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  1. Long time no post- Here are some dangerous sea creatures I tried sculpting for a naval based game. Also, here is a 54mm scale sculpt I was working on for a contest. i didn't make the deadline, so he is still unfinished.
  2. I'm still scratching along with my sculpting, although I haven't got much progress in skill to show for it. More plane type things.
  3. Her grip on the sword is a rather modern fencing style. Back in the day they used what is called in modern fencing parlance the "French" grip. However, it is great to see someone tackling this period. More I say! The Knee high boots are great.
  4. Easy E

    Zombie Killer

    I see some Blade inspiration there. I really like your aotumatic pistols and Katana. The pictures make the legs look too short for the body.
  5. Here's something I did recently. I don't think the pictures really do much for it but... it proves I'm still sculpting. It is part of a painting challenge for my local club. Part of the contest was to use a provided bag of bits to make your model. Since I don't have a chance to win best painted, I thought I better sculpt something unique for Best Converted. I have found that Super Sculpey is my new favorite sculpting medium for figures. I also put this together in my quest to create a 1:300 scale scavenger aircraft.
  6. I agree with Grey Horde about the head thing. I will also add that the left arm looks a bit long. However, that could be the angle of the shot. Arms are notoriously difficult to get the proper length. That being said, I think the fur lining looks solidly executed and I like her hair.
  7. Easy E

    yuan ti

    I like his head. The shape seems natural and organic to a snake. The armor also looks good. I'm not convinced that a snake man would stand so upright. I thing the humanoid torso would be upright, but the snake part would be on the ground. I hope that makes some sense.
  8. @Lune- What you are saying is completely correct and true. I would strongly recommend using plasticard or cereal packet for straight and flat surfaces. Also, Plasticard is the way to make blades and weapons (along with other found materials) rather than trying to sculpt them.
  9. I don't think I spent enough time on this to make it look great. Overall, I rushed it and I regret it.
  10. Here's a mess of scavenger aircraft. Lt. Barry for scale purposes only. My poor sculpting abilities makes pretty decent ramshackle vehicles. It took me about 6 hours to complete all 10. Now that I know the tricks, I think I could produce one in 30 minutes flat. The hardest part is coming up with the design. On a lot of these I just started going with no clear picture of the outcome. In the future, I will try to plan my work a bit better. I should also make use of a file after I have baked the clay. That way I could get better defined edges. Comments?
  11. Easy E


    The clothing is great. Someone mentioned the fingers, and I think the same critique could be leveled at the toes/feet. I'm jealous of the work you did on the torso. Nice.
  12. Here is something very different for me. I made some spaceships for a scavenger race.
  13. Congrats and well deserved!
  14. This is a great subject to sculpt. I like your dynamic posing as well.
  15. Something else I sculpted... Caretaker Robot
  16. I now provide for your amusement, the Hunchback of Notre Dame get's married... Sadly, it wasn't intentional. Any ideas on how it can be saved?
  17. I have some choice, but a lot of it comes down to compromising time and efforts in exchange for results. I'm willing to compromise on time and effort in order to have some results. I'm odd in that I will pursue something until I am better at it then 80% of the population. Then, I am satisfied and move on. It keeps me from mastering any one task, but I know how to do a lot of random stuff. Anyway, enough about me. Oh, wait... this is my log. On with me then... Here is the latest in my arsenal of sculpting tools. Also, some progress shots of further work. The first up are future cake toppers. They are about 3 inches tall. Then, some updated work on my Cultists...
  18. I have been contemplating my shortcomings as a sculptor lately, and besides my need to work on anatomy, I really need to work on patience as well. To often, I am focused on getting a piece done so I can move onto the next, and then have enough for a playable unit. My main motivation for learning to sculpt was to save money and make unique armies while saving. If I ever want to become a really good sculptor, I will need to sit down and study anatomy and figure design with a lot more patience and care, and then execute wht I have learned in a careful manner. To be honest, I'm not sure if I am willing to put in that type of commitment. That being said, here is some more stuff I pumped out: First, my work area. It all stores away in about 5 minutes so I can set it up and take it down anywhere in the house. Usually I prefer my dining room table instead of the cold basement. In theory, I can then talk to my wife, but I am usually concentrating so hard that I don't say a word. I also have enough stuff to mass produce about 10 - 12 different miniatures at a time. In response to the tentacle question on my robots, I tried some guitar wire instead. Better or not? Anyway, here is a "squad" of the little blighters. I have also made some better bases out of Sculpey instead of card. There are different robot designs for all sorts of different tasks combined together into this adhoc unit. Here is the basic forms for 7 more cultist Infantry. When they are done I will have enough models for two squads of 10 cultist with some alternate special/heavy weapons. Notice the two fat guys for variety. I'm trying to match the style of the first 13 or so, even though I could probably do better detail now. Until next time.
  19. Some other general stuff: A cold weather tank commander A Buffalo A tentacled robot Anyone have any good links about casting two part models?
  20. Here's something I have found helpful when using GS. It helps it cure much faster, so you can do more in a short amount of time. Essentially, it is a over-watted lightbuld in a desk lap staring down into a tin can. It generates a good amount of heat, which is what cures the GS. I learned this trick from one of the many sculpting tutorials I have read.
  21. Here is a tank commander I sculpted with a found head. He comes from a cold place, so he has ski goggles and a fur trimmed collar. Also, a tentacled drone. and
  22. Sadly, it's the sculpt. The hand is not to scale and hence is out of proportion with the body. The hand should have been rotated slightly to make it more natural. Also, it is rather poorly sculpted as farm as the basic anatomy of the hand. In the poor girl's defense, the guy's hand doesn't look so hot either.
  23. Keep everything. I don't know If I will have enough space. Do pictures count? That seem to make everything look worse than they look in person anyway. Here's the latest: It is a terrible picture but you get the idea. Things I learned: 1. Don't take pictures in the middle of the night. 2. The Laws of Physics can be your friend or enemy. Play nice and be friends. 3. Hot Glue is amazing.
  24. So here are a couple more updates of some stuff I've put together. This is the second of two 50's style swing dancers I have been working on using sculpey. The right arm isn't attached as it it will be connected tot eh other dancers arm, and I will be sculpting them as a seperate piece and pinning the arms on. The hand sucks. What a surprise. This is a quick head I did while I was waiting for some Sculpey to bake. It will probably be the head to one of my demagogues. We'll see, I'm not sure it will fit in at this point. I might just toss it.
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