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  1. Thromdor swings his axe in a mighty arc!
  2. Thromdor checks the left door for traps and tries to listen at the door.
  3. "She?! Left, right or center door first?"
  4. Thromdor investigates the room more thoroughly, though still cautiously.
  5. Thromdor cautiously walks into the room, checking for traps or ambushes.
  6. Thromdor sighs and tries to open the door.
  7. Thromdor checks the door and surrounding area for traps.
  8. "Touch it. See if they're warm or something."
  9. "Do any of you recognize any of these symbols or markings?"
  10. I approach cautiously, checking for traps or ambushes.
  11. "I considered that, but with the other end collapsed, the only others that I can see following us would be curious miners. I'd hate for them to fall victim to it. Besides, if the rest of you have to retreat in haste, I'd not want you to miss it. I suggest we leave it secure." Thromdor moves to the head of the party and begins to proceed cautiously again.
  12. Thromdor's smile vanishes for a second and then he roars with laughter.
  13. Thromdor saunters casually down the passage toward his friends, grinning from ear to ear.
  14. Does the trap pivot in the middle? How wide is it? "My apologies, Grinly! Can you see a lever or something?"
  15. "Next halfling!" Thromdor grins. After a pause, "I suppose we could toss him one end of a rope, but he may not find the wall, let alone a place to secure it. Grinly, carefully test the slab to see if it will hold your weight. We can secure the rope to you."
  16. Thromdor grabs Niven's left arm and leg, Horrik his right. Three swings and Niven is airborne!
  17. "Which of you wee ones wants to soar?"
  18. Thromdor looks for a mechanism or a way to disable the trap.
  19. II'll go first (dwarven dark vision 60'), going slow, listening and checking for traps.
  20. Anhurians... Disregard. I'm behind the times and see they were in the previous release...
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