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  1. Might just be the photo but the colours seem a little flat.
  2. Wow, I really like Caine done with all metallics, I've never seen that before. The female student is my favourite, but I do have a bias toward redheads. She looks like a shoe-in for MJ in a Spider-Man game.
  3. A little specific and probably quite esoteric, but I'd like a big statue of Pazuzu, just like in the opening of The Exorcist. I know there's a Pazuzu mini already, but it is old, small and doesn't have the classic look to it. In fact, nice demonic statues in general would be appreciated.
  4. Just watched Sixteen Candles for the first time a couple of days ago, and can no longer take this guy seriously. Yours, however, looks mighty fine indeed.
  5. Awesome colours, I second the comment about her hair. Kinda like Jessica Rabbit in the middle ages.
  6. These are really quite nice, I think there's a lot to like about them. :) But (bit of constructive criticism here) it seems like you used a lot of drybrushing on these, which is a bit of a shame because the colour choices are great, and judging by your detail work you obviously have the painting ability to do smoother and more natural highlights. The slightly grainy look that drybrushing gives the models takes away some of their awesomeness. Overall, though, they're pretty awesome.
  7. I don't think anyone else has yet, so I'm going to give props to Mr Supervillain. I really like the idea of Chronoscope encompassing so many genres - so far we've got western, sci-fi, near-future, pulp and now superheroes as well! I wait with baited breath for a hero in a high-tech battlesuit to square off with Crosswire....
  8. Very nice, very creative! Somehow, though, it reminds me less of Star Wars and more of Heavy Metal 2000. The Tonika-sisters make-up is a great touch, though.
  9. Have you given any thought to a role-playing board game like Descent? It can be played competitively between players, and the characters don't advance drastically. Plus all the characters are pre-made, so it's easy for a player to just pick up for a game or two.
  10. Well, I do my Reaper shopping with thewarstore.com, and with the US - NZ exchange rate the way it is (coupled with the less-than-RRP prices) they come out a helluva lot cheaper than any NZ stockist's prices. For the record, the only "local" stores I know that definitely carry Reaper are Wargames Supply in Wellington and Nexus Games in Dunedin.
  11. I'd like to put in another vote for war machines. In fact I'm sure I've said it before. Generic versions of catapults, ballistas, cannons and chariots would be a good place to start. I sometimes feel like a large amount of releases are aimed at pleasing the RPGers, but us wargamers have needs too!
  12. "It's a little airborne, it's still good, it's still good!"
  13. I like this colour scheme on a high elf. Quite "Protectorate of Menoth", but it works. I was thinking I'd go with white and green on mine, but this is very nice. I wait with baited breath to see how the spears look! Assuming you're using any, of course.
  14. Man, I couldn't help but get some of the Urban War stuff. Those militia will look great in Necromunda. And of course there's also the joy of getting 25% off GW, which when converted into $NZ, comes out to nearly half the price on the shelf over here.
  15. Hm. I'm not entirely happy with these, and on perusal of the photos I think it's the skin tones (or bone tones in the case of the skellies) that let the minis down. The armour and weapons look okay, but the orcs look so pale, and the ogre looks like That Yellow Bastard on steroids. Still, I'm sure we can agree that DDM have come a long way in the quality of some of their paintjobs over the years, and I'm sure these will too. But for now I'd rather buy unpainted minis and bust out a rush job on them.
  16. On the subject of things quasi-historical (kinda), I'd like to see some slightly exaggerated Chinese warrior types, a la Dynasty Warriors. I'm a big fan of those games, and the armour styles would look so good on a mini, not to mention being a blast to paint. I think it's a raw deal that there are several samurai/ninja minis in the DHL line, plus the L5R line if you can get it, but the only Chinese style minis seem to be a few shaolin-esque monks.
  17. I don't really mean to bash GW, I have my own O&G army which has a unit of 20 blorcs. In fact I got them in the plastic army box before they were released individually, because they're just that cool. I'm just making the observation that while a PPM version of the orc warlord would be nice, it probably wouldn't be too expensive to get it painted to a decent gaming standard. I do hope LE covers a variety of minis, but it's unlikely that we'll be able to see the entire DHL line done in PPM. I assume they can really only make an investment in the minis they know will sell, which means we'll most likely be seeing a variety of older DHL minis. At least to start with. On the subject of the GW orc bosses I found that the plastic kit had decent enough variety and is of course easily convertible, but the end result looks too much like a unit champion, not a ferocious orc warlord. I personally prefer the metal bosses (though I'm not a fan of the price tag), and I have to agree that the Wiebe Warlord looks brilliant. I'd just like to see a better shot of his face.
  18. The funny thing is, you could probably buy that mini, pay someone to paint it to a decent standard, and it would likely still be cheaper than buying the GW alternative.
  19. Lars makes a good point. The HE minis have something of a timeless quality, and I doubt that GW will change the look of them in any significant way. In fact I prefer the older 4th ed archers to the current ones, because they actually look like soldiers. Skaven on the other hand need a good update on the minis front; the clanrats have those big, stupid hands and the tails can make ranking up properly a pain. Basically, with HE you'll most likely have to update your rules within a year or two, but probably not the minis. Plus you need less minis for an army. I think I'd go with HE if I were you. Damn... now I want an HE army...
  20. I can't really comment on the High Elves, I don't play with or against them. I do know that they're due for an update far sooner than the Skaven though. With the Skaven, just bear in mind that you need 2k pts for the Grey Seer. You might be better off with a warlock or two. Also I'm not sure you'd need a slave unit, they're usually better if you have some guns to shoot into combat with. As for whether to play WHFB or not, I think if you want a game with a large player base, then go ahead. Is it a perfect game? Of course not. But the plastic boxed sets, especially the big army ones, make it reasonably affordable to get started. And if you want to play casually there's nothing to stop you using a proxy or two from another company. The best thing you can do is try the game out first though.
  21. I've just decided the other day to get into Warlord, so mine are still on the way, but I'll be getting the deluxe starter game box doodlethingy with both the faction starters and deluxe faction sets for Necropolis and Crusaders. Dunno how many points that is, but if someone can tell me then I'd be keen to know.
  22. I personally have about 1000 odd space marines, 30-something land raiders and just shy of 100 rhinos... ... in epic scale As for 25mm SMs, I've got about the same as you, and I definitely want more, but I have to keep in mind I have several other armies the same size or larger to deal with as well.
  23. Well, I've saved up some swag points, and I want to get a few things. It's just that I don't know how I'm supposed to pay for the postage. Not being a from the US and all, see.
  24. On the subject of rider/mount minis, I'd like to put a vote in for chariots. They're wicked cool, and heaps of wargamers use them. Several different styles would be nice, but a generic "fantasy" chariot will suffice (LOL! that rhymed); there could even be the chariot itself sold separately, and then you buy a pack with race-specific mounts and charioteers to complete the kit. Come to think of it, I'd like to see various war machines, like catapults and bolt throwers.
  25. What? Where'd the aardvark go? I can't see it anymore... Them aardvarks are getting clever, using camo. Next there'll be aardvark ninjas.
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