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  1. Really digging that axe blade. Nice work all round, though.
  2. That's brilliant, I don't imagine I'll ever forget now. The missus says she'll paint me a watercolour background. How great is this lady! I do tend to jump between genres while painting - I get distracted very easily. Pretty much just working on some fantasy right now, got a few DHL sculpts and a WotC Chainmail on the go.
  3. Yeeeah, still getting the hang of the photography. Maybe I'll build a light box, but I'll see how far I get on this latest painting kick first. If I get another four or five minis done relatively soon then it might be worth it. GuyWithCoolBackpack, I appreciate the comment on the base, I probably spent more time and effort on that than the troll itself. I should just paint bases from now on and tell everyone the minis are invisible.
  4. Hey all, just finished up my first Bones figure! Here he is, Mr Troll: Pretty rough paint job all things considered, could spend more time on it but I'm calling him done. Good enough to game with. I thought I'd also put up a few other bits and pieces I've completed over the years (it's a pretty rare occurrence). Here's a Warhammer Dwarf Lord: Felix does the best Dwarf sculpts IMHO, GW shouldn't have let him go. Actually, better that they did, he's doing great work with Avatars of War. Some old-school GW, Man O War Dwarf Nautiluses (Nautili?): These were the ones I had difficulty removing the mould lines from due to some slippage of the moulds in the casting process. Can't just phone up for a replacement these days, though. And finally some Militia from Urban War/Void: Really need to finish the bases on these guys, but I'm not sure what I want. Might give them some resin ones at some point (cause I'm a bit lazy like that). I actually painted these guys using only the colours that came in a Vallejo starter set, it was a fun little challenge, particularly getting the denim colour right. Well, that's it for now, comments and thrown pottery welcome as always.
  5. Well I don't want to derail this thread, I just find it odd that Mantic don't show any signs of releasing anything outside of kickstarter. I would think it better to be cautious about basing all of their new releases on an independent website. I also find it strange that people seem to think they have to back the kickstarter if they want any part of it. I've seen people asking about a terrain-only pledge level; do these people really want that terrain enough to pre-order eight months in advance?
  6. Wow, seven years. That's just about the most impressive threadomancy I've ever seen. I think I might even remember seeing this the first time. It is a very nice Ebonwrath, though, and with Bones versions hitting the scene soon it's worth a look again.
  7. If they're shipping double vampires, they should be on to using boxes big enough to also be able to ship vampire + Kally/Nethy, as well as other vampire + options orders, like giants.
  8. We have two cats, brother and sister, that we got together from the same litter. So we had an incentive to get them fixed because, as the girlfriend said, "no pre-teen incest babies". It would have been nice to let the girl (Chimera) have a litter, because it does seem to mellow their personality a bit, but I'm perfectly happy with the little manic pixie dream girl that she is now. And if anyone's wondering, she and her brother (Schrodinger) are half-birmans; she has calico points and he has grey-blue points. They are adorable, especially together, they are each other's best friend.
  9. It looks really cool, but I don't feel the need to back it as a kickstarter. They certainly don't need my money to get it off the ground, and I've already backed Judge Dredd as far as sci-fi skirmish goes. Might pick it up when it's released though, but I have a wedding to save for now... As an aside, I think it's a little troubling that Mantic seems to be using kickstarter for all of it's releases. I don't think any company's business plan should consist of "just do a kickstarter for it".
  10. He's saying that they have the capability to do it, not that they are going to. Their plastic production is being moved in-house now, though, so the big question is whether or not it's still financially feasible to get the minis painted in China.
  11. "Flipt". In addition to the tedium of prep work on minis, I get quite annoyed when I have OOP minis that have had their mould misaligned. I had some Man O War dwarf ships that had it bad, PITA to fix and can't get them replaced. Turned out ok once they were painted though.
  12. YO MAMA. Hurr hurr. Seriously though, I think I do remember Bryan saying in one interview that there were goals that got bumped when the Pathfinder deal kicked in. I can't remember if he specified mounted figures or not, but if they were, then they may have been dropped from the kickstarter altogether. My guess is that the big thing that they're talking about here is whatever they originally intended to be the "ultimate stretch goal" that they probably wouldn't have passed.
  13. I should be getting something from Judge Dredd before I get my Bones. The rulebook, Judge Hershey and the exorcist judge are all due to turn up soon. No idea when the Dark Judges will be ready, though. Combat Kitchenware seems like it's on track now, at least he's started fabricating some products. Not expecting my pan for a few months yet. I've got the downloads for the existing Mercy Sparx issues, no reason to expect a delay on the new stuff yet.
  14. Hey, I have that Saturn Girl figure around somewhere, I think. Do you strip the prepaint off first, or just paint over top? Sucks to have minis stolen, I had a bunch of figures and paints taken from my girlfriend's place last year.
  15. Yaaaay! It's Harry! Feel free to post your non-Reaper stuff here too - I'm sure that giant will turn some heads. And of course, that worm looks ace.
  16. Ridiculous! What you should do is start with Lego figures; they have less detail to worry about. You can prime them with a correction fluid pen, then draw on them with felt-tip pens.
  17. I've got three sets of the base game plus Wizards of Morcar and two sets of Against the Ogre Horde, all bought off of Trade Me, and they didn't cost me that much for any one set. It was about six or seven years ago that I got most of it though, and I think demand has picked up a bit since then.
  18. I don't think Citadel is necessarily bad, but it is overpriced and I don't personally like the way they're setting out their range these days. Reaper is a good choice, especially with Bones as they're pretty much guaranteed to stick to unprimed Bones.
  19. Have you played Warhammer Quest? Because a lot of what you're describing is featured in the game. Homebrewing some expanded rules for HeroQuest sounds awesome, but WHQ might be worth checking out at least for some inspiriation. The complete game cost a ton on ebay but I've managed to pick up individual rulebooks for minimal cost and as you say, tiles are easy to come by.
  20. Well, I have a Room of Stuff which includes several Boxes of Shame and a Filing Cabinet of Shame. It's somewhat organised into various game systems and manufacturers, plus piles of general "sci fi" and "fantasy".
  21. To be fair, they were expecting shipping to only take three weeks to complete right up until about a week or two before they began shipping. There's a lot of unknowns in what they're doing, they've never had to organize something like this before.
  22. On the plus side there's probably only one of those. I suspect as they move up in complexity the orders will get more eccentric / personalized. I hope you don't think that that is the top pledge. I have 4x vampire and 48 options. Oh, I didn't say it was the top pledge. I imagine there are some doozies (and I wonder if Reaper will announce the last one the way they did the first). It's just, by the time you get past those single Vampires plus a half dozen, I bet there's hardly one order identical to another. I seem to recall someone saying that the biggest order was for 40 vampire sets plus extras.
  23. I've got a week's holiday booked in for the last week of May, so I'm hoping that they'll be here by then.
  24. I'll spray catnip on the box and let the cats open it for me.
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