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  1. It's been mentioned a few times here and there that all the figures apart from Sophie will be made available, including Mr Bones.
  2. I notice that this is labelled the "2012 Vampire Level"... as opposed to the "2013 Vampire Level" perhaps?
  3. HNNNGGGH March seriously cannot come fast enough.
  4. It really would make sense to do a Bones horse at least. Having it available could cut down the cost of cavalry even if the rider were still metal.
  5. I'd like to see more of the Ben Siens lizardmen. I could see myself getting a whole army of those guys.
  6. http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/previews/latest/03641 She's in the preview gallery.
  7. The gallery has her listed as a DHL mini. Looks like something for Savage Worlds though, maybe?
  8. I'd like to see these guys get Bones'd: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/goblin/latest/02876 They'd make great leaders for the Ben Siens goblins just released.
  9. I often wonder though, do people sincerely want Squats back or do they only want them back because they can't have them? After all, they were in many ways a very silly race.
  10. I will get two and call them Hamdring and Porkrist.
  11. Maybe this guy could be useful? https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/rogue%20mask/sku-down/03299#detail/03299_w_1
  12. The CAV troopers look awesome. More please. Surely this can't mean... AICOM?
  13. Don't think I've seen the dual-wielding guy from the heroes or the paunchy pirate. Could just be me though.
  14. That international shipping... ouch. Could have been keen for this, but I think I'll wait and see if I can get it over here when it's released.
  16. Agreed. Even with the same pose, I'm sure boxed sets of (for example) 20 zombies for $20 would sell like hotcakes. In fact, I'd stay away from multi-part figures to keep the perk of being pre-assembled and ready to go.
  17. Love the crazy eyes! Looks like Courtney Love as a Tiefling.
  18. If basic barbarian grunts get made in Bones, you can shut up and take my money. Goldar is okay, but not particularly useful sculpt for army-building.
  19. Only other one I've backed apart from Bones was the Judge Dredd minis, but I have to say I was rather impressed with how that one went. They really seemed to be willing to cater to a huge range of requests for swapping out figures, adding extras etc. Plus they're shipping the models as they're ready, so instead of sending all my figures when the last ones have been made, I'll be getting a package with the ones that are available now, then I'll get the hardback book, then I'll get the Dark Judges... people at the higher pledge levels will end up with several shipments.
  20. Something like this? http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/instruments/latest/03032
  21. I imagine WotC/Hasbro would want to keep that in house. A true statement, but one can hope. Hey, Reaper makes not-D&D minis, why not not-Magic? I also would like more catfolk. In fact, why not both of these together? Magic has plenty of catfolk - Purajj of Urborg, Mirri, Jedit Onajen etc.
  22. These seem really cool. I might get one once they're released, but I'm not keen on it right now. Hilarious video though, especially as I had Camina Burana playing on the laptop at the same time.
  23. I like him. Not sure what to do with him though. First thought is cut him off at the waist so he looks like he's wading and use him in a game of Man O War. Alternatively, he'd be a hell of a God in HotT.
  24. I'm trying to exercise caution with Kickstarter. I've backed the Judge Dredd project since Reaper, initially just to get the $5 Dredd mini but that grew steadily to $155. Would have gone for the $300 level if I could have afforded to, that was a great deal. Point being, I'm particularly susceptible to great bargains and could easily get carried away backing several projects at a time if I don't keep my head straight. Luckily there haven't been too many more miniatures KS's that I've been interested in lately; just hope that the next one that takes my fancy is a few months away.
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