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  1. Well at least the price was right. Pay it forward, buy someone a beer later (maybe better quality though).
  2. Well I survived my mother's visit without much awkwardness. Worst thing that happened was her asking if I was ashamed of having her stay - because I didn't specifically mention her in a Facebook post about my son's birthday (despite including a couple of photos of the two of them). 1. It's not about her, it's about the kid. 2. It's not my job to placate her insecurities. 3. Some people take Facebook far too seriously.
  3. Looks like we're just pretending nothing happened, so far at least. It's her usual MO and probably the best I could have hoped for.
  4. My mother arrives in a few minutes to stay with us for a week. She hasn't talked to my wife for the better part of a year because wife added my dad's new partner on Facebook. I am nervous.
  5. I treat myself to a root beer every now and again, but it's a bit of a novelty around these parts.
  6. Nobody ever gives me an opportunity to mention my prowess in the bedroom. ... Seriously, I'm great at building pillow forts.
  7. Well, for a less smart-elf answer, wife and I will have finally paid off our honeymoon loan by the end of next month. So having more money freed up will be nice.
  8. Boring can be good. My mother is coming to stay with us tomorrow for a week, I'd love a week of boring instead.
  9. I'd never driven so straight for so long before going to the US and driving on an interstate highway. Driving up the California coast was a much more familiar experience. Reminds me of this one:
  10. Summer is a long way off, but I suppose I'm looking forward to Christmas.
  11. NZ here, I've had Reaper orders turn up in about a week and a half to two weeks for the most part. My Bones 3 KS rewards took a comparatively long time to get to me via an Australian distributor though, so maybe the problem is domestic.
  12. Oh absolutely, it would have been handy to have a game come out that was specially designed for the background. Personally I'll be waiting for Ganesha Games' Harder Than Steel (hopefully this year).
  13. Yeah I was really hoping (with Imperial Assault first and then Legion) for a game that would let me get some use out of all the WotC prepaints that I've got. Doesn't seem to be feasible with Legion, though. I've heard that the starter set is pretty bare-bones in what it gives you as well. Not enough dice, unbalanced forces etc.
  14. Eating. Which is problematic, of course.
  15. I've been working at McDonald's on and off for the last 18 years, so... yeah. I'm very good at it, too. Probably why my boss made me the customer experience manager for my restaurant. Crazy stories... we're in a student town so... I've seen people thrown over the counter, nude people running through the drive thru, fist fights, food fights, shopping trolleys are frequently left in the parking lot, and so on. Honestly though, they're the exception and most people are perfectly nice. It's important not to fall victim to negative confirmation bias.
  16. See we have Rotorua in NZ, which smells like farts all the time.
  17. Wife just got my son to tidy up his Duplo by bribing him with watching Kitty Cat Dance. I think I'm ok with this.
  18. Freakin' love me some sausage rolls. I've made some using my meatloaf recipe before and it was amazing. My go-to for party food to make is probably deviled eggs. I like to mix up the seasonings pretty regularly. To eat, I'm all over a cheese board/antipasto platter if there is one.
  19. My domestic online retailer finally got the beholder in stock today! They went up this afternoon and I saw them listed as "in stock" before going out to a work dinner at 5:30. A couple of hours later, part way through the meal, I mentioned the beholder mini to a buddy of mine and he checked their website to have a look at it. There were two left, so he bought them for us straight away, and now they're sold out. In the space of a few hours.
  20. 1. I got down to the local Warhammer shop and played a game! 2. Another game! 3. Reworking the army list so maybe I don't lose as hard!
  21. Kudos for the commitment. I usually put old furniture up on an online auction site for $1 reserve, buyer must pick up. Things usually go, and I can at least buy myself an ice cream.
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