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  1. I don't know about that. Remember, backers outside the US paid shipping - $25. Backers inside the US got free shipping. I'd think it's more likely that the free shipping is causing more issues than the one that at least had some extra money put aside it... Out of curiosity Laoke, and completely unrelated to your comment that I just quoted, how many people do you personally know who backed the project? I'm friends with a lot of geeks and I only know one guy who did, but I wonder how many pledges came from NZ.
  2. He'll just perch on your shoulder and you can feed him snacks to keep him happy. "Kally want a virgin?"
  3. You know, I should finish that book some day.
  4. The coming decades are going to be interesting times for miniature manufacturers as home 3d printers get cheaper and cheaper. I dunno, regular printers still don't work so good. How long have they been making those? Yeah, I don't want random lines appearing on my minis, or getting a jam in the plastic port. I should point out at this juncture that I have absolutely no idea how 3d printers work.
  5. I know it doesn't matter, but I feel like pointing out for no raisin that he's actually mostly resin with a few metal parts.
  6. Looks great, I really dig the black legionnaires. Hope some come out in Bones at some point. That log on the base is seriously nice, though. Can't wait to see what else you do with bases!
  7. Hmmm... big guys could be an opportunity if they were converting Warlord. At the very least, it would be cool to have stats for Nethyrmaul/Kaladrax/Wyrmgear et al.
  8. Well, by the time you've painted all the Bones you should have had enough experience to be able to get a job painting minis.
  9. Well, you're right that she's a skeleton, but that's a lot of surface area to paint... also, I want to learn how you guys are able to sex a skeletal dragon. I'm going to do something similar, but as a wargamer it'll be an army made up entirely of Bones. I may need to get a few extras of some figures on top of the kickstarter haul, though.
  10. I suppose it only takes a little more than half the backers from the last kickstarter pledging $100 again to get to 1mil. I wonder if Reaper will have less insane value after lessons learned this time (Kally and Nethy coming in over budget for example), or keep the value at a similar level to entice everyone back and then some. My guess is just fewer big guys.
  11. Hell yeah, made it with a day to go! If you were on the fence wondering if it would get funded, it's all go now.
  12. yes please! it gets a little silly when everyone is always rescuing either a hooker or a robot! Oh, and Hookerbots. Thanks for reminding me.
  13. Army Painter strong tone quickshade ink is magic in a bottle.
  14. More Chronoscope townsfolk, please. Businessmen, construction workers, even sci-fi townsfolk like colonists and pilots. Basically unarmed non-combatants to rescue/use as human shield (circle one).
  15. You see?! Too many excellent options! Oh and I'm not set on his shirt being black, I just haven't painted it yet. Thanks to everyone that put in their 2cents, I'm going to mull this over for a bit while I'm at work today and try and come up with a decision for tonight's painting.
  16. Hey all! First time posting a mini to these forums, it's taken me long enough. This guy is coming along nicely for me, but I'm wondering what to do about his t-shirt. I don't want too comlpicated a design, otherwise I'd do the Reaper logo! The Punisher logo has been suggested, but what are your thoughts? Thanks!
  17. Perhaps we'll only get a pic when the add-on shipment gets in.
  18. Depends on the minis and what I'm using them for, but generally fantasy will get 25mm lipped square bases that I can just cut the integral base to fit in, and sci fi will get 30mm round bases with the rounded edges like the Chronoscope minis. But then I also want to base some for 15mm scale, like the stone golem. Or base multiple minis on one base to use for 28mm Mighty Armies. Then there's the big monsters that I have no Idea about yet... It's going to be a long and wonderful quest.
  19. Could they work for Arbites? They don't have things like power mauls and riot shields, but they have the heavy armour and have the look of an organised millitary force. I'll be using mine for Combat Zone, which is a more generic sci-fi skirmish game, or possibly as a team of henchmen in SuperSystem.
  20. Just ordered my bases today, realising that I hadn't gotten any yet and the Bones could be here next month. I opted for the 25mm square lipped bases from em4; they work out at about NZ 10c each and I figure I just need to cut down the integral base to fit, then fill the rest of the base with PVA and sand. Should be pretty easy. Plus, it gives me an excuse to get some of their figures that I've been after for a while...
  21. Hey, what's this over here? <-- It's a supporter badge! I got something from the Kickstarter! That'll keep me happy for a while.
  22. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/devilsdue/mercy-sparx-the-ongoing-series This project's been going for a while, thought I'd bring it to attention here in case anyone else was interested. At the very least it seems like a good deal on some digital comics. I understand that it's not going to be to everyone's taste, but to me the idea behind the series (devil girl is paid to hunt down angels who have gone rogue) is interesting enough.
  23. Hasn't there already been a kickstarter for 10mm modern/sci fi terain like this? In any case, these aren't impressive as scenic bases, and as cheap bases I'd prefer plastic.
  24. We do not have everything ready to begin shipping in... 5 hours ago. But we will begin shipping this month. It won't stop me standing outside the front door every morning looking wistfully for a courier to pull up. I may need to build a widow's walk.
  25. Magnets! This guy's been on my to buy list for a while now. I love me some thrones.
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