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  1. Xenomorphs! Copplestone makes nice non-Predators, but there's nary a non-Alien in sight.
  2. Some not-Fallout characters, please? Vague stuff like raiders, vault dwellers in jumpsuits and such. A good stand in for the Brotherhood of Steel would be great as well, I've seen a few minis that will do in a pinch, but nothing perfect.
  3. Wow, these are bigger than I thought, they'll make a good case for skirmish forces. Excellent idea! Now if only you could get Warlord starter sets in them...
  4. I must be out of the loop - when did Reaper switch to carry cases for the boxed sets? Are they lined with foam as well?
  5. From what I can tell, it's an Inquisitor 54mm scale marine with Epic marines as the "minis". I'm 100% sure about the Epic minis, anyway.
  6. Damn. Knew I should have waited to get all the NOVA minis.
  7. Those colours look really nice on Drake, I may have to steal them.... Who makes the war droid? It's great!
  8. Very nice, but he'd better watch out for Dave Grohl.
  9. Wow Inarah, that's pretty much perfect for what I had in mind. Amalor, that one was perhaps a bit too scantily clad, and not very... um... pretty. It's a bit of an old sculpt after all. Thanks guys!
  10. ... specifically, a non-combat, scantily-clad female human that could look like a princess of some sort. I had a cruise through the figure finder but couldn't find exactly what I wanted.
  11. Well, GW has just gone and released 3 new monsters for WFB Beastmen with no models, so... Jabberwock (why hasn't this been done yet anyway?) Giant Minotaur BIG Cyclops with a BIG rock And lots of people are crying about the new plastic minotaurs, so a couple more sculpts from Reaper would be welcome.
  12. That's a really gorgeous dragon. How big is it?
  13. In the theme of urban legend monsters like sasquatch and chupacabra, perhaps some kind of half-man, half-bearpig? Or half-pig, half-bearman?
  14. Have you got a website for Champs Bases? A quick Googling proved fruitless. EDIT: Nevermind, found them. And wow, they're plastic not resin! That's much easier to work with.
  15. How did you do the base on Not-Mad-Max? I want bases like that for my modern/near future minis.
  16. I'm loving the Superhero minis that are coming out with Chronoscope. Hell, I'm loving all the minis that are coming out with Chronoscope. :D
  17. "First attempt at NMM"? I'm gonna go cry now...
  18. Wow, that's shiny! Almost hurts my eyes to look at it! But in a good way.
  19. Something that my buddy's done with his Hordes and Warmachine books is wrap the covers in a couple of layers of newspaper for protection. Cheap and so far reasonably effective. OT: Can't wait until the book's available again! Going to have to rope all my friends into it!
  20. I like it! Skin looks really nice, and I actually would've thought the spear head was metallics if you hadn't said.
  21. For the most part, this looks really nice, the scythe is particularly delicious. The thing that lets it down is the skin, looks like it needs a bit of shadow, although it could be the lighting in the photo.
  22. Well, this all sounds very promising! I'll be keeping an eye out for the rulebook to become available again, and try to get some painting done in the mean time.
  23. Thanks for the replies! First of all, I don't need to be sold on Reaper as a minis company - I love the work these guys are doing to bring out quality, affordable minis every month. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw how cheap they were! I'm not too fussed about how much it costs for an army as I already have two (Necropolis and Crusaders). Like I say, I love Reaper minis! From what I understand of the rules, I'd have four Troops for each faction. @ ViciousPanzer: I think the only game I've played that sounds like what you describe is Blood Bowl, but it doesn't really fill the need for a "real" fantasy game. So I should just need to get the 2nd Ed book, right? It has stats for all the Necro and Crusaders minis?
  24. I haven't played 1st edition, despite having the rulebook and two armies. Just never had the time or people to play with. But, with 2nd edition fresh on the market (or at least it will be when the second printing is ready) and having moved to a bigger city with plenty of gamer friends, I figure it could be a good time to start playing Warlord in earnest. So, what can I expect from Warlord? I play most GW and PP games, and a few others, so comparisons to those are encouraged. Also how big is a usual army size, how long for a game etc etc.
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