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  1. I'm really glad my boy never showed any interest in removing his nappy, or any real interest in the contents of it. I've heard horror stories...
  2. I am about to enjoy a pink bubble bath with a ducky water wheel because I am a grown-elf man.
  3. Mmm, coffee time. Acceptable alternative to sleep, I suppose.
  4. I've been getting some games of Age of Sigmar in at the local Warhammer shop lately, one last week and one yesterday. Here's a pic from last weeks game, wherein my (mostly shamefully unpainted) dwarfs get slaughtered by the (quite awesomely converted and mostly nicely painted) Daemons of Nurgle. Big lesson learned here is that an all-dwarf army is incredibly slow, and thus terrible at capturing objectives. It forced me into rushing forward, which meant that I wasn't playing to the defensive strength of my army. Still, big units of warriors are actually pretty durable once they form a shield wall. So last night I went for a mixed Order army and included some elves - two griffon riders and a unit of reaver cavalry - along with a token unit of dwarf warriors and an artillery battery of two organ guns and a human engineer ('cause dwarfs are going to love a human telling them how to shoot their guns better, right?). I played against Daemons of Tzeentch and promptly got slaughtered again. BUT the mistakes in this game were largely in deployment - I should have realised that my opponent would have ended up with the first turn because he had fewer unit to deploy and his army was fast and shooty, so he'd want to close the distance and get me within range, which means I should have deployed further back with just about everything. The cannons had the range to shoot over half way across the table, and the griffons and cavalry had the movement to threaten a similar distance. As it was, I deployed as far forward as possible and lost most of my ranged units on his first turn. I'm going to try the same army list again next week, as I don't think I got a fair representation of what most of the units are capable of, and this time I'll try not to deploy like a scrub. Might swap one of the cannons out for more troops as well.
  5. Worst case scenario, just drink more Guinness until you don't care what it tastes like anymore.
  6. But I don't wannaaaaa 3:30am is not my favourite time to be awake...
  7. Yeah stacking "feel no pain" saves was a real PitA. Way too easy for some characters to get two or three on top of regular and invulnerable saves.
  8. There's even enough monks, ninja, samurai, martial artists, cops and supernatural creatures in the Reaper catalogue that you could go for Osprey's A Fistful of Kung Fu. Mutants and Death Ray Guns is a good choice for post-apocalyptic gaming as well, and you can easily combine fantasy, modern and sci fi minis for the genre - including myconids as sentient mutant mushrooms, for example, along with some of the "zombie hunters" and robots. Bothgames are based on the Song of Blades game rules, so they're pretty easy to pick up and only use about half a dozen characters each.
  9. Well, final weigh in was on Wednesday and I officially lost 15.65 kilos in ten weeks. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to secure the top spot, but I came second and won $300 - which bought me two new pairs of jeans and a copy of Shadespire, as well as contributed to a nice celebratory dinner at the smokehouse - but most importantly I'm fitter and healthier, which is the real prize as far as I'm concerned.
  10. How about lil' Fishstick? Also don't listen to people who tell you that you won't have time to paint anymore. That really bugged the hell out of me when wife and I were expecting. All it takes is for you and your partner to regularly give each other a bit of time to pursue your hobbies and interests.
  11. Does it have to be a "him"? http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/gnome/sku-down/03689
  12. Final weigh in for the competition is next Wednesday, and while I'm pretty much in the dark about how everyone else is doing, quite a few people in the know seem to rate my chances of taking the $1K quite highly. Almost at the 15kg mark now, and a very busy week at work should help things along.
  13. I don't know about that. GW has been doing big announcements at gaming conventions for a while now. Also, if anything from GW looks like it's designed to combat SW Legion, it's the new edition of Kill Team that was announced at Gama.
  14. I managed to get out to the local wargaming club today and played my first game of Age of Sigmar, a seven-player Triumph and Treachery game no less (albeit with only 500 points each). The deployment: It didn't take long for a daemon-on-daemon brawl to break out as the daemons of Khorne charge into the Nurgle/Tzeentch alliance. Meanwhile with no threats to my left flank, I proceeded to hammer the player in front, killing his general with a volley of jezzail fire and charging the other two units he'd left to face of me. Realmgate shenanigans resulted in a unit of Blood Reavers appearing behind the Skaven army. My Dragon Ogres marched up to claim one of the Realmgates... Only for the Skaven to contest it! ... but not for long. The fight for the other Realmgate heads towards its bloody conclusion, leaving the Skaven in control. And in the final round, the lone survivor of the Knights of Chaos exacts revenge upon the jezzails for the death of his lord. A great time was had by all, and I really like the Triumph and Treachery rules for multiplayer games. They do a great job of keeping things unpredictable and involving all of the players in everyone's turns. Looking forward to playing another game in two weeks.
  15. Thanks, all! Spent the day working on Friday, but I got to spend the day wargaming today, so that was a nice treat.
  16. Trooth. Working in hospitality I generally find it way easier to put young guys in their place, they might talk a big game but they generally fall in line if you assert yourself.
  17. My work has a "biggest loser" competition going on at the moment, which is on for ten weeks (we're almost five weeks in) and has a $1,000 prize for first place and a few hundred for second and third. So far I've lost nearly 10 kg with some sensible food choices and daily exercise (alternating bodyweight workout and various cardio exercises), and I'm going to need some new clothes by the end of this competition.
  18. The paint job on the mini they're using to promote her isn't helping, either.
  19. That'd be nice if they offer free shipping again. Shipping costs are the bane of online shoppers in NZ and Australia.
  20. It will be very tempting if they offer free international shipping (I believe they did with Naughty Gears?).
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