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  1. Aww. Hell of a legacy to leave behind, though.
  2. There's a sort-of-workmate of mine (same organisation, different restaurant) who has started dating her eight-year-old son's father whom she had broken up with before she knew she was pregnant. Similarly, it's more of them getting to know each other again and approaching the relationship with a more mature attitude. Life takes funny turns sometimes.
  3. It turns out I'm slightly far-sighted in my left eye. So, I now have hobby glasses. I think I'm slowly turning into Ned Flanders.
  4. I'd like to try and create lighting effects. Not necessarily OSL, but also, uh... atmospheric lighting? Is that a thing? Painting a mini to look like it's in a certain environment. Not much chance for it this weekend. It's Sunday already and I'm working til 7, I'll be lucky to get any painting done at all and I should really be focusing on just getting stuff completed.
  5. Tabletop Minions - Uncle Atom's perspective on the hobby is similar to my own, except that he seems to be far more successful in applying himself. In any case, I usually look forward to his videos and I support the channel on Patreon. 2+ Tough - Doug is just... such a nice dude. He's got a real passion for introducing people to Age of Sigmar's Mortal Realms, and his videos really changed my mind on the background of the game. Also decided to support him on Patreon after realising that I'd viewed almost every video he'd produced. Warhammer TV - Let's face it, "New GW" have a great sense of humour, and regardless of how you feel about their products or prices they're definitely engaging with their fans. The new AoS "how to play" videos are very well done, too.
  6. It's actually not bad with something else to go with it, like on crackers with avocado or in a chip sandwich. But on its own... yeah, nah.
  7. Whatever jar it comes in, it's vile. Wife's the one who eats it in our house.
  8. I felt like doing some baking today, so the boy and I made some Black Forest cupcakes. And no, the jar of Marmite was not an ingredient in the cupcakes.
  9. My chief inspiration for mini painting is wargaming. I find it very hard to get into painting something unless I have a gaming purpose in mind. Otherwise, I'm inspired to paint certain genres by TV shows, movies, comics and video games.
  10. Ben Siens lizardmen. I picked up a whole army's worth from the factory bins at ReaperCon when I went a couple of years back, still need to get them started.
  11. Not a podcast exactly, but I enjoy having the Tabletop Minions "Every Other Sunday" live stream playing while I potter around. I never catch it live because it's on at 2am on Monday morning here.
  12. Seems to come pretty highly recommended. I know Froggy has played it a fair bit of you want to pick his brain. One thing that stands out to me from what I've read is that to really get a sense of immersion in the game, you need to have appropriate miniatures and terrain. To that end I've snagged a set of cardboard western buildings from eBay for cheap until I can afford to buy a bunch of 4Ground ones.
  13. Battle Kiwi have some nice MDF vertical paint racks that might help save on space, plus a portable paint station.
  14. New minis, terrain, or a wargame rulebook. Recently cashed in some brownie points with wifey to buy a new 3'x3' neoprene gaming mat. I'm looking at getting a couple of new rulebooks soon as well (Dracula's America and Gaslands), and possibly some post-apocalyptic shanties from Fogou models (I've accumulated a lot of brownie points).
  15. So my son was playing with his letter magnets this morning, when suddenly... Should I be concerned?
  16. Could be a fun idea for a one-shot adventure, though. For a convention or something like that.
  17. Yay for paint! Sounds like Lucy's got some 'splainin' to do.
  18. I dig the giantesses. Still happy to get them; I just wanted more Frost Giants anyway. I've said it before and I'll say it again - never pledge for a miniature in a Kickstarter based solely on concept art.
  19. Summer, I think. Work gets relatively quiet with all the students going home for the holidays, the days are longer, there's barbecues and beach trips, we can leave a window open at night for the cats to go in and out so that we don't have to get up... Plus there's Christmas as well! Which I'm really looking forward to this year because the little one will be able to understand and anticipate it a bit more.
  20. I initially read that as they are skeletons. Potentially a great idea for another game. I think the BBEG being the stranger is a little predictable. You could add a little twist and make it the coach driver who's really pulling the strings. Then he could be a lich, for example, and avoid scrutiny because people think he's just a scummy old manservant.
  21. The boxed game, minion booster, and the scenery packs did. I bought the minions booster for NZ$20 on sale, the minis seem pretty good quality. Good price for two to three Rogue Stars squads.
  22. That's an absolutely awful choice of background for showcasing greens. I'm also wondering how shells stand up to the casting process...
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