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  1. Yeargh! She's giving the evil eye! :grr: I get the feeling that she's going to put that woodwind somewhere uncomfortable... :unsure:

    In all seriousness, it looks wonderful. You're kitbashing is phenomenal, but I'm glad to see more 25mm stuff of yours lately.

  2. I'm not sure the FFF was designed for the purpose you have in mind. It's more for when you're in the market for, to use your example, a female anti-paladin. Then with the FFF you can get an indication of the various types of mini reaper produces. If you want to search for a specific mini (like when you know the name or number of the fig) I'd recommend doing a search in the asylum online store, at least that's what I've done before.

  3. I'm a big fan of epic, although I've never used the Epic: Armageddeon rules - I have the Epic 40,000 rulebooks and they're just fine by me. I guess I'm less interested in 40k as a result; most of my money seems to be going on Epic stuff (second hand) and Warmachine. Now and then GW breaks out a new model for 40k that I like, but mostly I just stick with what I've got. I've already sold off a huge part of my 40k collection that I just wasn't using.

  4. I'm putting in another vote for the adventurer multi-pack. Maybe a dwarf, wizard, elf and barbarian? ::D:


    Also, how about some command groups for the grunts? Stick 20 of them in a box set with a command group and you might just swipe some of GW's business too!

    Also also, to continue with my first request, some fimirs; I always thought they looked cool, and I'd love to get more. Even something slightly fimirish (fimiresque, fimiry? Bah, I dunno).

  5. Thought I'd throw my bit in here (everyone else and their dog seems to be). I like to paint; even if I'm not a pro, it's a fun way to relax and show off a bit. The problem I have, living in a relatively small town is that there just isn't a "gaming scene" to speak of. I proudly flaunt my geekiness in front of all my friends and coworkers, and many of them see a game like Warhammer or Warmachine and say "whoa, that's awesome... but I couldn't paint that". Just the other day I came into work with my brand new Gorthor the Beastlord I had bought earlier that day, and my friend said "y'know, that looks pretty cool. *&^% painting it though".

    I guess I'm kind of rambling here. But the point is, I would love to be able to tell these people that they can buy Reaper Legendary Encounters PPMs and start to play some fun games - after all, that's what it's about for me. And I can always give them pointers on painting up metal characters and the like in between games.

    Okay, moment over. Sorry to inflict that upon the world.

  6. Nice ratsie! I like the worn and dirty armour, very fitting. The eyepatch seems to blend into his fur though; maybe it's just the shot but it could probably stand to be a lighter shade of brown. All in all, great job!

  7. I've getting back into Epic in a big way lately, perhaps foolishly so as nobody else I know plays. But I'm sure I can persuade a few people to play.

    What I'd really like though is an Avatar for my Eldar army, but the current Epic: Armageddon version looks kinda boring to me, not to mention obscenely expensive to obtain. So - any ideas on a substitute? Ideally something about 25mm, so it looks nice and impressive!

  8. This guy is too cool! I want one to go in my Middenheimer warband for Mordheim. Your paint job is beautiful and clean, but it just seems to me like the skintones could do with a bit more highlighting to help define those slabs of muscle and that square jaw. I particularly like the metallics though, and the woodgrain is lovely!

  9. First of all, thanks for all the feedback.


    smokingwreckage: Yeah, I had a look on boardgamegeek but it didn't have alot of info. Also, I respect the opinions of this forum's members. ^_^


    SaintRigger: DAMN! I already bought it, and it cost me about three times that much! :grr: Ah well, all in the name of gaming I suppose...


    robertsjf: I haven't played any version of warzone. ::(: But, ironically, the first mini I ever bought was a warzone one. Go figure. I guess I'll know what it's like soon, the game'll be arriving tomorrow most likely.

  10. Hi everyone!

    I was poking around online and saw this game "Blood Berets" for sale. I like collecting various wargames, and I wondered if anyone here had a story to share to help me decide if I should shell out my hard earned(?) cash on this one. Played it? Know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who saw it in a shop once?

    I look forward to your comments.



  11. Actually, I have played and own the D&D board game as well, don't know why I didn't think of it before :blink: . It was a good bit of fun, I was playing it with some mates at uni (probably should have been studying instead ::D: ) and it does play very much like heroquest. Plus the expansion packs shouldn't be too hard to find either, unlike the elusive heroquest expansions. Either way, I hope you find a good game.

  12. Very nice. The jewels are great, as others have said, but I really like the skin tone. Just one small nitpick tho - maybe add a bit of grey to the end of the cigar? With just the brown, it looks a bit like he's munching a chocolate bar... or worse. :blink:

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