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  1. 21 hours ago, Lars Porsenna said:

    Dang it! After looking at that Casketworks, I had to start a saved  Ebay search for Reaper Doom miniatures...






    You'll be fighting Doc Bedlam for some of them, he's a collector.

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  2. 20 hours ago, TheAuldGrump said:

    Back to the actual topic - from what I have heard, the new 40K feels a lot closer to 2nd edition than to 3rd and later.


    Which is a downside, as far as I am concerned; 3rd was probably their best edition - as a wargame.


    But it is entirely possible that 2nd edition was better as a game - game.


    Less of a sim, and more of just beer and pretzels fun.


    The Auld Grump


    I think the comparisons to 2nd edition came about because they were reintroducing a few mechanics from 2nd like the movement stat, variable weapon damage, and save modifiers. I'd say that it borrows from 2nd ed, but uses much more modern game design than GW has before. It's been nicely streamlined.

    Army creation is more open than it has been in previous editions as well, which may invoke memories of 2nd edition; gone is the "troop tax" requirement of two troops choices, and instead you just need an HQ unit for any detachment you make. You want an all-Terminator army (that's not Deathwing)? You got it, build a Space Marine vanguard detachment! You want an Ork kult of speed army? No special rules required, just take an outrider detachment and you'll be able to take nothing but HQ and fast attack units! The difference from 2nd ed, though, is that you'll miss out on some tactical options because you'll have less Command Points to use on stratagems, and you'll have to work harder to capture objectives than an opponent who has taken a lot of troops choices (basically troops trump other kinds of units when it comes to capturing objectives). BUT you'll be able to load up on teleporting tank-troopers/super-fast death machines.


    Just quickly regarding Age of Sigmar lore, I feel I may have misrepresented my position a little. I'm not saying that the AoS fluff is good, or that anyone needs to like it. Personally it doesn't really grab me at all (apart from the fact that Nagash became a god which is as it should be) but I don't see how any of the AoS or End Times fluff invalidates the Old World fluff. As mentioned above, there's no reason not to use the WFB setting in KoW, and similarly there's no reason not to use the WFB setting for AoS - I plan to do so when using the Skirmish rules. It's no different from playing a game set during the Horus Heresy, or the War of the Ring, or the Clone Wars, or literally any historical war.

    Now, I'm not saying that you have to like Age of Sigmar as a game, either. But if your sole objection to trying it out is because of a crappy new background that can be substituted effortlessly with an awesome old background using your existing armies... well, that just seems kind of silly to me, especially when it doesn't cost you a cent.

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  3. 7 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    I'll have to show Kings of War to hubby, see what his thoughts are, since I suspect he'll be fairly devastated once he finds out the Wood Elves are technically no more in Age of Sigmar.  I suspect he'll like it. ^_^ But yeah, looking on their site, you can get a rather sizeable force for all of $150 USD, and a few have a rather sizeable force with a monster and the rulebook for $195 USD...  I also appear to have been tempted by the dark sides of Warpath and Infinity, alongside Warlord.  Wallet, RIP, because if it isn't minis it's probably storage you'll be used to pick up :P


    You want mind bogglingly flat?  Try the Tau.  I made the mistake of buying a few hundred dollars worth (think it was closer to $450 CAD >.>;;;; ) and thinking they'd be easier to paint than my Catachans.  I was sooo wrong, they're sooo Oboring to paint...  Haven't tried since giving the core LTPK a whirl, but still.  on the flipside, I suspect it'll be fairly quick to knock out a squad of Tau when they eventually make it across the table.


    You can still play Wood Elves in AoS. Search for "Warscrolls Compendium: Wood Elves" on the GW site to get all the unit rules (or download the free AoS app that gives you all the Warscrolls in the game), and you can likely pick up a copy of the 2016 General's Handbook dirt cheap to get points values.

    As for the new background lore, Uncle Atom Smasher sums up my thoughts quite succinctly in this video on the subject.


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  4. 7 hours ago, lowlylowlycook said:

    One of the guys I play Bolt Action with bought the Gates of Antares starter and I picked up the rulebook the other day.  


    It seems to be a very nice set of rules (I kind of wish the second edition of Bolt Action stole more ideas from it) even if none of the factions aesthetics really grab me.


    I picked up both the introductory set and the starter set about a week ago at 50% off and 70% off respectively. Looking forward to giving it a go, but it does look very promising.

  5. 4 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:


    Therein lies the issue though...  Sigmar threw out all the lore from Fantasy, and removed a good portion of units too.  As someone who is lore/fluff driven, it causes a great deal of conflict.  The new Skaven just don't feel right to me, and I suspect I'd feel the same way about the Orks. 


    Haven't had a chance to play Sigmar yet though.  I have mixed feelings on what I've read and heard so far, but the loss of rank and file and movement of blobs... That's what got me into it in the first place. 


    As for the books, since I prefer to do everything the old school way (books don't need to be recharged) to do just skirmish would be a rather costly purchase - I also do not own a printer, so if I were to print things, there's a several hundred dollar cost (because if I'm getting a printer, it's going to be a photo printer of some kind as I'd use it for such mainly) 


    Its something I'll consider though, even if it "requires" circular bases for almost everything. 


    I haven't played AoS yet either tbh, but I'm definitely keen on Skirmish. I'm making warbands out of classic metal Skaven and Chaos miniatures; not an ounce of plastic apart from the bases, and plenty of lead to boot! You can bet I'm going to be setting most of my battles in the Old World, too.

    So, definitely possible to use your old minis, and while the Skirmish book only has points for units that are available as plastic kits from GW stores (i.e. not "Direct Only" kits) I can't think of any units from WFB that can't be used in AoS (except maybe Chaos Dwarfs).

    Ultimately, I gave up on WFB long before the End Times. If I want to play a rank-and-file fantasy mass battle game, I'll play Kings of War.

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  6. My then-girlfriend-now-wife's flat was burgled about six years ago. I basically lived there, despite not being on the lease, and I had a bunch of stuff in the lounge in boxes that had been in my recently deceased car (whole 'nother story). Whoever did it was just grabbing whatever they could, including my boxes, food items and alcohol from the kitchen, a guitar from outside our bedroom, and a full-size Star Wars AT-AT walker toy (like, one of those big-elf ones to go with the standard figures) that belonged to one of the other flatmates.

    I lost a whole Army Painter mega paint set, the entire range of Secret Weapon washes, an army of Copplestone 15mm barbarians, a decently sized CD collection, various other minis and comics... there were Magic cards taken as well, but they were sold to the local card shop and I recognised a distinctive misprint so I was able to reclaim that part of the haul.

    Never found out who did it, but seeing as how we were at home and sleep at the time I'm just glad nobody got hurt.

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  7. 1 hour ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    Possibly, but they had... AHA!!!  Warbands.  It was a small scale skirmish setup for Fantasy.



    SOoooo much fun.  Especially on nights when it was mashup free for alls, where there'd be 3-4 warbands on each side fighting the same number on the other....  Much chaos, tons of fun.


    As for articles, I've read and owned all of a single White Dwarf, so can't say where they were posted.


    Now days they have AoS Skirmish; the book costs ten bucks US. It has the necessary amendments to the core rules, plus points values and scenarios, while everything else you need to play is free online (core rules and Warscrolls).

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  8. I was under the impression that 8th edition 40K was actually getting a lot of old players back into the game. It certainly appears to be selling well for GW.

    I've played a few games of 8th, and I rather like the new streamlined rules. They've also started to make it more accessible; if you're curious to try it out, the First Strike intro set is cheap and comes with everything needed to play, including some very nice models and a paper gaming mat. Then there's Shadow War: Armageddon, which is a seperate skirmish game that's based on the old Necromunda rules which only needs a single box of troops. And if you decide to make the leap and start an army, the Start Collecting boxes and various board games offer significant savings.

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  9. On 08/01/2018 at 6:19 AM, Darkmeer said:


    So, my "battle at the farm" idea is very similar to the 40k battle at the farm.  A ruined farmhouse is found by one of the groups, which has food.  the other group happens upon the first group as they are taking the food away.  The first group has a hand cart that takes two actions to move it 1 medium move (using the WizKids hand cart here).  The idea is to start the warband on a corner and have to reach the far side of the board, while the other warband starts on the far corner and is trying to steal the food and then reach the raiding side.  sort of like this:  


                       Attacker must exit here v

    Attacker deploys here----------------------

                                          |                       |

    Defender exits here> |                       |

                                          |_____________|Defender deploys here.


    Obviously there would be fences and broken fields (rough terrian) and a building or two for cover, maybe even s copse of trees.  Does this sound like a fun idea, or should I scrap it?




    Sounds cool to me. I've had similar thoughts for a scenario about a party of dwarfs defending a treasure cart against some variety of bandits while it makes its way across the table.

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  10. On 02/01/2018 at 10:44 AM, Cyradis said:

    As long as the minis exist, why bother worrying about what line they're in? Except for Bones vs Pewter vs Resin, I guess. 


    Well there's going to be some people who won't want to use them in fantasy games because they're Chronoscope figures and that's not a fantasy line of miniatures.

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  11. 5 hours ago, Rat13 said:

    I've been thinking about the traits more than was probably necessary. I'm thinking about building the first two groups without any traits so there is less to keep track of and teach. Even without any traits though I think that first game will be enough to get everyone hooked.


    I don't think you need to abandon traits altogether. Things like block, heavily armoured, good shot, and the various weapon traits are all easy enough to grasp. Just watch how many different ones are being used for each warband.

    VitM I'm curious, were you playing standard SoBaH or the Advanced version? I think the reaction rules in Advanced Song of Blades are a great addition which helps keep both players involved.

  12. I've only played it once so far, teaching it to one of the guys at the local wargaming club, but it was a lot of fun and not hard to pick up for either of us. My only suggestion would be to watch how many different traits you're using in an introductory game, and not pick anything that looks too complicated (requiring more than a couple of sentences is a good indicator).

    I'm a fan of the rules in any case, and I have plans to rope some of my friends into the game who have just gotten into wargames this year. Then it'll be on to other games by Andrea; Mutants and Death Ray Guns, Rogue Stars, and hopefully Harder Than Steel by the end of the year (fingers crossed).

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  13. 3 hours ago, Mad Jack said:


     The obsessive collector in me wants to order the first guy twice just to have him with both blisters, lol.




    I can see the eBay listings now:

    "Ultra-rare mispacked Reaper dungeon dwellers miniature Rictus the Undying MIB D&D Warhammer"


    As an on-topic aside, I hope there's a barbarian in the line early on to make up for the lack of any 25th anniversary barbarian.

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  14. 5 hours ago, kristof65 said:

    How did you get on that email list?


    That's a pretty good question, and I think it's because I bought some PDFs direct from Ganesha a few years back. I just get emails from Andrea every now and then.

    Speaking of Ganesha and sci fi skirmish games, I've ordered a book copy of Mutants and Death Ray Guns from book depository which should be turning up soon. Sounds like it could be fun, but only half a dozen minis or so per side so not sure if it's relevant to your interests.

  15. 9 hours ago, Pingo said:

    Am reading a reprint of the earliest appearances of Wonder Woman.


    Ye gods, this is some bizarro stuff. :blink:


    I collect the Marvel "ultimate graphic novel collection", and one of the volumes has a bunch of origin stories from the 60's. Pretty much all of them involved communists in some way or another, it was... an interesting read.


    Well, it's officially 2018 here. Happy New Year and all that, but I'm going to bed.

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  16. 4 hours ago, Cyradis said:

    Friday, December 29th: 

    Are there foods or drinks that most people find delightful that you find gross? 


    Second call: If anyone wants to be the Questioner in January, PM me. 


    I can't stand pumpkin, which seems to surprise a lot of people. Pretty much the only food I'll refuse, and even then I'm open to trying new food that includes pumpkin. I'll have pasta with pumpkin filling or sauce, for example, and pumpkin pie is fine because it usually just tastes like sugar and spices.

    47 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:


    I hate milk


    *** You have reached WOOF's HQ ***


    For World Domination - Press 1


    For Stroopwafels - Press 2


    For Requests of Questioners -- Hang up!


    *Mashes the 2 button repeatedly*

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