr. Rickman. You'll be missed more than I realized. Goodbye and I'm sorry.
  9. Congrats dude! Seriously! Now less seriously, you'll have more time to herd the 5th Ed. PBP players... ;)
  10. I'm glad to hear it! Given their apparent desire to not publish much material themselves and mostly rely on 3rd parties, I'm almost ecstatic! Given that the focus is now 5th Edition and FR, both of which I love, I've been wanting more! I enjoyed Greyhawk, but it never 'came alive' like FR did to me (and apparently many others, considering the FR explosion when it went from Greenwood's home campaign to retail). Eberron what? Where's the vomit emote? ;) I remember when they ran the 'competition' for the next setting and that won. I was flabberghasted. To each their own, I guess...
  11. A huge (HUGE!) improvement! Keep it up and keep posting! ;)
  12. Thromdor booms, "Will someone destroy this thing!?"
  13. I did that before, but now I can't find them... :(
  14. Thromdor snarls and mumbles a dwarven curse.
  15. Kill them both. Take their stuff. Dark side. Complete.
  16. "Gah! That...<gasp>...HURT!" Thromdor winds up and swings again with his axe.
  17. http://www.beastsofwar.com/x-wing/endor-aftermath-download/
  18. Thromdor looks around frantically for Grinly.
  19. Nivin glances around the forum at the sudden booming voice out of nowhere. "Unless y're intention'ly sund'rin' t' fourth wall, I think y' meant Thromdor, not Baphomet," he shouts back. Wha'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis? See?
  20. Thromdor shouts out at Grinly and Horrik, "Hit these things, will'ya!"
  21. The way things are going, we're lol 13, but lvl 2... ;p
  22. You have the awesomist* co-workers! *Is so a word! (now)
  23. We have to clear this or they'll no longer be able to work the mine.
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