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  1. In the same way that the US is a part of Canada, yes.
  2. It's officially March in four hours here. From tomorrow, I'm going to be expecting my Bones to turn up.
  3. Now, the LE sculpts were going to be brought out as Bones regardless of the Kickstarter. It's not like they started a new KS project for them after the first had finished.
  4. It's cool, but I think my enthusiasm would have waned by the end of the year. That's a pretty long time to wait for this.
  5. Anvall Thricedamned. I'm going to want to get a couple of extras of him to mount in various ways as well.
  6. I can't think of a use for it, as cool as it seems to be. Which is a little disingenuous of me considering how many of the Bones are going to be wallowing in unpainted misery for years on end.
  7. Awesome! It's great to get these little bits of info on how the logistics of such a massive project actually work. Thanks!
  8. What is the reason why you're not shipping the simple, vampire-with-no-extras pledges now as soon as you get them in? I'm not second guessing here and I know there is going to be a sound business reason as to why not, but I'm just curious as to what that is.
  9. These look cool. Just have to figure out how to get the missus to go along with it.
  10. That is pretty much exactly what I got the Dark something vengeance skull grim blast cultists for.
  11. I'm going to end up with a few new heroes, villains and henchmen for SuperSystem, that's for sure.
  12. The same reason, I imagine, why they can't do anything about Avatars of War despite Felix using very Warhammeresque designs.
  13. You know, I had the opportunity to go to a GW store for the first time in about eight years last month, and I just couldn't be bothered. I mean, I wasn't going to buy anything even if I did go in, so what was the point? It made my inner 12-year-old very sad. Growing up I would have loved to have a GW store in my town, but now I couldn't care less. If Reaper opened up an HQ in NZ, though, I'd go every chance I could get, even if it were at the other end of the country.
  14. Warhammer 40,000 owes a huge debt to 2000AD for "inspiration".
  15. The otherworld ones look the best to me ATM. Thanks guys!
  16. Hey all, I've been trying to find some fantasy cavemen/neanderthals, or possibly savage-looking half-orcs could work. Basically I want something like Nekron's subhumans from Fire and Ice. Reaper's offerings are a tad limited (I want army-building options) and other manufacturers seem to go for a look that's more barbarian than caveman (in my mind at least). Any suggestions?
  17. It's not that hard to figure out which is which. This last release my hubby and I got everything we wanted, and nothing we didn't want, on the first try. I usually want them all anyway, so no problem for me.
  18. Something like a Pound-O-Bones Value Grab-BagTM could be a great occasional promotion.
  19. I already have Gauth in metal, so I'd probably say Marthrangul. I like his style.
  20. That was very interesting, thank you. Makes a lot of sense. I assume that's why some of the Warlord grunts are being given proper names, so that people will choose them as characters.
  21. I've backed Bones, Judge Dredd and Combat Kitchenware. Bones is obviously proceeding at a pace; I have no concerns about everything being sent on schedule, but I'm a bit anxious about how long international shipping might take on such a large package. Judge Dredd has been pretty good so far; they've had a few delays with sculpts for various reasons that have been fully explained, and where those hold-ups have occurred, they're focusing their efforts on other figures to get out. Plus they're shipping everything as soon as it's ready, so I've already recieved a couple of packages from them with new minis. The Combat Kitchenware is a bit slow, on the other hand. It was quite a long time after the end of the kickstarter that I heard anything from them, and despite their promise of weekly updates, I've not heard anything in a couple of weeks. I think the main thing to take away from this is the importance of communication in this sort of endeavour. It would seem that most backers can live with justifiable delays, so long as these things are communicated to them.
  22. I think it would make sense to do Warlord before CAV. Considering how many people seemed to be complaining about getting Chronoscope Bones it seems like they'd get more of their Bones backers on board for a Warlord kickstarter than a CAV one, and the Bones backers are a huge advantage going into whatever project they do next.
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